The bunny prince and the girl

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Chapter 2

Time stopped but the heart is still beating no it's racing. Eyes widen , Inoue is still in the arms of the new guy. She realized the fact, if she stays longer like that . She might fall in love with him. And she will never be able to accomplish her true dream of finding the bunny prince. She pushed him and left without saying anything. Minamoto stood there silently crying, cursing himself inside his own mind "it's my's all my fault you lost your memories of me and you". Inoue was running away from the school with tears in her eyes and suddenly..."Inoue...." Takemichi shouted by seeing her running vigorously but she didn't stop. He awaited for Inoue to walk her home but he was stunned to see her in such condition.. Takemichi was worried about her and then he marked Minamoto standing by the window of some classroom. Watching Inoue leaving . He was sure that he is the reason behind Inoue's tears . He was so vexed that he wanted to hit him on the face right away but he left fuming.

While gazing at the moon at night Inoue promised herself to find the bunny prince someday. Because she believed in the words of her grandma.

Next morning Inoue was laughing and chatting as usual. Minamoto was smiling at the sight of Inoue's face. Meanwhile Takemichi entered the class .At first he was amazed to see Inoue as before then he remembered she was like this from the beginning , she is really great at hiding her emotions from others. But the moment he caught Minamoto staring at Inoue. He couldn't control his anger anymore . He went straight to him and whispered in his ears. " She is always like that, even after getting hurt by a jerk like you she is still smiling like nothing has ever happened". Minamoto turned around and asked." know her very well...who are you to her by the way..?". "Let's settle this outside. If you win I will tell her who am I and if I win, you will never try to get close to her " Takemichi smoldered "'s kinda boring, but I have nothing to do today so let's have some fun but remember am not doing this to win her like you I want to fight you because I am kinda interested" Minamoto glared at Takemichi. Takemichi gritted his teeth with anger.

At lunchtime they both met on the ground facing each other. There was a certain glare in the eyes of Takemichi but Minamoto seemed normal. "Today I will show you your true place 'Jerk'...." said Takemichi "Sure, I am eager to see what you have got" Minamoto said derisively "Bastard" Takemichi bawled while raging with anger he tried to hit him right on his nose but he barely touched at least one of his hair . Due to good reflexes Minamoto dodged all his punches easily. "You, jerk fight for real" Takemichi screamed "I'm afraid you you'll be badly injured if I fight honestly" Minamoto replied "Oh really then show me what the hell you can do I also want to see " Takemichi said sarcastically "Huh..." Minamoto gasped.

In the meantime a girl rushed inside the classroom and said gasping "Inoue....Takemichi and Minamoto-Kun both are fighting with each other in the playground " . "Wait Takimichi is fighting , then it must be something serious , am really worried about the new boy " said a random guy.

"Takemichi..." Inoue sighed She dashed towards the ground with her two friends Sato and Hina . Sato looked sad maybe she already figured out the fact that they are fighting for Inoue.

Inoue and her friends reached the place

(Takemichi trying to bit Minamoto in a fit of wrath while Minamoto was defending his every strike standing in one place.)

"Takemichi stop it , both of you please" Inoe wailed

"I can't Inoue , I need to show him his place " 'Takemichi replied while trying to punch Minamoto...

Seeing Minamoto in danger Inoue called him by his first name and cried out "Akihiko....." After hearing Inoue, Minamoto felt bewilder, so he turned around to see Inoue and Takemichi got a chance to attack him . Minamoto fell to the ground and still didn't take his eyes off of Inoue. Takemichi sat over his chest and started jabbing him fiercely.

Tears started flowing from Inoue's eyes. She felt so helpless her head started aching she doubted there might be something in between him and her. That is more than humanity and friendship which connecting them. She fell on her knees and started crying...

"Inoue..." Both of her friends Hina and Sato were in shock they didn't understand Inoue's strange behavior and tried their best to stop her from shading tears.

Meanwhile Takemichi bawled " you jerk how are you feeling you are gonna lose soon and you will never ever be able to get close to Inoue anymore . The fact is you don't deserve her..." due to Takemichi's words Minamoto lost his temper in anger and punched him strongly right on his chin. He knocked him down with just a blow. After defeating him Minamoto went close and threatened Takemichi not to piss him off again . While he was leaving Takemichi pulled Minamoto's leg and said "for her am just a friend but for me she is more than that . Don't make her cry again".

Two streams flowed down bothering Minamoto's cheeks, it seems like he remembered something from his past and shoved off.

Inoue and her friends came running to help Takemichi. They took him to the nurse's office to cure him. Everybody around them started whispering "Minamoto blown Takemichi with just a shot . How incredible ? is he a monster or what ? He has evil powers ! how could he do that ? ". Inoue heard them . She thought herself that Takemichi has friends to care. But what about Minamoto he was also badly injured. So, she asked Sato to stay near Takemichi to help him and left to find Minamoto.

(Inoue......Inoue) Takemichi woke up murmuring Inoue's name repeatedly. " Hey ! Takemichi don't just get up on your own you will hurt your arms" said Sato "Himari-Chan where is Inoue ? Is she alright?" Asked Takemichi worrying. (Takemichi sometimes calls Sato by her first name)

(Sato really felt dejected, she was sad to know that Takemichi doesn't care , if she stays with him or not he only wants to see Inoue)

"Inoe left in search of Minamoto cause he was hurt too and Hina went back to her home as her mom called " Sato sighed....

(Takemichi seemed down, he realized the fact, Inoue is not made for him)

"You can go to your home now , you seem alright, just take care of yourself and don't fight with your classmates like this again unless you have a reason" Miss.Tamiko (The nurse) yelled. " Ah yea ! I will take care of myself by the way thanks for curing my wounds" Takemichi ran away holding Sato's hands thanking Miss.Tamiko.

(Sato returned to her normal real form she was happy because Takemichi held her hand)

Here Inoue is searching for Minamoto by calling his name out frequently. She looked in every corner of the school but Minamoto was nowhere to be found. Later she heard someone squeaking from the school's backyard. She went to check there and found Minamoto in blood stained clothes. She rushed towards him and asked " why you are covered with blood Takemichi didn't hurt you that much . Then what's the matter tell me ". Minamoto didn't say anything. He just gave a satisfying smile to Inoue and passed out.

Mom I want this bunny. Grandma always says if you kiss an unordinary bunny he will turn into a prince. And he has a rare kind of stone in the middle of his head too that means he is different. Please let me have him " Ah ! Ichika you and your grandma's stories, let's go we have to return before it gets dark, leave him...! " " No ! I will not go back until you let me keep him " " Ichika don't be so stubborn" the mother yelled at the little girl "no I want him " the little girl freed herself from her mother's hand and went inside the dense forest with the rabbit. She got lost, the little girl started crying the rabbit jumped down from her hands and went inside the bush the girl followed it's steps and found him sitting inside a dark cave . She spent the whole night holding that bunny and crying . Next morning the bunny was gone, her parents found her and they saw different kinds of footprints tried to reach her at night, there were blood splatters all around her but it was strange there wasn't a single scratch on their daughter's body. It felt like someone protected her from the evil and wild animals the entire night.

"That bunny is me, yes, that bunny is me.. yea it's me...Ichika you gave me a new life am not a bunny anymore. Why don't you remember me . why?" Minamoto was murmuring in his sleep.

(Bunny...come here ) little Ichika calling the bunny...

(Ichika.....) Minamoto screamed with pain and woke up

"Yes , am here what's the matter" Inoue said from behind with a shivering voice .

"Ichika what are we doing in this dark room ? where are we ? Are you alright." Minamoto asked her . He really seemed worried.

" We are at the nurse's office . The school is closed , it's 7 p.m now . Everybody has gone . You were injured I was searching for you and found you in the blood stained clothes in the backyard so I brought you here. Am Alright and you are too but it's weird your wounds healed on their own, you are not a human who are you then?" Inoue tried to explain everything that have happened after Minamoto lost his consciousness and asked the question that was arising on her mind. But she was scared too.

To be continue....
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