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The Eternal Flame

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Book Four of the Frozen Flame series. The King has been taken and an uncontrollable power is overtaking Emma's body. She must learn how to control this raging power long enough to get her husband. But the rage she fills in her heart is a burning flame that refuses to be put out. Darkness looms over her as she starts out on the longest journey she will ever have conquer.

Fantasy / Romance
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Bonus Chapter


The falling sun used to bring me joy, seeing the sun set would bring a smile on my old face. But today, it didn’t help the sick feeling in my stomach. However the horse under me seemed thrilled to be walking on anything other than snow as we traveled down the windy path that led to the South. Before I left I had sent the cure for the poison to Henry. And I also sent the warning to Harry and Edward. My only hope was that he got his invitation and succeeded in his plan. Right after Emma escaped the South, Harry, Edward, and myself met at a secluded cabin. We knew then we needed to separate Henry and Emma. The prophecy my Father spoke of still rang in my ear. Emma’s power will destroy this land, with or without her permission if she can’t learn to control it. Since Edward was a young lad, I had taught him how to control his power. But I never knew Emma was a Bowen, I didn’t know until Harry sent me a scroll with that information after she married the Prince of Wrethy.

James Bowen’s daughter. She inherited James’s power, the power that was passed down to the first born. The power that could destroy lands with a swift hand motion. A power that would be too great for even her to handle. Any thought of taking the power from Emma was turned to ash now that Edward had made a move. The annoying man child was on my last nerves. He grew up despising his older brother, his power wasn’t close to the power that King James had possessed. His power couldn’t stop Emma, if anything his power will make her stronger. If she had the right training, she could be more than her ancestors. That is why we need to stop it before she learns of it. I looked at the dark cabin and led the horse towards the nearest tree. I carefully got off of the horse and tied the reins to the tree as I looked at it’s black eyes.

My brother and I had been given this order from generations before us. It was our great grandfather who had made this prophecy. At that time the De’Clouses were serving the Bowen’s. The very first Bowen that found their power actually. He gave us the vision, a memory that was burned into every De’Clouses head. It was my Great Grandfather who promised to make sure the prophecy was never fulfilled. Sighing loudly I turned towards the cabin and walked towards the wooden door. I didn’t stop as I opened the door and walked into the surprisingly warm cabin. In the back room I could see a very small fire, and quickly headed in that direction. At a very large circular table I could see Harry sitting at the end, beside him was Prince Alexander. And at the end of the table was Edward Bowen. Alexander watched Edward with careful eyes as he tensed up seeing me. For a moment his blue eyes shot toward Harry in worry. But, my older brother only placed a hand over the young man's and patted it, “Rochard we received your letter, what news have you brought us?”

“Emma has changed the fate she was destined for.” I said in a serious tone as I watched Harry’s face stay unchanged. Edward sighed and looked up to me with an understanding glare. But, Alexander looked lost.

“Why does this concern me?” Alexander asked in a sharp tone as he pulled his hand away from Harry’s, “This could be considered treason.”

“Harry is not committing treason.” I said in a calm and collective voice, “I am.” Alexander’s eyes widened as he looked at me, “Alexander I would like to strike you a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” Alexander asked. Edward shook his head and cleared his throat.

“I can still capture Emma.” Edward said.

“You can’t.” I said in a hard tone and looked at Alexander, “How would a new wife and the death of your old one sound?”

“Not yet.” Edward said in an angered voice as his blue eyes glared at me, “You cannot kill Emma, I can take her.”

“You will not be able to take her away from Henry. She is with child. His child.” Alexander now glared at me as Edward shook his head.

“If we have an-”

“The answer is no.” Harry said in a stern voice, “Edward, we have told you this before. It is not your fate to have a child with Emma.”

“Our children would be powerful, they would have equal power. Magic doesn’t have to fade from this world! There are so many opportunities.”

“As your teacher, I am ashamed of you.” The disgust in my voice lingered as I turned towards Alexander ignoring Edward, “When Emma has her child, Harry and I can bring one of her descendants back to this time. They will have the power Emma has now. They will be the only one who can kill her if she loses control.”

“You want me to marry one of Emma’s grandchildren?” Alexander asked and looked at Harry.

“You will have someone with her blood. Someone who could possibly look like Emma. But, make no mistake this woman will be different to you. She will-”

“What do I have to do?” Alexander asked eagerly.

“When the time comes, you will follow my instructions. To make Emma lose control, we need to do something that will hurt her.” Slowly I closed my eyes and sighed as I shook my head, “If we kill her child, we will be doomed, so the only other one we can-”

“We have to kill King Henry.” Harry said in a sadden voice, “Losing a lover is worse than death.”

“But, to do this. You need to understand you will be in danger, we don’t know how strong Emma really is.” My words lingered in the air as I turned to look at Alexander, "Her power is great, and could be more dangerous than we can anticipate."

“I’m ready to find out.” Alexander said and smirked as he looked over to Edward and smirked, “I will gladly kill Emma and her husband.” He said as he locked eyes with Edward. Edward's eyes squinted towards the prince as my brother cleared his throat.

“I’ll begin the ritual once we receive the news of the birth.” Harry said and looked at me with tired eyes, “Until then Brother.” He nodded once and slowly got up from the chair.

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