The Wheel Of Fortune

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Chapter 2-Kidnapping


“Happy Birthday, Nadya,” says Misha,

“Thanks,” I say back while trying to stop the smile which can’t be helped but spread on my face. I always have this grin when Misha wishes me at midnight. It’s a different feeling when your best friend wishes you first, on your birthday. It is exactly 24:00, 29 July, which means my birthday has just started. It has become our routine to call each other at exactly 24:00 on our birthdays. There has never been a birthday we had failed to follow this routine.

We would have met each other if it was possible. Since Misha’s family decided to move to a different city, we can only see each other from time to time but to make up for that we talk for almost an hour daily. I can’t even understand it myself, how we can talk non-stop despite knowing each other for 6 years. We both become garrulous when we are with each other.

After talking for 10 minutes, I hang up and move to go to bed. I will be up late tomorrow if I don’t sleep now. I have many things to do, I can’t afford to waste my tomorrow’s time. Tomorrow, no, today is Sunday but I have to complete the painting which I have been delaying for a week.
Later, I wake up at 10:21 and after freshening up I start painting right away. My quotidian routine includes painting, studying, a small argument with my father, surfing the internet, and mostly sleeping. This a short recap of my tedious life.

Art is one of the things I can never give up. So, while I am still studying psychology, I decided to become a self-taught artist, this way I will not have to leave my dream of becoming an artist behind, and I am also studying to become a fashion designer in my free time.

Since I am painting since morning so it is not surprising that the paint got finished. “Mom, I am going outside to buy some art supplies,” I shout before going into my room to change my clothes. Even if the art store is nearby, I need to look presentable. I can’t just go out in whatever I am wearing. To reach the art supply store, I need to go through some alley, at first I was scared since that place is usually quiet but I have become accustomed to it. After grabbing my phone and changing into jeans and a shirt, I set off.

The sky is full of dull and heavy-looking clouds. Looks like, it will rain soon, though I like rain I don’t want to get wet today. I should hurry up, I forgot to bring an umbrella as well.

Halfway across an alley, I feel as if someone was following me. Stopping midstep I turn to find no one is around. Uhm...was I mistaken? But I clearly heard the sound of footsteps. I look at my surrounding just to be sure but there is not a single person in sight, and on top of that the alley is eerily quiet. I am well aware of how quiet this place is, you will hardly see any passer-byes, but I don’t know why am finding this alley especially quiet today. I am imagining it or is something really wrong?

I am still feeling as if someone is looking at me. But for now, I have decided to ignore it and continue walking. Just to be on the safer side, I speed up and opened my speed dial. I need to get out of here as fast I can. I am feeling scared. My heart is beating so fast that I can hear it drumming against my chest. Something is not right, I can feel it.

By now I am someone is following me.

After crossing some distance, it happens again. As soon as hear the footsteps, I turn around swiftly to glance at my followers. Who is following me? Why are they after me? On turning, I find three men in black uniforms following me 30 steps behind. Judging from the way they are dressed and their look, I can easily conclude that they are not from here. What do they even want from me? I don’t even know them.

When they see me looking they start running towards me, I waste no time in turning around and run fast as I can. I have to find someone who can help me. My phone’s screen has turned off and if I stop to make a call, I am afraid in no time I would be caught. And I can’t call someone while running as well since I worry my phone might fall. It is risky to be in this type of situation without a phone. For now, finding someplace to hide then calling for help is my best option.

At a distance, I can see a right turn is coming up. Suddenly, two men come from that turn and block my path. My steps flatter for a moment but I keep running. Are they with them? Just how many are there? At this rate, they will catch me in no time. I cannot run out of here without any of them leaving a path for me to run. In this case, I might have to make a place for myself.

Since there are two people in front and three at the back, I go for two.

Just as one man comes forward to catch me I knee him in the groin. The man cups his groin with his hands as his other friend came forward but he was at a distance so I can’t knee him. Using my instinct, I give him a high kick and move to take a step back. At last, I can use this attack after practicing it for a year. But unfortunately, the man uses his arm to deflect it and use his other hand to catch my leg while I am trying to step back. I become stuck in that position, not being able to get my leg free from his hands. In response, I throw my body on him and weight pulls both of us down.

As soon as his body touches the ground, I knee him in the groin and poke his eyes. While he is busy shouting in pain, I take my chance and run in the right alley. As I am running, suddenly a hand shoots out of nowhere and pulls me into the dark corner. When I try to turn to look at who pulled me in, I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I clutch my neck and fall on my knees as everything starts turning blurry. What did they inject in me? I try to fight it but to no avail, I can’t fight anymore. I am already tired after running. Just why are they after me? What do they even want from me?

“Ma’am, we have captured her.” Someone says in a whisper from somewhere behind me, I try to look at the person but I don’t even have the energy to move a finger.

“Who is there? Why-” I could only ask this much before I lose myself to the darkness.

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