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The Nini's

Everyone was just staring at the school as if it was a ghost from the outside. The rest of the kids that were inside were screaming and running out to join us. I saw Maddie and Victor through the crowd of people looking terrified. I decided to walk over there to find out what's wrong. It seems as though I'm the only one who doesn't know what's going on.

"What's wrong?" I said to them. "What is happening?" I said again. They just stared at the building. Then I saw a bright purple light coming from the inside.

"It's a greater enemy" Victor said. Maddie just stared blankly at the school.

"What greater enemy are we talking about here?" I said tapping Victor's shoulder. "VICTOR!" I said again.

"The Nini's" he said. I shook my head and laughed still staring at the school.

"It has to be! The bright purple light's! The high pitch sound!?" Victor explained.

"Victor, what high pitched sound?" I asked with question and concern. He just stared at me like I'm crazy.

"You didn't hear that high pitch sound?" Maddie broke silence. I shook my head and stared with worry.

"That's what sent everyone out" she said.

Then I saw Mrs. Handmail calling out my name. I looked and froze in question. Then I snapped out of it the fifth time she called me. She looked really worried which worried me even more, and why would she be calling my name?

She came up to me out of breath. She pointed at the building and caught her breath.

"Jessica Rodriguez, you need to open the realm of everlasting now" She said.

IT HAS BEEN AN HOUR SINCE I SEEN MY FRIENDS, OR HEARD FROM MY PARENTS. I was putting all my putting all my energy into the portal to open the realm of everlasting. I was half way through, and I have many questions. Was it really our greatest enemy, The Nini's? Is anyone hurt? Where is Jack? It seems Jack is one thing in my mind. No guy has ever asked me to dance, till him. I wonder if Jack is okay.

"You need to clear your mind Jessica" Mrs. Handmail said. I looked at her with frustration and returned my gaze at my magic.

"I could use a little help" I said. "Opening a realm is a draining and powerful task" I explained. "I am only in the 9th grade" I continued.

"Jessica, trust me you can do this!" Mrs. Handmail said. "I understand you have many questions that will soon be answered" she continued.

"Just answer me this, was the demons attacking us, The Nini's?" I asked.

"Clever girl, Yes it was in fact The Nini's" she said. "But that is all I can tell you now" she explained.


"Dan, The Nini's are here!" Jodi called out. Dan looked at her then back at Jessica.

"What do we do about Jessica?" He said. She looked upset and troubled. "Hide her!" She said. "Hide her in the laundry room!" Jodi called out.

Dan took Jessica to the laundry room and looked out the window and saw a purple light shining through.

"Daddy, what's going on?" Jessica said. Her father looked at her dearly then kissed her forehead.

"Jessica promise me to stay here and do not move, Something dangerous is occurring" Dan explained. "Do you promise?" He asked.

She nodded her head and said "I promise"

Her father left her in a dusty and cold laundry room downstairs. It was dark and she began to cry.

She then spotted a coloring book and some colored pencils on top of the washer. She took them and drew a black monster with red eyes, sharp claws, and of course a nasty grin.

Jodi took out a shining green blade and handed it to Dan. He nodded then possessed it with his powers. Jodi just had her powers glowing from her hand, bright green coming from her hand.

They went outside and fought The Nini's with their closest friends, and neighbors. They all struck them at once. The Nini's were powerful and hungry for pure souls.

Jessica had never seen a Nini in her life, but she definitely drew it's exact features on a blank sheet of paper.

Her father's best friend Richard died that night, due to the Nini's.


Now I am so close to this portal being done, I feel very relieved to almost say it's over. But it's not quiet over, it's just the beginning of a War.

"Your so close Jessica!" She said. I nodded and went back to focusing on my magic.

"I can feel it getting hot in my palms!" I yelled. I was looking at my green glowing palms still looking normal.

"That happens when the magic is feeling drained, it's okay I promise, just keep going you're so close to calling this a victory!" She said.

Finally it was over. The portal was complete, glowing bright pink and blue. It was loud, almost like a high powered fan.

"Thank you dear, you can stop now" she said smiling.

She transported me back to my living room in my home with her magic. Why would she transport me home? Are the Nini's going to kill everyone? My stomach was tossing and turning and I felt like I was going to puke. I looked down at my palms and they were a bright red. That only happens when evil magic touches you, but how could that be? No evil magic has touched me.. It couldn't be Mrs. Handmail because her magic was green and evil magic is red... So how?

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