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A man called Lou got reincarnated by the help of a mysterious power unknown to him , before he got reincarnated the world was in a chaos as a strange disease had spread around causing people to turn into zombies. Now that Lou had reincarnated 10 years back into the past .

Fantasy / Horror
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The reincarnation

Wait how am I alive ?? I am sure I died. My name is Luo and I don't know how I am alive, somehow I got reincarnated Ten years back nonetheless I was more worried about what was going to happen Ten years later. The world would face a terrible disease which would turn people into monsters who would crave for flesh . The first thing I did after getting reincarnated was to get fit. I was unhealthy almost all my life so i was fat and had difficulties breathing. I stared to lose weight by following a strict diet and by constantly exercising. It didn't take a while before I started seeing results I had lost almost all the fat I had gained furthermore my breathing problems got lessened a lot.

2 years later (•••••)

My body had gotten as fit as a model and I was spending most of my time thinking what caused such a terrible disease as a result i spent hours in the library furthermore I was short on capital as I was an orphan so i thought of many ways to earn money and the Idea that came up was stock trading . In the future I used to be a full time stock trader so I knew the prices of the almost all the shares in the future. I invested most of my savings and bought shares that would double in price. Within a short span of six months I had enough money to make preparations to prepare for the apocalypse...

Note- please don't create hate it's my first time writing and if you like do let me know )

To be continued...
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