The bunny prince and the girl

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Inoe Ichika a 17 years old high school girl. Great at day dreaming based on the stories her grandma told when she was a kid. She believes in the existence of magical creatures. And kissing an extraordinary bunny is what her dream is. Let's see where her destiny takes her ? let's see whether she can find that magical bunny or not ?

Fantasy / Mystery
Bunny Chan
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Chapter 1

As the sun went to sleep, the moon popped up . Under the bright crescent moon an unordinary bunny came out from his hole staring at the girl standing right before it . The girl walked straight towards it and picked it up . She remembered the story her grandma said "If you kiss an unordinary bunny under the bright crescent moon, it will turn into a prince with an angelic face". The girl felt shy and nervous but still she moved forward to kiss the bunny...

And....All of a sudden. The bunny said

"Wake up !"

The girl gave an extremely strange look and replied " what?"

The bunny again said "wake up !"

She asked " what the hell you are talking about?"

Meanwhile the Bunny's voice changed into her mother's and it shouted " Wake up Ichika....."

(The girl woke up...)

"Ah ! Man, mom you came in between me and the bunny . We were about to kiss each other...."said Inoue while yawning with a long face. A pillow came flying striking her head, it was from her mom screaming and yelling at Ichika for dreaming about kissing a bunny. And now she truly woken up.

Her mom went outside closing the room's door ordering her to come for the breakfast in 5 minutes...

She looked at the clock. Time was running out.
She jumped out of her bed, changed the night's wear, wore the uniform, combed her hair vigorously and went down.

Inoue Ichika a 17 year old high school girl. With no sense of humor. Her parents always worry about her future because of her low academic grades . She is a hopelessly crazy day dreamer . Who is only perfect at dreaming about the fictional stories her grandma told when she was a kid.

"So ! Finally the napping princess woke up ". A guy said lifting his specs.

Inoue Fumihito a 20 year old university student. And Inoue's big brother, extremely talented far better than his little sis . He even ranked at 9th position in the national level science Olympiad. His aim is to be a good doctor . And the parents also have high expectations from him 'their elder son' rather than their stupid daughter. They always support and believe whatever he says.

" Have you decided which university you are going to study in after graduation?" Asked the father .

Inoue Daichi the head of the family. Ichika and Fumihito's father. He runs a bakery with his sweet wife 'Inoue Aiko'. He is as weird as his name, even you can say the weirdest member in their family is him, he prefers ketchup over rice.

Normal people will never do that right ? (ー_ー)

"Not yet ! But I will decide it soon and after I decided I will let you know " said Inoue rushing towards the door chewing a whole slice of bread at once.She took the bicycle and rode as fast as she can....she was late

What can you expect from a hopeless day dreamer. (=_=)

In her way to school , she saw a guy about 6 feet tall with long silky blonde hair standing over the river's edge looking at the sky. It seemed like he was waiting for something or someone.

She was unable to get off her eyes from him because she got enchanted by this guy. And meanwhile he caught her staring at him.

Inoue got frightened and..... (Crash !) She ran over one of her classmates.

"Oye Inoue just look where you are going" said the guy

Takemichi Gengi a basketball player and one of Inoue's best friends.In this story we will call him by his last name that is Takemichi.

"Sorry Takemichi I didn't notice "

"Were you day dreaming again?"

"Ah Takemichi....No I wasn't"

"Ha-ha..are you sure!"


"Okay okay let's go we are already late "

"Yea ,sure.." said Inoue while looking back at the edge. And there was no one. She thought it might be her misconception, so she left.

"Inoue !"

"Yes, Takemichi is there anything bothering you ? "

"No...not at all, I...I just wanted to ask you, if you are okay or not?"

"Of course, Takemichi I'm alright . You know nothing can happen to a napping princess like...they say . I'm my own guardian. By the way why you asked ?"

" actually I know your parents are pressuring you to be like your elder brother and to choose a good university . But you are still unable to find your aim yet, that's why !..."

" You know, you don't need to worry about me . Because I will be fine and I know I will find my goal soon " Inoue replied giving an alluring smile.

Takemichi blushed

"By the way did you confess your feelings to the girl you were talking about?"

"Inoue , stop it they will hear you"

(They refer to some students from their class )

"That means you have confessed you're already blushing I can see".

"No, I....haven't the fact is..... she's different from other girls and I don't know what she feels about me so...." Takemichi replied nervously.

"Takemichi...." Inoue gasped softly.

"Let's go we are late remember, that witch will yell at us" Takemichi shouted and diverted her from the previous discussion.

"Yea !"

(At school)

"Inoue the bell is just about to ring and where were you ? "

Suzuki Hina , one of the best students of the class and Inoue's best friend.

"Don't tell me you over slept again!"

Sato Himari a national level kendo champion and among Inoe's closest friends

"Ah yea..." Inoue replied with a trembling voice .

"You two forgot about me I also got late" said Takemichi

"No we didn't but we were waiting for Inoue not you " Said Himari

"Nobody cares for me " Takemichi muttered making a long face

"Takemichi..." Inoue called his name out slowly

"Over dramatic" Sato said while kicking his ass .

"Ah ! Forgive me Sato I will never act like this again "

"Inoue let's go , Sato will handle him " said Hina

"Ah...Sure,!"Inoue replied

"Inoue can I ask you something?" Asked Hina

"Hmm , Go ahead !" Inoue answered

"You forgot to complete your homework, right ?"asked Hina

"Ah...yea I forgot,don't tell me today is the date of submission?" Inoue replied with a fearful shivering voice

"Yea it is...." Hina replied

"Oh ! Man what should I do now that witch will kill me "

"Inoue don't worry, we are with you, we are well-prepared"

"What do you mean?"

"We have brought a lots of chocolate flavored energy pills they will give you strength to fight back " .

"Are you insane ? am gonna die, stop joking around"

And Meanwhile out of the blue

The girls in the corridor started shouting " He is so cute ! Aww is he an idol or what ? He is so handsome ? Is he new ? Does he have a girlfriend? I hope i can be the one he chooses !"

After hearing their loud noises Inoue and her friends went outside to know the matter . And she saw the same guy she met before,

6 feet tall with long silky blonde hair and cute bangs covering his forehead walking towards her . She was amazed to see him anew . He came to her and said "found you !"


"Found you ? What do you mean by found you ? Do you know him Inoue ? " Takemichi made a query to know whether Inoue knows him or not.

"N...No , I ...d" when Inoue was trying to say something that guy horned in on in the middle and answered the question himself " no, we don't know each other btw I think I said found the class , I guess you heard something wrong " after keeping his words he stepped inside the classroom and chose a desk next to Inoue. A group of girls followed get his attention instead of Inoue and her friends.

"Is he a prince of some place, why the hell everyone is tailing him and I'm not deaf I heard him saying 'found you'." Takemichi said ire fully .

"Takemichi you are right I heard the same thing ! He told me that while looking straight into my eyes " said Inoue

"I knew it ! I'm not deaf, I'm so relieved" Takemichi uttered (jumping ) .

Sato kicked him again for being overexcited.

"That means he chose a desk next to you purposely?" Hina opined

"Don't know" Inoue replied

The bell rang and the teacher Miss Akane entered the class.

Miss, Akane now is at her 40's and still single . That's why she always pours out her frustration on her students by yelling,and punishing them .

"So, today am going to check everyone's homework because it's the last day of submission. I hope you have completed your homework right Inoue-san ? " Said Miss Akane in a sarcastic manner

" mam" Inoue's voice quavered.

"That witch why don't she leave Inoue alone" Sato and Takemichi whispered .

"Because she knew well. How lazy our Inoue is?" Said Hina

"Ah... that's different, right Sato " asked Takemichi

"Ah yea..." Sato answered with a confusing look.

"By the way before collecting your homework let's welcome your new classmate Minamoto Akihiko " Miss Akane proclaimed."

"Come here dear ! And say hello to your new friends"

Meanwhile Inoue is trembling with fear at the thought of getting punished...

The guy went near the blackboard to introduce himself everyone felt as if an angel was walking spreading happiness and prosperity all around . Everybody was looking at him as if he is not as same as other children. Even Inoue's friends too .

(Miss, Akane felt attracted to him , so she tried to get a close look) (-_-)

Only Inoue didn't care because she was busy finding solutions to face Miss, Akane . He felt bad about her behavior. He wrote his name in the blackboard still Inoue didn't noticed. And it pissed him up more. So, he said shouting" Hello , Am Minamoto Akihiko from Shibuya, due to the transfer of my father , I'm going to study here from now on. Please take good care of me"

(Inoue got startled)

The whole class was silent, they didn't understand anything, that just happened after all. later they welcomed him warmly but Inoue was still in shock because he really bawled stridently . Miss Akane felt unconscious . As she was standing really very close to him. So, the class remained suspended .

The guy went back to his place. All students were laughing , screaming with joy knowing the fact that they will not be punished by miss Akane even only for that day.

Inoue was happy too but then Minamoto came close to her and whispered in her ears . "So, how's it ? You are saved !! "

She perceived that he is doing all these things deliberately for her. But she didn't understand why ?

At lunch time Minamoto asked Inoue and her friends to let him join them . Takemichi wanted to refuse but Inoue stopped him and said "sure, you can ! "

The main reason she let him join them was to know his true intentions. But After talking with him they all felt like he is just as normal as other students. They became friends.

"So, you aren't as bad as I thought " Takemichi quarried

"Maybe, if you think so. But don't trust me so much I can be bad too " Minamoto gave a cunning smile and said

Inoue and her friends were flabbergast after hearing him.

"What ? I was just kidding" Minamoto giggled

They thought, maybe he was joking and everyone started laughing again like before.

Inoue also tried to accept the truth that he is not such a jerk the way she thought before. Still she felt something uncanny about him. But she doesn't understand what it is.

After their last class Mr Okinawa their chemistry teacher requested Inoue to help him. On keeping all the laboratory equipment in the science lab perfectly.

"Inoue can you manage to do all these things alone....let me give you a hand " said Takemichi out of generosity.

"No that's fine I can handle after all teacher is also helping me out you all go ahead see ya tomorrow !!"

They waved their hands saying goodbye and walked away leaving Inoue behind.

She went to the lab and finished her work steadily.

Mr Okinawa thanked her for helping him out and went to the teacher's common room.

Inoue packed up her bag and left. She was going downstairs and out of the blue . Someone pulled her inside an empty room...

She was scared later she found out
It was the new guy Minamoto.

Inoue squawked " what the hell are you doing?"

The guy said nothing . A tear rolled down from his left eye, he grabbed her waist, hugged her really very tight and said remember me....

Who is this guy ? Why is he crying ? Do i know him ? Why do I feel so good hugging him ? Who are we ?

A lot of questions raised on Inoue's mind !!!

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