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Our Universes

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Jessica Rodriguez and her friends Maddie and Victor, goes to Vendect Academy. They all have different powers, Jessica can use her powers to go to the 3 realms in the universe. Victor has the fire element, and Maddie can use all the weathers elements. At the school dance they sense some evil energy.. little did they know that the energy was something or someone close to them. ⚠️ THERE WILL BE 6 CHAPTERS DURING JUL 2ND- AUGUST 5TH! WHICH MEANS THERE WILL BE A PAUSE IN THE BOOK TILL LATE SEPTEMBER! ⚠️ (To clarify above- There will be a ongoing part of the book starting July 2nd. So there will not be 6 chapters July 2nd) Authors Message: I hope you enjoy 'Our Universes' I have put a lot of time and effort into this book! Feel free to leave honest reviews :) -L.R. ✨🥀

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School Dance


"Now class be sure to be paying attention" I heard a voice slightly. Then I felt someone touch my head. I looked up, looking puzzled. "Did you have a good nap?" Mr. Brown said. I heard laughs fill the room.

Class was over now, all I could think about was if my hair looked bad. Usually I don't care what I look like, but I mean I just woke up. I headed to my locker, and banged on it to open. Then I heard a boy's voice. I looked up, he was about fifteen, tall, with dark hair. "Huh?" I said blushing a bit.

"Do you need help?" He said again. "Um no, I-" I got cut off by him simply opening it with the handle. I laughed just a bit, and he laughed as well. "My name is Jack, Jack Stower" he said and smiled. "My name is Jessica, but I prefer Jess" I said. "Alright, Jess" he said and there was a pause between us. "I have to get to Algebra" I said. "Okay, see you later" he said and I walked around him almost running.

I realized that I was 2 minutes early for class, strangely Maddie and Victor were sitting at their desks when I walked into the room. Maddie never gets to class early, this whole school year so far she's been barely on time or late. Victor.. well he was always early since he was a honor roll student.

"Hey Jess" Maddie said sounding suspecious. "Hi?" I said sitting and putting my bag down. "What's up with her?" I asked Victor. Before he could awnser she cut in. "What? Is it a crime to be early?" Me and Victor both looked at each other. "Look guys, I'm just excited for the dance tonight" She said. "Which means I don't want teachers all over my case tonight!" She said and smiled.

"That makes more sense" Victor said.

While I was sitting in Algebra I started to think.. Why do super humans like us, have to learn math? I mean math isn't enhancing our powers? Or helping them anyway. I also wonderd what it was like to go to a public school, a school where kids are normal. All I ever wanted was to go to a school where there is some misbehaving activity.

When class was over, we headed out for the outside lunch tables. I saw Jack sitting with my enemy.. Kia Tomodon. Her parents and my parents are both high warlocks. So there is a lot of competition, competition that I never asked for. I never wanted to fight with her! But her ugly ways is just a bomb ready to get blown up.

Jack waved at me. I blushed and waved back, Kia preneted not to notice and continued their conversation.

When me and my friends sat down it was a bit quiet. Everyone just seemed quiet in the outside part of the lunch court, which is really weird. "Guys, are we on "Quiet time?"" I asked. "No, I don't think so" Maddie said. "Well it's weird that it's so quiet" Victor said. "Yeah" I agreed.

"So the dance, I'm going to wear a blue dress with a silver snake belt" Maddie said. "That sounds nice" I said. "But you know that snakes are my signature look, or serpents I should say" I added. "True... I guess I could do a red ruby necklace?" She asked. "Sure" I said. "That sounds lovely" Victor said and I saw Maddie blush.

I am 100% sure that Victor and Maddie have something going on. I just know it! Like Victor is just too nice to her, and Maddie well... She's obviously in love. I just wished someone liked me..

"I wish I had a date for the dance" Maddie said. "That would make everything complete, but I'm glad I get to go with my favorites" she added. I smiled then I heard a scream. It was Kia's scream. She has potato soup on her pink sunflower dress. She looked over at me and gave me the 'I hate you' look. I WASN'T EVEN NEAR HER! "Guess Ms. Perfect is not looking so perfect" Victor said and went back to playing with his salad.

"She is such a ant!" Maddie said. "A ant?" I laughed. "Oh shut up!" She said. There was a pause between all of us, then Victor spoke up. "So speaking of the dance" he began making sure we were listening. "Maddie... Will you- um.." he started. "Will you go with me?" He said finally. I smiled expecting her to say yes. "We're already going together" she said. "No-" he said and laughed. "I mean as a couple" he said. "Oh" she let out. She started to grin. "Yes of course" she said. "Wait! What about you?" She asked me.

"I can go by myself" I said. "Really" I added. I really did not want to go alone, but I didn't want to spoil this.

"Jessica Rodriguez!" Mrs. handmail yelled my name. I stood up quickly and looked at her. "Come with me!" She said. I looked back at Maddie and Victor with question.

I went with Mrs. Handmail without question.

I know I didn't do anything wrong? Right? What did I do? Think! Think! My thoughts were cut off by her telling me to sit down at her desk.

"You didn't do anything wrong" as if she read my mind. "Oh okay" I said. "Then may I ask why I'm here?" "Yes, well I will get to that right now" she said and smiled.

She started to smell around the room, now I was worried. "You smell of cigarettes" she said and continued. As I sank into worry that she would tell my parents.

"Anyway we need you" she began. "You can open the three realms of the universe. That is a very rare and powerful talent" she explained. "So we will need you to opend the realm of everafter for us, on Friday" she said. I looked at her in confusion.

"I thought that I will probably never open the realm of everafter?" I questioned.

"Well it's an emergency" she said.

"Okay, well can you tell my what the emergency is? And does my parents know about this?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yes Sara and Ethan know, and they think this is a big and responsible task, that they think you can handle. All I can say is that there are some evil spirits in our realm, so I need to see the God of everafter to try to close the underworld realms portal" she said.

"Oh okay" I said.

"Don't worry child, it'll be okay" she said with reassurance.

Now I'm getting ready for the dance, and I am putting my serpent bracelet on, with my dark green dress and some ruby earrings. I feel a rush of so many feelings. I have to open the greatest realm in two days, and I'm going alone to the dance.

As I got to the dance, I tried to see if I could spot Maddie and Victor, and I succeeded. They were outside the school kissing. I felt happy for them, but also grossed out.

I went into the building and there was bright lights and loud music, as you could picture. As I walked in I heard a fimillar voice say my name. I turned around and it was Jack.

"May I have this dance?" He asked me. "Sure" I said and took his hand, holding on tight, then loosing some grip.

"So Jess, how old are you?" He asked me.

"I'm fourteen you?" I asked.

"I'm fiftteen" he said and added "Serpents?"

"Yeah" I laughed and at my bracelet. "They are my birth symbol" I said.

"They are mine as well" he said and smiled.

"Really? That's so cool! I haven't met anyone else with the serpent symbol here" I said. "Oh also, are you new?" I added

"I am, before I went here I went to a public school in Iowa" he said.

"Like with normal kids?" I asked

"Yes, they are really energetic there" he said, and we both laughed.

Then I heard many screams and screeches. The lights went out and everyone ran out the building. So all I did was followed the people, the screaming, the crying people, and lost Jack in the crowd.

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