A Story

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Chapter Two

I arrived at the new school at around 12:00 pm. I was hungry but one look at the school was all it took to get hunger out of my mind. The building was enormous, just the entrance itself was 3 football fields combined. Once I got through the gates a butler took my things and told me to head to the Auditorium. It was dimly light but I could make out a few faces sitting in the front so I joined them. I could make see ten girls and nine boys around the same age as me. Suddenly, the curtains flew opened and out came the Principal. My father had told me about the Principal, it was the same guy back when he went to this school for evil as well. My father said that the Principals name was kept a secret which was why he was just called the Principal and nothing else. The Principal was a tall imposing man that looked like he could snap your neck if he wanted to. "Good afternoon, new students." said the principal. "Welcome to the Tafer Evil School that teaches students about crimes that pay off." "I always like to start of the new recruits with a bang, so I will be pulling a "Pop Quiz" on you right now. "

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