Vampire princes beloved

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Chapter 5

Sitting here for hours It was now night time and I knew I had to speak with Veris, I had to explain my behaviour towards him.

Letting out a deep sigh I got up and opened my door to see Caleb standing there, "could you please take me to Veris" I said making him smile as he led me down the hall to Veris's bedroom.

Taking a deep breath I opened the door to see Veris sitting on his bed reading a book, I guess vampires can sleep at the same time as us I thought closing the door behind me.

"Veris can we talk" I said making him put his book down to look at me, "I wanted to explain my behaviour to you but could u let me say everything I need to say before you speak" I said making him nod his head.

Taking a step closer I let out a sigh, "you see ever since I was ten my mother told me I was only born because she was rapped by a vampire. So ever since that day I have hated vampires with a passion" I said making him stare at me in shock.

"but today my mother came and she told me that she was never rapped that, she had fallen in love with a vampire that was her soulmate. When he was sent off to war and never came back she was heartbroken, and decided to lie to me because her parents told her so" I said never looking away from him.

"Veris I'm willing to give you a chance since I have no right to hate you but, the only thing still scaring me is the fact that you might hurt me one day. I know I must of hurt your feelings last night, could you ever forgive me" I said looking at him still.

I didn't even see him move until I was pulled into his arms and that's when I let out a couple of tears, "I understand why you acted the way you did but you must understand I would never hurt you ever" he said making me nod my head.

"I know my mum told me that you would rather hurt ur selfs than ur mates" I said wiping my tears away, "ur mother is right but there is one thing I must warn u about" he said frowning at me.

"What's that" I said staring at him, "if you ever go near any males I will kill them" he said making me laugh. "Why give me a male guard than" I said smiling at him, "because he has a mate" he said looking towards the door.

"Okay okay fair enough I will just talk to females than" I said making him smile at me, "good girl" he said making me squeal as he picked me up and carried me to the bed to cuddle.

"Veris why do I have weird feelings for you" I asked making him smirk at me, "that would be the mates bond" he said making me stare at him.

"Mate bond" whispered making him chuckle, "yes the mat bond pulls us together, it means we are meant to be together" he said making me smile.

He kissed my head making me feel sparks and I knew that was apart of the mates bond, deep down I knew I was falling for him but doesn't he feel the same way. "I'm already in love with you" he said making me go bright red, I forgot he could read my mind dammit.

"Mmm love tomorrow night I'm having another ball to announce that I have found my mate" Veris said, making me blush at the word love.

"Okay Veris" I said as he pulled me closer making me slowly drift off to sleep in his arms, "I love you Rose" he said as I fell into a deep sleep.
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