The Wheel Of Fortune

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Chapter 11-The shared room


I look down at my uniform with distaste.

Despite having worn this numerous times, I will never get accustomed to it. Though I realize the importance of this military uniform but the maker of the uniform should have considered the comfort as well. I pull my collar and take a deep breath. I understand the importance of the Summer games at it takes place only after 4 years but still, but the weather is too hot for such a uniform.

I let out an irritated sigh and straighten my cuff links. “Juan, will any of my cousins will be there? Did you find out?”

Juan looks away from his tab and glances back at me from the space between the front seat. “No, Your Grace, His Majesty stopped them from coming. Though they did try...”

“It must be my second uncle,” I grumble while thinking of the tricks he has been trying to pull recently.

“Yes, Your Grace, he tried to send Axel to the ceremony but His Majesty disagreed...He is getting scared.” I let out a scoff. He is again trying to give Axel exposure and public support by making him go to the events.

I cross my arms and glance out of the window, “Let him do what he wants, the throne is already mine. Just take care of him when he gets out of control. And, Juan, schedule a meeting with the cabinet and His majesty as soon as possible. Their reports are getting worse and worse. If they try to make excuses, make sure to warn them. Tell them that I expect them to never show their faces to me again. They can take the leave from their posts, permanently.”

“I will, Your Grace.....But you cannot suspend them from their p...” His words die down when he sees me looking him in the eye from the rear mirror. I know what he is trying to say but sometimes he forgets I have the authority to make such decisions as soon as I was handed over the power to manage the responsibility. He turns his gaze away after few seconds.

“I apologize, Your Grace, I forgot my place.”

I shake my head and look away. None of us initiate the conversation after that, the rest of the ride Juan focuses on his tab while I look out of the window.

Once the car stops and my feet touch the smooth metallic road, flashes and shouts surround me. But I keep my eyes on the front and walk through the main gate without a glance at the crowd. As soon as I step out under the clear sky, my eyes scan the full pack stadium with its screaming and excited audience, who all are standing. I look at the screen which is currently displaying my entry.

“Your Grace, please wave,” Juan whispers from behind. I throw him a glance before turning to look at the crowd with a smile. Let’s get going. I raise my hand and wave at them with a smile that should look as natural as possible. This is so exhausting.

I can hear announcers announcing my name as I enter the VVIP room. I stop in my tracks when I see the person who I should call my father sitting on the seat beside me. He turns to look at me as soon as he hears the door opening. I should have guessed he is already here from the tight security.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.” Juan and Tanay say from behind. I want to flout him but I know this is not the right time. I bring a smile on my face and keep my train on him while inclining my head 2 inches. “How have you been, Your Majesty?”

“I am good, how about you?”

“I am good as well, thank you for asking,” I say back with a smile before my eyes move to the person standing behind my father’s back. My lips twitch for a moment but I quickly compose myself. Why is he here? I thought he was on vacation.

Conrad notices my gaze therefore he provides me a bow but I sharply turn my head away without acknowledging him. I walk over to my chair and seat myself. Placing my elbow on the arms of the chair, I lean back, interlock my fingers and concentrate on the screen. It will be long 4 hours.

The announcer announces the start of the closing ceremony. After a long speech, the performances start followed by the parade. I look at the people first on the line. It looks like they are coming out according to the medal count, rather than the original order.

Since Pantazen is the only country on this side. For efficient working and governance, it is divided into many ‘Areas’, starting from Area 1 to Area 32. Each Area has its own Cabinet and Head of the Area which is ultimately handled by the Cabinet of Transvius, the capital of the country and they report directly to my father and me, currently.

“Now, His Majesty and His Grace will come down to begin the medal ceremony, please give a round of applause.” I get to walk down the path I have become familiar with.


After going through racks which are full of clothes, I, at last, manage to find something suitable to wear. Since is Ryou is not at home so I will have no choice but to take a taxi. I quickly change into the black-white striped shirt, denim jeans, and a pair of sneakers while letting let my hair open. As soon as I am done applying a dab of pink lipstick and grabbing my sling bag, I am all set to head out.

Finlay insisted that he can take me but I declined, I don’t want to cause trouble. Maybe I should learn to drive soon, though I wonder Ryou will lend me his car, it is expensive and I will never be able to pay back even in million years if I damage it. I step out of the car and navigate through the Extanders bustling in the garden. Is this place always bustling?

I make my way to the west building where the Sequence rooms are situated. Once I reach the Sequence room area, I notice the corridors are full of people standing here and there. It almost looks like people are living here, I can find some even in their nightdresses. As I pass by some open doors, I notice there is even a television inside every room. I try to control my gaping mouth, what the hell is not in this place? And how do they get money to maintain all of these?

After some searching, I find myself in front of a few rooms with a closed door. I shuffle at my feet while looking at the silver-plated nameplate with Sequence 13 written on it. I peek inside from the glass on the door, there seems to be only one girl inside who is busy concentrating is on her phone. I can clearly see the magenta color on her jacket.

I take a deep breath and put my hand on the door. Okay, let’s do it. I put pressure on the wood and the door opens with a squeak which draws the girl’s attention. The girl with soft blond hair looks up. She tucks her hair behind her ear, looks up and down at my attire and her brows furrow in confusion, “Yes? Do you need anything?” She puts aside her phone and stands up.

“....Hello, I am Nadya, I am a new member of this Sequence...” Before I could even end my introduction, her mouth falls on in ‘o’.

“Yes, yes, I have heard about it. Come on in, “She says with a smile on her red-painted lips as she walks over. She extends her arms and pulls me in for a hug. “It’s nice to meet you, Nadya. Everyone has been waiting to meet you since we got to know that we got our last member.”

I stand there awakened as I try to figure out if I should return her hug. After few seconds, I raise my hands and softly return the hug. I never expected such a welcoming gesture from her. She back away and look at me.

“I am Valencia, the duo of Gloria. Let me call others, they are in their rooms. And where is Ryouhei? Is he not coming?”

“He went for a ceremony, I am not sure. He is busy”

“Ah, Summer games are ending today, he must be busy. Anyways, let me call others. Wait a minute.” She walks into the corridor, leaving me behind. While she is away, I take my time to look around the hall.

The room is occupied with a big sofa, TV and a dining table on the side. Wow, they even provide a dining table? I look to my right where I can see a glass door. Through the glass, a big meeting room which has a wooden table and ten office chairs is clearly visible.

I turn back my attention as soon as I notice the sound of footsteps and noises. Two boys and a girl come out of the corridor with Valencia following behind. The boy with the glasses is the first one to greet. He extends his hand for a handshake, “It’s nice to meet you, Nadya. Ryouhei informed us about the new member but we never got the time to meet you in person. I am sorry for the late introduction, I am Saul, duo of Marlon.”

I shake his hand with a welcoming smile and turn to the dark-skinned girl with curly hair, who is coming forward, “Hey! How have you been? Are you enjoying the stay? By the way, you can call me Fajah.”

After a small talk with Fajah, I turn my attention to the boy with black hair and Asian features. He grins and gives me a wave when he notices me looking, “Hello, I am Hiroyuki. I am duo of Fajah. I hope we get along well.”

We talk for a while before Fajah takes me to my room. Apparently, my room is at the end of the corridor, in the corner and the last one. Fajah and I stop before the last room on the left side, I glance over the nameplate.

Ryouhei and Nadya (Sequence 13)

“Wait a minute...I am not getting a single room? We have to share our room?” I turn to Fajah in disbelief.

“Yes, duo have to share the rooms...Oh, by any chance you are worried about sharing the room with Ryouhei? Don’t worry he is not bad...I mean he is not that bad...though he is a bit cold.” Fajah says in a voice she sounds unsure of herself. I think she is trying to reassure more of herself than me. Though I appreciate her attempt, it is not making me feel any better.

I thank her and enter my room. The room is almost like a hotel room. There is floor-to-ceiling glass on one side, a king-size bed, a sofa, and a wardrobe. I can even see a door to the bathroom.

After getting familiar with this place, I open the wardrobe and find it full of Ryou’s clothes. I sigh. How am I going to fit mine in them? I cup my mouth with my fingers. Maybe I could move them or take some of his clothes out? But I don’t want to take out his clothes without his permission, I should just move them to one side and see what can I do. And it’s not like we are living here, we will stay here only when there is some work and emergency. I will bring some clothes the next time I come.

While I am in the middle of moving his clothes and making some adjustments, there is a knock at the door.

I pause my work and look at the door, “Come in”

The door opens and Liana enters the room. “I heard you were here so I came. What are you doing? You look busy.”

“I am making some space to put some of my clothes in here. I am almost done.” I show her the empty place for my clothes.

“Great, then after you are done, do you want to eat dinner with us? We are planning to give you a welcome party as well.” She says as she sits on the edge of the bed.

“That’s a good idea but I don’t think I can today, maybe in the next few days,” I tell her while putting back Ryou’s watch, “I have told Finlay that I will be back for dinner so not today. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay. I was just saying. And all members are not present today so we had to postpone it anyway. If you had agreed, we would have called the rest of them. I am sure they would have attended. We can do it next time we all meet.”

“Where are other members?” As far as I remember I have met only 7 of them. Shouldn’t there should be 10?

“They must be busy with some case or maybe they could be resting at home. That is what we do all the time when any of us is missing. You will rest of them tomorrow at university.”

“They will be there?” I close the wardrobe and grab my bag from the side table.

“We all are in the same university. Didn’t you know?”

“No” I shake my head. After talking for few more minutes, I leave the Sequence room to go back home. The taxi drops me in front of the gate of the community since they are not allowed in. I walk back from thereon. It’s good that I chose to wear sneakers, heels would not be a good choice for such a walk.

The door opens with a beep and I make my way to the kitchen passing through the living room. I notice Ryou and Finlay as soon as I enter the kitchen. Finlay is busy cutting the vegetables and Ryou is sitting at the dining table eating his fruit salad.

“ come back with your duo one day. It was very shocking.”

“It was also unexpected for me.” Says Ryou, “I didn’t expect Ada would bring her so suddenly.”

“Is she your temporary duo?.... I am just asking. I know you never agreed to temporary ones so- ”

“No, she is the permanent one. You know that I would have not agreed if she was temporary.”

“What is a temporary duo?”

They stop talking and look at me on hearing my question. “When did you come back?” Finlay asks in surprise. I never made a noise so they must have not noticed me.

“Just now.” I enter the kitchen and put my bag on the dining table and take a seat in front of Ryou. He puts down his fork before answering my question. “It is just like a duo but a temporary one. You can sign for it. If in any case, your duo dies or you don’t have a duo for some reason, you can ask the administration to arrange a new duo for you. Some choose to wait for their permanent duo but mostly are satisfied with temporary. They may or may not match, it all depends on how they make it work.” He says and picks up his fork again.

“Then....what if someone chose a temporary duo before he came but now he wants to be with their permanent duo?” I ask while putting my chin on my fist.

“If I am not wrong, then all the people need to agree to the change of the duo. Whether he is temporary or permanent. Even if one of them disagrees then there will be no change in duo.”

“I see. Did you had a temporary duo?”

He looks up from the bowl on hearing my question and raises his eyebrows, “No, I was never interested in something which is temporary. Why would I waste my time when I know it is not gonna work out? I have much better things to do than to make myself likable to people. Acceptance doesn’t complete my responsibilities.”

“True. Hmm,” I softly hmm and agree with his statement. I would have done the same if I was asked about a temporary duo. Suddenly, an important question comes to my mind. I hesitate before deciding to ask him the question, “And, what if...a permanent duo decide to separate from each other?”

His eyes travel back to me immediately. Even Finlay looks at me as soon as my question reaches his ears. I look at both of them back and forth. I know what they are thinking but I am not planning to separate myself, I am only asking for knowledge. I want to be aware of things like these. And I will never separate myself without even fully giving the other person a chance. We are just starting. How can I tell what type of person he is in just a few days? I am not that judgmental.

There is silence for few seconds before he answers my question.

“....If both the parties agree to the separation then the duo would be disbanded.” He says in a calm tone. He reaches for his glass of juice. “Did you go somewhere?” He pointing at my bag with his chin.

“I went to EXH. I met other members.”

“All of them?”

“No, I could only meet four of them. Rest were not present.”

“You will meet them tomorrow at university.” He picks up his plate and glass to put them in the sink.

“I am aware. Liana told me.” I am nervous as well. I don’t really like meeting strangers. If possible, I would stay as far away as possible from humans. But unfortunately, that is not possible. I can’t spend my life in only one room. I hate even stepping out of my room.

“I have some work, I am going back first. Good night.” Ryou says before walking out of the kitchen without another word.

“Goodnight,” I whisper to myself while staring at his back.

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