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As I had gotten the capital to establish a base for the apocalypse I contacted a realtor to arrange a house which had exceptionally high walls and was powered by solar panels.I had also gathered food that would last 10 years.Almost all preparation were done so I thought of meeting my friend Yan and Zheng , we met after ages as I was busy preparing for the apocalypse. Upon meeting they had a hard time recognizing me as I somewhat looked like an army officer.

We spent a few hours drinking and then headed home, It was raining slightly so I got under a bridge.There was something wrong about the rain it was turning red which made me remember the nightmares I had beacuse the first spreading of the virus was through a peculiar red colored rain. I was shocked as I thought I still had more than 5 years to spare . Nonetheless I was under a bridge and was safe for the time being, all I could hear from above was people screaming and zombies growling . As I trying to hide myself from the rampaging zombies a mysterious girl with an umbrella had arrived before me.

To be continued...
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