Fallen Angel

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In Heaven halos are seen as the ultimate symbol of purity. Only when angels reach adulthood, would they receive one and therefore become pure - those who didn’t became Fallen. Kaho is an angel that has yet to earn her halo. All her life she’s been told that she’ll never earn one and will become Fallen. But when she’s invited to be a part of the Royal Guard, things begin to change drastically.

Fantasy / Drama
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Being an angel can meaning many things in Heaven. It can mean that you are a person; it can mean that you are something special; it can mean that you haven't found your place yet.

Contrary to belief, in Heaven being an angel doesn't mean that you're a good person. In fact it can mean that you are the cruelest of the cruel, or the kindest of the kind. Being an angel doesn't mean that you have earned your halo.

Angels are gifted with many things when they first enter the world. We are given wings, we are given magic and we are given strength. All angels are given these things in an quantity that our creator sees fit, none of us given more power than we shall need to own. We are given freewill, free thought and most important of all we are given freedom.

But with such liberties of course we have gained the odd bad apple or two. In every majority, we must have a minority. Therefore it's not surprising when we have those that are never destined to have a halo.

A halo is the greatest sign of achievement among angels. We call those who have found their halos the Enlightened, their powers and pureness reaching wavelengths which all of us strive to one day attain.

Those who cannot find or have lost their halo are called the Fallen. They are the ones who are the evils of our world, their darkness and corruption spreading across the lands in a dangerous cocktail of anger and grief.

Those who are born to never own a halo are called the Lost.

The Lost are often born with discoloured wings, their powers being immense from a young age, but not controllable at all. Many of them will have a mark upon their skin, a brand that tells of their evil and vile nature.

Often the Lost will have a set path of destiny, their fates revealed to only a select few. Many have tried to change their fates, but all have failed, as all Lost are destined to become Fallen.

It's the cycle that we have. The world in which we live.

And no-one can change that.

Not even me.

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