Cursed *story plan*

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This is the plan for my story, let me know if you want this actually written.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

As I said on my wall this is my gothic story plan that I found. Let me know if your interested in this idea and please don't copy this.

Where is the setting located: The small village called Ambrose – it means immortality – it is quite old and seems as it is falling apart.

What does it feel like: It is a little cold in the morning but warms up after 11:30. There aren’t any proper roads, they are more like pebble roads. It is windy in autumn.

How does the place make you feel: It makes you feel scared and nervous because it feels like your being watched or followed.

What effect does it have on your body: Sometimes it feels like the world is slowing down.

What can you see: Ambrose is surrounded by miles of woods. There are some abandoned and fallen houses.

What can you hear: You can hear wolf howling, but you can never see them. You can hear things go bump in the night, but nothing is ever there. You can hear the light breeze pass through the trees.

What does it smell like: Some nights you can smell blood, but it always disappears in the morning.

My Gothic Character:

Name: Arabella

Age: 17

Appearance: Hair as dark as night itself with a red streak running down it, Her eyes, they were different, Her left eye was black, and her right eye was Redder than red itself. Her skin is a natural beige.

Likes: She likes talking walks in the woods and she enjoys the idea of romance.

Dislikes: She doesn’t like when people correct her or when People make her mad.

How are they dressed: She isn’t a regular goth who wears black, she wears a variety of colours, but her favourite is this with a red blouse and she sometimes wears it with a hooded cape when she goes on walks. She wears small, heeled ankle boots with her black hair curled into a half up half down style.

My gothic setting:

Where: A small town called Ambrose - it means immortality – but very few live there. It is quiet and quite hard to find. It is surrounded by miles of woods and people say only people who are meant to stay there, can find it. Ambrose has many Abandoned houses; Arabella is the only child to ever find Ambrose and stay there. She gets weird looks from villages; she believes it is her red eye, but she doesn’t know for sure.

Time of day:It is 6:30 in the autumn

Weather: The sun is just setting, and the wind is mild.

Why is your character there: Arabella is camping through the woods and finds herself in Ambrose. She found herself a place to stay in the village, but she suspects the town has a secret they aren’t willing to share with her.

Notes for my gothic story:

Arabella wonders through the woods one day to see a group of villagers in a circle sacrificing a sheep, she keeps her distance but still watches.

She finds out some of the villages are vampires, werewolf's and banshees.

She tries to leave but finds herself trapped.

She tells the villagers what she knows about them, and they tell her she can’t leave because she has to break the curse because she is the daughter of one of the worlds original vampires.

By the 5000th full moon if the curse is not broken the village and everything the village contains will be frozen in time.


On the 5 strike of midnight by the 5000th full moon the village of Ambrose shall be stopped in its tracks, frozen in time forevermore, Unless the first-born child of Sallow family finds true loves kiss and the sacrifice.

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