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Fantasy / Romance

The Beginning


The world below the clouds upon which angels danced and fluttered innocently above the world upon which they knew nothing of.

The surface had always fascinated one angel in particular, a young apprentice by the name of Eden. She was young in her angelic years, having only lived for five decades but her youth made her mind fill with copious amounts of curious thoughts and fascinations about the world.

She was like most of the younglings, curious about the mysterious world beneath the clouds of High Heavens, however, she unlike all the others wanted to see the world, experience what it’s like to walk among those mysterious people who walked upon the Earth.

Sadly, the law of the Angiris Council dictated her, forcing her to remain up high, speaking tales of horror and gore of foul beasts known as man that hunt angels with fire and pitchforks and cuts off them wings and mounts them as trophies and watch gleefully as angel dies and withers away.

A particular tale has been spoken of many times of how men banded together and captured the former Archangel of Wisdom and former Leader of the Angiris Council, Malthael and corrupted him. Of how man dragged him towards what in previous times was known as the forest of Pandemonium and left him there.

The Reapers, also known as death that lived inside the forest, came out like predators, reaped away his soul for seven days before they corrupted him, making him their master so that that he was no longer the Archangel of Wisdom but the Archangel of Death and Lord of the Death Reapers.

Chalad’ar, the Chalice of Wisdom was corrupted and turned into the weapon he now wields, The Scythe of Darkness upon which he reaped many innocent souls, claiming it was the work of the High Heaven that ordered the angels deaths.

It caused uproar between the angels and man, who once lived in peace, and those who captured Malthael were punished before the alliance that once existed between man and angels was eradicated and another angel has never visited the surface below ever again.

That didn’t stop Eden. The horror stories didn’t dis-way her curious urges. Each day she wandered right to the Gate of the High Heavens that imprisoned her in the cage that had been built around them.

Eden was a special prodigy in the High Heavens. She was an apprentice to the Archangel of Hope, Auriel. She was one of the most beautiful angels to walk upon the clouds and the only female Archangel in the Angiris Council.

The Archangels were the higher beings, there were five before Malthael was corrupted and walks with demon. Now they were just four. The leader was now Imperious, the Archangel of Valour, the mightiest warrior of all.

Ithereal is the Archangel of Fate, a strong leader as well but silent and calm, forever living most of the time in the Library of Fate, and then there was Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice and Wisdom. He took on the burden of Malthael and his title and carries two now, because in truth he was the wisest of them all.

The Archangels were the higher beings, and then their were the lower angels, all the angels who just spent their years living in the sky, awaiting for the moment they were either called for war or needed to bring peace, which hadn’t happened in years.

Between those two, were specialist angels or apprentices that were chosen and blessed to learn beneath the Archangels incase one day, the Archangels were lost or gave up their position then the apprentices would take over.

Eden was one of many possible apprentices to Auriel but she was chosen and had been learning under the Archangel of Hope for a short while, it was easy to learn from Auriel cause she was understanding and tried her best to sooth Eden’s curiosity instead of stamping it down.

One day, Eden had finally had enough.

“Auriel, have you been down to the surface before?” Eden inquired, her innocent, crystal clear stormy blue irises watching Auriel with a longing gazel.

Auriel smiled, turning to her apprentice as they walked through the gardens of hope with bright beautiful flowers or sparkling golden and silver, trees covered with the greenest leaves and largest fruit.

“Not in a long time my young apprentice.” She answered, her voice like a melodic choir of angels singing, her long tresses of her fiery auburn hair swayed with an enthusiastic bounce as she walked, her flame colored eyes trained on the path they walked, her olive skin almost twinkling in the light, her large white majestic wings hanging behind her back as if they were floating as they moved.

“What was it like when you were down there?” Eden asked curiously, reaching up and tucking a tress of her liquid blonde hair behind her ear as they walked together.

“When I was down there, it was a beautiful and wonderful place; so many people were kind, hard working, helpful, friendly,” she began, “It wasn’t exactly like the stories you are all told but there were cruel people among those, many failed to see it but the people never lost hope, which is what I see in man and angels alike.”

“Do you think anyone will ever be allowed to go back down there again?” Eden wondered aloud, Auriel’s smile turning to a sad one.

“Sadly, I don’t know. Maybe one day will be allowed but sadly, i don’t think that anyone will be allowed down there for centuries to come.” Auriel answered, Eden sighing longingly. “Do not let it bother you child, if you will excuse me, I must depart. I have to go to the council meeting.” Auriel explained, Eden nodding as Auriel let her in the garden.

Eden smiled sadly as she continue towards the Fountain of Hope and sat on the edge of the white stone wall, looking into the water, looking at the reflection of herself with her white wings open behind her, the pure white dress woven around her frame by the clouds danced in the gentle breeze.

'I wish I could see the world below.' She thought sadly, her finger drawing a heart in the water, repeating it two more times before she raised her finger out of the water, and letting the drop of water that hung off the tip of her finger back into the water but didn’t expect what happened next.

The water began to swirl where the droplet fell, before it formed a cloud shaped mirror, the water rippling into a image of something so unfamiliar to the angel. Tall grey giants stood tall with hundreds of eyes, a cacophony of loud noise resonating through the water, shapes walking up and down the roads and metal beasts roared along.

“What... What is this sorcery?” She whispered as she looked down into the reflection. “I have never seen anything like this.” She spoke breathlessly, her body moving without a single thought as her hand reached out and her finger brushed against the surface of the water and a bright flash erupted and for one moment, she was standing in front of the fountain and the next she stumbled onto the floor, her body hitting the rough ground she fell upon.

As she raised her head, her eyes widened as she looked around her, noticing the unfamiliarity of the world around her. Noticing the foul, unpleasant stench that had her stomach churning in an unpleasant manner that made her feel as though she was dying.

She gave a gentle flap with her wings and raised herself off of the ground before she set herself on her feet, before she looked around her. There was a large corroding rectangular shaped box piled with foul smelling things, and nothing else. It was a dead end. “Where am I?” She asked fearfully as turned round and noticed three figures coming towards her.

“Are you lost pretty lady?” A deep voice asked, his Caucasian skin looked sickly, his beady black eyes locked on her with a predatory, malicious gaze that had Eden backing away until her back was pressed against the wall as she trembled fearfully, upon instinct hiding her wings.

“Don’t be afraid.” Another laughed, in his hand he held a long stick, worn and old like it had been used multiples on something. “We won’t hurt you.” he promised darkly as Eden’s eyes widened, tears rimming her eyes.

“Please, leave me alone. I beg of you, let me leave and go back home.” She begged as they approached, sadistic smiles on their faces as she trembled, never had she experienced fear before, and she didn’t like the feeling one bit.

“We can’t do that.” The third said as he reached out and grabbed her wrists and instantly Eden tried to fight back, begging for them to let her go.

“Just close your eyes, it will all be over soon.” The first man ordered and Eden cried as she closed her eyes, wishing to be free, not wanting to be here, just wanting it to be over, but the pressure on her wrists vanished and she no longer left as though she was surrounded because the heat of the men’s bodies had vanished.

She hesitantly opened her eyes and stared into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in her life. A rich, warm yet deep brown that swirled with power, an amused smirk formed with the most perfect lips upon a face chiseled and carved by the greatest sculptors in existence with messy, untamed brown hair that hung off his head in a perfect manner, some of his fringe hanging in front of his eyes.

For a moment, she thought her saving grace was her guardian angel, but he wasn’t an angel at all as she noticed the large leather black wings spread out, longer than her own, the dark shadows cast on her by his wings made her feel cold. Her saving grace wasn’t a man, not an angel.

He was a demon.

“So, what’s an angel doing down here on the surface? Thought you weren’t supposed to come down to the surface?” He inquired in his deep, guttural voice that left chills down her spin, small goose bumps all along her arms, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end.

The reality hit her harder than the apple that fell out of the tree she sat under the other day.

“Am I on the surface world beneath the clouds?” She asked hopefully, the wonder and hope in her voice had this demon raising an eyebrow, a confused glint in his eye.


A smile grew across her face as the news uplifted her. She had made it down to the surface world, her wish had come true, she wanted to see the surface and now she had the chance.

...\-End of Chapter-/...

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