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Alice has her own company and is a fuck girl she sleeps with someone different every day she has to because she's a hybrid half vampire half succubus. what is she going to do when both her assistants are in love with her, and she's in love with the two of the as well, follow Alice throw her journey as she tries to overcome her urges and her horrible past. You should know by now I'm at writing description, give it a try if u like supernatural and romance

Fantasy / Romance
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Alice POV

Getting out of my comfortable bed from in between the woman and man. I head straight to the bathroom, brushing my teeth and washing my face, before going over to the man and woman on my bed and tell them to get up passing them a few hundred bucks each.

"Catch a cab or something and I have cameras so don't touch anything in the house "

I say in a threatening voice.

"We won't the girl say's rolling her eyes in the back of her head.

"Don't worry about me the man says looking at me before exiting my room".

I go into the kitchen grabbing a blood bag before sinking my teeth into the bag sucking it dry. I go in my walk-in closet and getting dress in a knee-high black skirt and white blows leaving the first three buttons down showing of my boobs putting on white heels. Brushing my long blond hair and putting on some eye liner and heading down the stairs and out of the door and into my limo.

"Where too mam" says my driver, Leo.

"Leo what have I told u about calling me mam were practically the same age call me Ali or Alice" I say to the man in the driver's seat.

"Ye...Yes Mam sorry Mam I mean Alice" he says stuttering.

"It's ok Leo" I say smiling at him.

"I'm headed for the office" I say to him.

Suddenly there was a ring on my phone picking it up seeing it was my assistant Mia.

"Hello Mia" I say answering the phone.

"Hello Ali" Mia says on the other end on the phone.

"Yea what's wrong" I ask.

"Well, there is a woman here saying she's here for an interview," said Mia.

"What's her name" I ask.

"She says her name is Kaylee Bowe" Mia said confused.

"OH, I remember her from the bar tell her to wait I will be there in ten minutes" I say to Mia.

"And what this about being your new assistant" Mia says in a slightly angry voice.

"I'll talk to u when I get there I'm almost there" I say to Mia.

"Fine I bought u coffee black just the way u like it with no sugar and no cream or milk" Mia says.

"Thanks bae ill make it up to u when I back" I say to Mia in a flirtatious tone.

"Ok hurry" Mia say in a flirtatious tone before hanging up the phone.

Five minutes later

"Were here Miss Alice" Leo says Before heading to the limo door to open it.

Immediately around the limo was filled with the paparazzi taking pictures and asking questions. Leo blocked the people that tried touching me.

"Miss Michel is it true that u are getting back together with your ex-boyfriend" says a reporter.

"No why do u ask! Aaà" says Alice turning to the women.

"Jason just announced it" said the reporter with a smirk on her face knowing that she touched a soft spot.

Alice rushed inside fuming from anger.

"Good morning miss Michel" say the secretary immediately lowering her head when noticing Alice was mad.

Because Alice has the tendency to fire people when she is mad, Alice ignored the woman and went into the elevator pressing the button to the first floor. 3 minutes later Alice is on the first-floor storming into her office ignoring the woman sitting on a chair in front of her office, using her vampire speed she goes straight towards Mia that was sitting on her desk holding her by the throat and lifting her up in the air.

"What is this about me getting back with Jason do I hear" Alice says in a raspy voice.

"A.... lice put me d.... own I'll explain" Mia says While trying to breathe for air.

Alice drops her from her gasp waiting for Mia explanation Mia gets up from the floor holding her throat Mia was a vampire so she would heal soon.

"I told Jason that you guys are not getting back together ok I don't know why he's said that when I obviously told that you guys wouldn't" says Mia looking Alice into her light blue eyes.

"Then why the fuck is he saying these things about us getting back together I'll kill him" Alice says in a low and threating tone.

"You know u can't do that Ali, we need him for other things" Mia says grabbing her waist and brushing their soft lips together.

Without hesitation I put Mia on the desk pulling Mia's lips to hers while positioning myself between Mia leg and kissing her neck.

"Stop you're going to explain what that girl is doing outside of your office first" says Mia looking at Me in the eye.

"There is lots of work to do and I wanted to get u help so that u would not have to stress yourself" I said looking at Mia.

"Did I ever say I need help" Mia says in an angry tone.

"No but I know u and your stressed, when was the last time u feed? " I ask Mia.

"I don't know maybe last week" Mia says.

"See that's why I hired her come here" I said giving her my arm.

"No, I won't you know your blood is addicting" Mia says looking down.

"I ask you to drink from me come I have an interview remember" I said to her.

"Ok but stop me if I take too much" she say while walking towards me.

"Ok now come" I say to her.

She come to me extending her fangs and biting into my neck, holding her waste so that she can be more comfortable. Vampires can make it painful or pleasurable, in this case it was pleasurable. When she knew she was done, she moved and stepped back from me.

"Are you ok Ali" she says looking at me with a concerned face.

"I'm fine can u send the girl in on your way out" I say sitting behind my desk.

"Ok and thanks for the tasty blood she winks as she steps outside.

Please vote and comment so that I can know if you guys like the story I will post chapter two on the 5 of June.

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