The bunny prince and the girl

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Chapter 3

Inoue was terrified, after she saw Minamoto's injuries getting healed on their own. So, she asked him who he really was in the previous chapter....

The question Inoue asked didn't surprise Minamoto because he already knew that someday he would have to answer it. After a short silence he said "Sorry , I can't say anything right now".

(There was a strange fear on Inoue's face )

Minamoto got down from the bed . He came closer to Inoue and said patting her head" stupid, you don't need to fear me I'm not a monster who is hungry for fresh human flesh and blood I'm...I'm just a little different from the rest, and you will know it soon . But remember no matter what I will never dare to hurt you, cause...cause you are precious !" Minamoto smiled

(Inoue's eyes enlarged and she blushed)

The guy was going to wear the blood stained shirt but Inoue said stopping him with a shy voice" is really messed up so please wear your sport's uniform. I brought it from your locker." Minamoto giggled after learning the fact , Inoue worries for him and thanked her.

While Minamoto was changing his clothes Inoue stood their quietly wondering about the things happened at the noon.

"'s dark let me walk you home" Minamoto said coming from behind "No need of that I can go by myself" replied Inoue "Don't argue with me I know you are strong but I can't let a pretty girl to manage everything by herself alone" Minamoto's words were clearly expressing his concern "Minamoto..." Inoue muttered softly. Such things had never been said to her before, so she was amazed. meanwhile Minamoto spoke loudly "Inoue am going to leave you behind what are you doing ?" "Ah ! Wait am coming " Inoue replied shivering.

The road was vacant nobody was there instead of Inoue and Minamoto. The moon was full and bright. They were both walking side by side blushing. None of them were uttering any word. They both were emitting a strange kind of vive. And suddenly "I..Inoue-San what are your plans after graduation ? Are you going to study in university...?" Minamoto asked to lessen the awkwardness " I haven't decided yet, I don't know what I want to do with my life !" Inoue replied looking down at the road. "What about you Minamoto ?" Asked Inoue "haven't decided,but right now I just want to complete the promise I have made to someone when I was a kid that's it" Minamoto answered."Oh !" Inoue gasped softly. "Ah ! Ichika I guess we are here " ( Inoue was shocked to hear him calling by her first name, her face got a tad bit redder ) " Oh sorry I called you by your first name" Minamoto apologized

"No, it's okay you can call me by Ichika if you want" Inoue said looking down to hide her reddened face (she was blushing) and walked away . "Ichika you can call me by my first name too, that will make me happy " replied Minamoto from her behind. Ichika felt shy, she nodded her head, it's like the butterflies started moving inside her belly she just fleet away smiling...

(Minamoto gazed up at the moon and smirked )

He was going back to his place. And suddenly . A tall man with wide shoulders, wearing a traditional outfit ( a kimono) appeared in front of him. He gave a creepy smile. Which really irked Minamoto out.


"Huhhhhh ! Inoue are you crazy you want him to join us, after all the things he did " both Takemichi and Sato shouted.

"I have no problem to be your friend after you have hurt me so much, I'm still ready to be your pal" Minamoto grin like a Cheshire cat!

" ? He has no right to pronounce my name like that" Takemichi murmured to himself

" he saying this for real" Hina made a query , giving a shocking expression.

"Listen , Akihiko is really feeling sorry for what he did the previous day so he want us to give him one more chance to prove himself that he can be a good friend too." Inoue tried her best to convince the three of them.

After wondering for a while about the things Inoue said Hina and Sato agreed to let him join their group. But Takemichi was still in a huge dilemma . So, he said " before I reach any conclusion let's have a chat outside ''" he mimicked Minamoto . That really annoyed him still he smiled and replied " Sure, my buddy" " The way both of them were talking went bouncing over the heads of Inoue, and her two friends.

(They went outside the classroom)

"So, why are you doing this ? What are your intentions say it clearly because I know you. Don't pretend to be good in front of me. You aren't the type of guy who is willing to be anyone's companion instead of getting close to..."

"Ichika...right ? " Minamoto leered

(Takemichi glared at him with anger)

"But that's not the only thing I want now , there are a lot of things I need except Ichika, I realized that yesterday after the fight " Minamoto smiled . And this time it seemed genuine...

(Takemichi also believed his words but he was still flustered)

"Takemichi , Akihiko class is about to begin come Inside, if you are over" said Inoe "Yes, Ichika-we have chatted enough,and really want me to join you all again" Minamoto grin

"Wait , what ? I didn't say that" Takemichi got befuddle

"You want Ichika to be sad !!!" Minamoto said sarcastically and left

(Takemichi said nothing but gritted his teeth with anger)

The bell rang

And the principal stepped in. He proclaimed " Due to some medical reasons Miss. Akane is not going to take your class anymore ,so from now on your new math teacher is Mr. Haruto Takahashi" A familiarize tall guy with long silvery silky hair having a broad shoulder entered the class...

(Akihiko spit out the water he was currently swallowing, he clearly recognized that man. He was the man he met last night)

"Hello ! Little brats...I mean my dear students, Am Takahashi Haruto nice to meet you, am your new math teacher, please behave properly in my class and study hard" The man identified himself...

(The girls from the back started whispering ," Mr.Takahashi is so handsome he don't seem much older than us" )

The class began Akihiko was fuming with wrath After a while

The bell rang anew

"Miss Ichika..." Mr.Takahashi called Inoue."Yes, Sir" Inoue answered." Well You are Ichika, so pretty" Mr.Takahashi complimented Inoue . Meanwhile Minamoto said meddling "Mr.Takahashi I have some doubts can you solve them for me ?""Ah! Sure Mr.Minamoto but before that I want to talk to Miss Ichika " replied the man " only I call Ichika by her first name, btw Sir you are a teacher so it's your job to solve your students problems, right " Minamoto glowered "Ah ! Yeah" Mr.Takahashi replied trembling."let's go to the staff room sir"Minamoto said while taking him along with himself."Ichika-san bye bye let's talk some other day" Mr.Takahashi said cheerfully (Minamoto flushed with anger and pulled him)

"S..sure sir" Inoue replied with a slow shivering voice...(confused)

"What the hell you are doing here Haruto " Minamoto pushed Mr.Haruto to the wall holding his colure and shouted ." I have already made you clear that if you dare to lay even a single finger on Ichika I will kill you, right?" Minamoto's face burned up with rage " Humph...I know you can kill me anytime because you are the son of queen Yua and the so-called prince of the bunny land, you have monstrous power that can destroy anyone and I know someday you will kill the love of your life too with these two hands like you did before " Haruto answered spitting" And I am here to reveal your true colours in front of that girl because of whom you betrayed us...your clan" Haruto bawled out. Minamoto freed his colure and said " I never betrayed anyone, it was him who manipulated dad to force me to release my hidden powers "

(Someone's blurred face with a cunning smile occurred in front of his eyes) a tear rolled down from Minamoto's cheeks. He said nothing more than that and walked away. (Haruto stood there silently wondering about the past).

Minamoto went to the wash room, he screamed, cried, cursed himself and the one because of whom the king died and everyone considered it was him whose hands are painted with the blood of his own father.

He wiped his tears away and returned to the classroom looking normal like nothing had ever happened. "Oye ! Minamoto we are going to have lunch together at the canteen wanna join us or we will go without you " Takemichi asked audaciously " Takemichi stop it, don't behave so rudely with Minamoto otherwise I will kick you really hard after all he is our homie now " Sato spoke loudly "Okay fine !!" Replied Takemichi. " coming too " Minamoto grinned.

They all walked away . Minamoto and Inoue were coming together from behind. Suddenly Inoue asked "Are you alright ?"

(Everyone believed in the fake smile that Minamoto gave except Inoue . She saw through him)

Minamoto was stunned to know the fact Inoue figured out so easily that something's wrong with him "Am alright am just feeling a little dizzy, th..that's it" Minamoto's voice quaver. Inoue said nothing just nodded her head..

At the canteen

"Oyeee Inoue you are eating those melon breads again, don't you get tired of eating them already" asked Hina (Inoue's face crimsoned out of embarrassment ) "One melon bread please " Minamoto also purchased the same bread as Inoue he supported her. And this is what made Inoue really happy....

"Who is the couple here ? Minamoto and Inoue..." Hina and Sato clamored laughing

(Akihiko and Ichika blushed)

(Takemichi envies Minamoto still smirked )

They all were laughing, eating and sharing their food with each other like best buddies. Minamoto forgot he was sad and promised himself not to betray them ever.

Suddenly Sato kept a proposal by saying " Hey ! Guys as we have a new member now . let's welcome him by giving a treat . Tomorrow is a holiday . Let's hangout somewhere . What do you think?"

(A conversation went by )

Hina: "Great , I think it's a good idea. Right Inoue ?

Inoue : "Yes I also think it's a good idea "

Takemichi:" I think it's a waste of time "

Minamoto: " Oo ! it's a waste of time or you are just being jealous "
Takemichi : you bastard... ( he scowled at Minamoto)

Minamoto: " btw I don't need a welcoming treat am really happy you all accepted me ".

Sato: wait Minamoto are you thinking that we are going to give you a treat

Minamoto : ye...yes !

Sato : Oh ! poor boy you are wrong . You are the one who is going to throw a party for us because you have already troubled us so much before. It's time for punishment.

Minamoto: Wait what......?

Takemichi : let's go for karaoke tomorrow !! I Am really excited to welcome our new buddy.

Minamoto : But just a second ago you were not interested and now..

Takemichi : It was because I thought am going to pay too. But if it's your treat then it's fine

Minamoto : Jerk ! (Minamoto got irate)

Inoue : Sorry Akihiko...

"Ichika you too " Minamoto sighed Everybody except Minamoto shouted Let's karaoke.

Minamoto screamed out in dismay "shut up....!"
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