The Wheel Of Fortune

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Chapter 8-The entrance

After a short one-minute speech, Ada ushers us down the stage. Ryou and I wait for the others to walk down before following them. I stop after steps and look around to find two empty seats. I can’t go back to where I was sitting before, there is one seat for me. Now there are two of us.

My eyes stop at Liana who is waving at us. When she gains my attention, she points at the other corner of the auditorium. I follow the direction she is pointing at to see three seats are vacant at the corner. I glance back at Ryou, he has also followed the direction Alva was pointing at. Seeing this, I walk to the vacant seats. I know he will follow me.

On the whole way, none of us makes an effort to communicate. Soon, I enter row first and take the third seat from the corner. Ryou sits on the second seat. Despite being seated, still many people are turning to glance at us. Just what is their problem?

Ada is still saying something about Extanders but I tune her voice out. It is not of any use to me. My eyes may be on Ada but all my attention is on Ryou. I am aware of all the small movements he is making. I know he glanced at me twice before looking back at Ada. I know he has kept his elbow on the chair’s arm and he is slightly leaning on my side. But I also know he is not doing it on purpose as his whole attention is focused on Ada.

I purse my lips and try to think of something to say, it is becoming awkward. The tension is thick, none of us know what to say. How should I start?

After thinking for two minutes, I decide to keep quiet. If he wants to say something then he will say it, I will not start the conversation. And I have still not figured out why I had that dream. After that dream, I thought I will meet him very soon but as time passed I started forgetting his face and I became busy with my life that stopped thinking about him altogether, though I used to remember that dream from time to time. But why did I got that feeling when I saw him in my dream? I can’t figure it out. Or maybe it was a lucid dream? Was it some kind of indication? I think about another five minutes before putting the thoughts behind. It doesn’t matter. What is supposed to happen, will find a way to happen. I will not think about it anymore. Let it be...

“Do you know Liana and Elodie?”

“Huh?” I snap out of my thoughts and look at him in question. What did he say?

“Do you know Liana and Elodie?” He repeats himself as he looks at me curiously. All his attention is on me. Oh, I almost forget that they are from the same sequence.

It is my first time hearing his voice and I can say that it is as attractive as his face. I click my tongue without being noticed. Lucky him. He has gotten all of it, looks, attractive voice, money, and power also if he is really a prince. Just what did he do to get all of these? Remembering what he is asking, I quickly come up with an answer.

“I met them yesterday while I was touring this place,” I say thoughtfully.

He nods at me, “....Where are you from? I don’t think you are from ’this side.”

“No, I am not. I am from India.”

“I see” And he quietly turns his attention back to the stage. I keep staring at him. That’s it? He is not going to say anything else? Well, that was a pretty short conversation.

Ada finishes the ceremony with her last speech. She asks all new members to stay back while rest can disperse in an orderly manner. Ryou and I remain seated while others leave the auditorium. Liana and Alva wave at me goodbye, I wave back. Once everybody had left, we stand and make our way to the stage.

Others are standing or seating on the very first row of seats. So I take a seat while Ryou remains standing two steps away from me. While busy talking to one another or their duo, we keep quiet. There is nothing to say between us. I wait for Ada to begin.

Silence takes over when Ada joins us. She starts talking, “Your uniforms and IDs will be delivered to you by the end of this week. We will start your training at the end of this week as well, by that time you can get comfortable in here. Your duo will be training you for the first 4 months after that we will train you based on your performance.”

“Sarah and Mariah you will be trained by Dara, sequence 46 Caption. You all can take them home for today,” Ada says while looking at our duos, “But bring them here the day after tomorrow, we have something to discuss. Get them comfortable. You all can start your college by next week. And Sarah and Mariah, stay in the headquarters till we arrange a house for both of you.” Mariah and Sarah are each other’s duo therefore they don’t have any place to stay other than the headquarters.

“That’s it, for now, you all are dismissed.”

As I am walking towards the exit, I hear Ada calling my name. Hearing Ada’s shout, Ryou who is walking in front of me stops walking as well and we turn back to Ada. Why is she calling me? Does she want something?

“I just want to give you both a piece of advice,...Be each other’s strength.” She says with a crooked smile.

That came out of nowhere, I nod at her though I don’t understand what she is trying to say by that sentence. Was that some kind of encouragement or some kind of parting word? I glance at her one more time before turning around to leave. Ryou also looks at her with confusion but doesn’t choose to say anything, following my example he exits the auditorium.

“Do you want to grab some of your clothes?” Ryou asks as we step on the lift. His voice is deep and calm there is no specific expression on his face. Is he always like this?

“Yes,” I don’t point that out that those clothes are actually not mine. But I need them so I don’t deny it. I need at least one dress for tomorrow. I am planning to go shopping to shop for all the necessary items.

The lift door opens and I lead him to my temporary room. As I walk inside, I leave the door open for Ryou. Pulling open the door to the wardrobe, I take out a yellow halter jumpsuit, pajamas, and wood sandal heels and place them in a paper bag I found in a drawer. Once I am done, he stops looking around the room and we make our way back to the lift. This time he presses the underground floor button.

The door opens and the parking lot is insight.

I pause in my steps and glance around the parking. My mouth falls open a little. Audi Q8, Maruti Swift, BMW X3...... Just how expensive are they? I may not be familiar with cars but I have heard about some of them because of their expensive price. I can’t even name half of these. How do they have cars from ’other side? I look around in flabbergasted. I know that some of these cars are from the ’other side. But I don’t know how they got it, but it does prove one thing... They all are rich. They all are very rich, in fact.

I like shiny things and diamonds. And this one of the reasons for my liking towards the cars, as they are shiny. On my walk with Ryou, sometimes I deliberately slow down my steps just to check out the cars. Their luster is what is attracting me. I hope Ryou’s car is like others. After all, he is a prince, he must have enough money to buy a luxurious car, right?

At last, Ryou stops near Buick LaCrosse of earl purple color and my jaw drops yet again. I gulp some saliva. Am I riding in that? In that expensive thing? And it is in purple color, my favorite color.

Ryou unlocks the door and turns to me when he hears my footsteps slowing down. He motions towards the passenger seat and opens the door to the driver’s seat for himself.

Slowly, I open the door and get in. I want to check out the car desperately but I don’t want to look too eager so I hold the urge in and face the front. I indeed like this car but that doesn’t mean I will buy it for myself. Even though I like expensive things, I like to keep them simple. Too luxurious is not my taste, keep it minimal and smart.


“Hmm” I look at him. It’s his first time calling me by my name and he pronounced it right unlike many others.

“.....You must know that we have to live together?”

“I know.” I wonder if he lives in the palace.

“Then I want to you know that we will not be living alone, I have a housekeeper at home. He is usually at home, you can ask him if you need any help.”

“Okay” He even has a housekeeper at home. Just how big is his house? But by now I know that he has his own house, he does not live in the palace. If he was living in a palace then he would not talk about only one housekeeper. I turn to look out of the window. We have exited the parking lot.

While I look out of the window, suddenly I realize, I don’t know anything about him except his name. What is his power type? I turn back to him.

“By the way, what is your power type?”

He glances at me. “Water-type and rare type, I specialize in Swords”


I don’t initiate another question and we remain in silence. I observe the bustling roads, skyscrapers, and the city which is full of lights. Even the roads are giving a feeling that this city is advanced. Slowly tall buildings are replaced by big houses and the sound of vehicles disappears. We have entered the residential area. After a turn, Ryou slows down the car.

I can see a big gate in front. There are some guards on both sides of the gate. Security is very tight in this area. When they saw us coming they open the gate. But Ryou stops the car before we can go through the gate. He rolls down his side of the window. A guard comes forward to greet him.

Ryou nods and points at me with his chin and introduces me. After giving some more instructions, he rolls up the window and drive-in.

Before I could ask some questions, he answers gives me my answers, “Other than the ones who live in this area, everyone has to go through security checks to enter the resident. The security is very tight, it might take some time so it would be best to let them know beforehand. Mostly Extanders and celebrities live in this area so media is also restricted. Well, it’s mostly because of media that the security is tight.” That explains the reason for the tight security. Almost all the houses are of the size of mansions and bungalows. His house must be of similar size.

Soon, we reach the house and he parks the car under the shed. I take a look at the house.

It is a contemporary mansion. It has grey tiles and a woody exterior with big glass windows I can see on the first floor. A small garden in the front and a car shed on the right of the door. The door has a fingerprint lock. Getting out, Ryou steps forward to open the door while I looked around the area. This place is peaceful.

I look at Ryou when he taps my shoulder to get my attention. He is holding the door open for me to enter. Closing the door, he walks past me and goes through the right door. This time I follow him. There is a door on the left too, what does that lead to? I put the question at the back of my mind and enter the living room.

A set of wooden stairs on the right side of the living room, a white modular sofa with a white armchair on sides, a coffee table, two standing lamps on either side of the sofa, a curved tv, and french windows overlooking the garden. Turning my attention, I observe the man who is coming out from the kitchen, who is most probably the housekeeper.

The man casts me a curious glance while Ryou comes to stop between us two, “Nadya, this is our housekeeper Finlay, and Finlay, meet Nadya. She will be living with us from now on, she is my duo. Please arrange a room for her” Ryou says while eyeing both of us.

Finlay is a guy in his late twenties. He is young for the job of housekeeper. Well, if he loves this job then no problem. Finlay extends his hand for a handshake, he has a welcoming, warm smile on his face which fills up this cold and business-like house.

“Wash your hands, I am setting up dinner. We will talk after that.” Saying this much Finlay turns back to the kitchen.

“We will discuss the rest of the matter later, you can take it easy for now.” Says Ryou,

Ryou shows me the way to the washroom and goes out. After washing my hands I go to the kitchen. There is a black dining table in the kitchen with 4 black parson chairs on both sides. Taking a seat on the first chair on the right side of the dining table, Ryou takes a seat on my left and Finlay sits directly in front of me. Dinner has already been set up.

During the dinner, Finlay asked me some basic questions like where I am from, what was I studying, how many siblings I have....just basic questions. He was careful to not ask personal questions. We have just met so it’s understandable. And during the dinner, I took notice of both their behaviors, Ryou is not much of a talker. Only answering when a question is asked and sometimes making a comment, other than that he usually kept to himself but he kept a track of the conversation.

After dinner, Finlay takes me to the first floor and asked me to choose any room, all the rooms are free. And all the rooms downstairs are being used as something or other, only two rooms are free. I decided I will stay upstairs. Both Finlay and Ryou are staying downstairs.

The room I decided on has a purple and white interior with a king-size bed, a study table, a love seat, a white cupboard, a bookshelf on the other side, and a window seat that can accommodate two people. I take off my jacket and throw it on the bed before going downstairs to explore the rest of the house.

Since I didn’t have any belongings so I didn’t have to set anything up. I should know about the place I will be living in and I don’t have anything to do so better explore, it is only 10 pm and I will not go to sleep before 11:30 pm anyways.

Let’s start the exploration.

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