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What Lies Beyond (Salacir Chronicles: Book 1)

By AkatsukiFreak31 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Adair, a young prince from Aria, disappears during a Royal Hunt and quickly finds his world is turned upside down when he is taken into the care of a young Savage woman, Halona, who just so happens to be the youngest daughter of the Avory clan’s leader. She has her hands full with teaching the prince a new way of looking at things as she heals him with fire magic and, slowly, shows him that the Savages are not always what they seem. As the two learn more about themselves, and each other, Adair and Halona learn that people are not always what they seem and not all monsters hide in the dark.


Screams could be heard echoing throughout King Roland’s palace. The king paced back and forth outside of the room where the wails were coming from. His advisor, an aged man named Eyra, placed a comforting hand on his king’s shoulder.

“Everything will be alright, Your Majesty. Queen Abry and Aria’s heir will both be healthy.” Eyra spoke calmly, his deep voice doing very little to provide comfort to the king. This was, after all, his first child, and most likely his last. He and the queen had tried for many years before she finally conceived and he feared she would not be able to have another child.

One last pain filled scream rippled through the palace air before the piercing sound of a baby’s cry could be heard. It seemed like an eternity had passed before a servant stepped from the room and curtsied to the king.

“King Roland,” she curtsied. “You may enter now. The queen and child are both healthy.” The servant quickly moved out of the way to allow the king entrance. Once inside, he saw his wife sitting in bed holding a small bundle in her arms. The baby was still crying, but he paid no attention to the noise.  His heart swelled with joy as Queen Abry’s tired amber eyes beamed at her husband while her curly, black hair stuck to her sweaty mocha colored skin.

“Would you like to meet your son, Love?” she asked. She could barely contain her excitement as she held the baby boy out to his father. King Roland carefully took him into his own arms, noticing the boy had his dark brown hair. Eyra stood on the other side of the woman’s bedside. His eyes widened when he noticed a small diamond-shaped birthmark on the baby’s forehead.

“Your Majesties, your child is a special one,” Eyra spoke as he leaned forward toward the babe. Queen Abry glanced at the advisor and then her husband. She had no doubts about her child being special. This boy would one day rule Aria.

The king and queen looked to the advisor for an explanation, silently telling the old man to continue.

“This child has the Mark of the Diamond,” Eyra began. “Years ago I had a vision about this mark, but I was never shown to whom the mark would belong. He is destined to change and save our world from destruction as a Peace Bringer. He and one other baby born this very night will bring two worlds together to destroy the evil forces that will surround Aria and the rest of Salacir for as long as they both live.”

Queen Abry stared at her son in astonishment. Salacir had not needed a Peace Bringer for over a century. The countries were at peace with one another. The only obstruction to that peace would have to come from the ruthless savages that were scattered about the lands.

King Roland looked down at the child in his arms. “Prince Adair of Aria, you will one day bring greatness and honor to your country.”

The baby opened his eyes to reveal the deep blue eyes resembling his father’s. King Roland had never felt prouder.

Prince Adair was not the only baby born that autumn evening. Another woman in Aria was in labor. She was from the Avory clan, a tribe of warriors that lived within Aria’s borders, but her people were not subjects to the crown and did not follow Arian law. Her husband, their leader, had left with many of the other warriors to hunt. She let out a throaty groan as her struggle came to an end. Wails filled the room as the clan’s healer held up a tiny baby girl. The mother extended her arms as the other woman swaddled the child before placing the baby in her mother’s arms.

“My beautiful daughter.” The woman smiled as she ran a finger through the child’s silky, red hair to try to silence her crying.

The midwife leaned over the mother and chuckled, “My Lady, it seems she has your family’s red hair just like her brothers.”

The woman laughed and her baby’s eyes opened to reveal the beautiful emerald green that were an exact replica of her own.

“Mariana, how far are Roka and the others from the village?” She asked. Her baby was early. Her husband had left to hunt thinking the baby would not arrive until after he returned. She knew he had wanted to be here.

The midwife was about to respond when the door to the room burst open and in stepped a tall, burly man. He sported a well-trimmed beard that matched his dark, brown hair. A lanky older man followed close behind him.

“Elexia!” His deep voice rang throughout the room, startling the baby causing her to screech.

Elexia put a pale finger to her lips. “Roka, shush. You’re scaring her.”

A smile danced across Roka’s lips. “A girl, huh? After three sons we finally managed to have a daughter.”

Elexia smiled as she coaxed the baby to sleep with a lullaby. “She looks just like her brothers,” she spoke with a smile.

“They all get that red hair from you,” Roka teased his wife. Elexia let out a soft and melodic chuckle as she passed the child to her husband.

"Well, they get their tempers from you," she teased back. 

Roka held the baby carefully in his arms as the old man came to his side to look at the child. He stared at the tiny diamond birthmark on her neck. It was a dark brown color that contrasted with her light skin. 

“Teller Seyu, is something wrong?” Elexia gave the elder man a worried expression.

The elder shook his head, “No, but your child has a Destiny Mark. She will be a Peace Bringer.”

“Excuse me?” Elexia cocked her head to the side to glance at the child’s mark.

Teller Seyu nodded. “Some seers call it the Mark of the Diamond. It means that this young girl is destined to bring two worlds together to bring peace to Salacir.”

“But Salacir is already in times of peace. The three great countries have not been at war for half a century,” Elexia spoke. “And we only have the occasional battle with our enemies.”

“War will rage and tear through the lands in the years to come. When that time does come, she will be one of the Peace Bringers to stop it.” He spoke as if this information was common knowledge.

Roka stared down into the green orbs of his precious newborn daughter.

“Then her name shall be Halona.” He ran a large finger over the tiny mark on the baby’s neck.

“Halona,” Elexia said while giving her husband a wide smile. “A suiting name with a perfect meaning.”

Teller Seyu bowed to the couple before exiting the room to give them some space with their newest child. As he left the village’s medical hut, he looked up into the sky.

“Dearest Moon, watch over that child,” he chuckled to himself as he traversed the streets of the Avory village. That baby girl would be the key to their future. He only hoped he would still be alive to see it happen.

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