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Kaylee POV

Getting up with a horrible hangover, I go to the bathroom looking like I was hit by a plane literally. I go to my nightstand grabbing the Advil and the bottle of water on the nightstand and popping the Advil in my mouth and drinking the water. Heading to the other side off my bed to wake up my bestfriend Samantha.

"Hey.....Hey get your lazy ass up bitch" I say in a sleepy yet loud tone.

"OHHH MY GOD! Are you trying to kill me you could at least do it while I sleep" Samantha said still sleepy yet angry.

"Get up I have a job interview with that woman that I was talking to at the bar" I say annoyed.

"You mean that sexy one who bought u a drink, the one that made u look like a tamato, the one that" she was about to say something else when i interrupted her.

"Yes.....Yes that's the one and I didn't blush for fucks sake" I said in an annoyed tone.

"Ohhh really when she talked to you look like someone threw a bucket of pain on your face" Samantha said laughing at me.

"Ok I'll admit I did blush but not that much you exaggerating now shew get out of here I have an interview and why don't u just sleep in your room" I said crossing my arm's to my chest.

"I like sleeping in my bestfriend's room" she says in a baby tone.

"Anyway I can't be late so get out " I say pushing her out of my room and locking the door.

"Sure lock me out bitch I was going to share my pussy with you but now I change my mind ASSHOLE" She says while going to her room.

I was so hard laughing while heading inside of my closet it wasn't big or anything but it worked fine. I pick out the best I've got witch is a white blouse and a green skirt with black flats.

After putting on my clothes I go to the kitchen to make some coffee, I like my coffee with lots of cream and sugar I dont like it bitter, I make a coffee for Samantha because why not she likes coffee but don't know how to make it.

When I'm done with my coffee Samantha comes and squeals at me.

"Awww did you make me coffee now this is exactly why you're my best friend" she says sipping the coffee.

"Really is that the only reason any ways I'm out text me but only in case of emergency" I say picking up my black handbag and phone.

"Ok love you" Samantha says while blowing me a kiss.

"Love you too" I say while exiting the door.

I make my way to the streets and walk far enough to catching a cab, because I was catch a cab today I wouldn't have enough money to buy lunch but it would be worth it if I get the job so I was hopful.

Going into an available cab on the side of the road, opening the door and sitting in the back seat the driver asks "Where to madam".

"The Fever Company" I said in an excited tone.

"Madam do u mean the night club and casino Fever Company" he says in a questioning tone.

"Yes sir that one" I say hesitantly because I didn't search it up and that can be the only one but the woman never said it was that kind of Company.

"Ok but i cant drop u off directly in the front of the company because it is always packed with paparazzi " the driver said.

"That's ok sir" I say before he drive off heading to the company.

Half an hour later "we're here madam" the driver says stopping across from one of the largest and tallest skyscrapers I have ever seen,
paying the driver then getting out of the car and crossing the streets.

The paparazzi keeps pushing making me almost fall these bitch's I would kill them if they made me fall because I have an interview and I wanna look presentable and not like I'm poor even if I am poor.

Once I make it threw the door I go straight to the desk where the secretary is.

"Excuse me miss I'm here to see someone named Alice Michel for an interview " I said to the woman at the desk.

"Can you tell me your name" the woman said.

"Kaylee Bowe" waiting hesitantly thinking maybe she did work here or maybe she was lying when the woman said "Ohh here is your name Miss Michel is not here yet so you can wait out side her office, let me call her assistant Miss Mia because she's always inside of her office in the mornings" the woman says smiling at me.

Wait why does she have and assistant only high level people have assistant so i did what any sane person would do and ask the woman what Alice does here she looks at me surprised.

"Sweety this is Miss Michel's company" I look at her dumb founded how can I not know that Alice didn't tell me so.

The woman picks up the phone and started to tell her that I would be going up to sit outside of Alice's office the waman at the desk tells me that her office is the first floor.

I go up to the elevator which took about five minutes because the building was huge and she was on the first floor. Finally making it to the top floor and seeing a couple of chairs which I assumed was her office so I take a seat waiting for her.

About 15 minutes later I see Alice storming from outside of the elevator ignoring my presence it didn't seem like she noticed me because she walked straight past me and stormed into her office all I could hear was shouting and screaming a couple minutes later everything went quiet then a woman came out and told me that I could go inside.

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