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Devastation: The Return of the Court

By Kathryn Kortegast All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Reoccurring history. Magic. Villains straight from the pages of age-old books, and villains completely unknown. Elizabeth Bayne, a ninth grade student of Merlin's Academy of the Arcane and descendant of the All Powerful Merlin Bayne himself, is stuck in a world she doesn't know with an unprofessional oddball professor and his drunken ferret. Why does this professor know so much about Earth? Why does he seem to have almost personal information on historical figures? Why, in the chaos of a prophecy, does he seem to be the only one to know what he is doing?


It was dark. A sliver of light from the full moon outside illuminated the cave entrance. From the gloom inside, eight hooded figures emerged. They stood in two lines, barely visible in the moon’s light. The last remaining of the Dark Court, hours after the war. They appeared to be waiting for something. Someone.

The shadow of a thin, crooked figure loomed in the cave entrance. Even the wind outside went silent.

“I senthe fear... A weak link.” The man hissed slowly, his lisp barely noticed beneath the weight of his words. His emotionless voice echoed, quiet but intimidating, off the cave walls as he stepped into the aisle of hooded figures. He stopped in front of the third man in the left row. The crooked one’s cold stare penetrated the darkness, able clearly to see the shaking of this man. “Let’th be fair, Thnow... You have no future here...”

With one wave of a wand in the lisper’s hand, the figure before him gave a bloodcurdling howl of pain and disappeared into a plume of smoke. Only this, and nothing more.

The crooked man straightened slightly. He swiveled and pointing at another hooded man said,

“You, Treflech! You have potential...

In the faint moonlight, a toothy grin could be seen on the hooded man’s face, pearly-whites a-glow.

“Thank you, Your Eminence.”

A pause settled in the still cavern, the uneasy lack of soundscape almost deafening. The man with the sinister sounding lisp spoke once more. “I have the perfect tathk for you. There ith thomeone I need taken care of...”

“With pleasure...” The grinning man purred. “Who is this someone?”

“Elithabeth Bayne.” The dark one lisped, “The prophet said she will live nine hundred years from now.”

“Consider it done. We shall wait where time is slowed.”

“Do not kill her.” The one who had murdered many warned. “Bring her to me. I don’t care what condition she is in, but I want her alive. I want to kill her myself.”

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