Broken Luna

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Chapter 2

*depictions of abuse and suggested s*xual abuse*

"That was quite impressive you know. Alpha said that this formula should knock you out for a week or so, but it only lasted three days... He needs to tweak the formula I think." Her terribly smug voice comes from behind the closed door. I can't even bring myself to react, though internally I'm screaming.

"All this could be avoided if you just told us where Dylan went and how he got out, you know." The shutter on my door slides back, and I flinch at the grinding of metal on metal. "God, you look horrible." The light falls onto my closed eyelids, and it immediately makes me want to recoil.

"As much as you disgust me, I have to deal with you today. Alpha is away on important business, and I have to make a report back to him." I don't reply. "Fine. At least I don't have a temper like Alpha does."

The door creaks open, and I can hear her footsteps nearing me. I can sense the warmth from her as she kneels next to my cot. She smells like citrus. If my wolf were here, I'd be able to tell what she'd been doing that morning from scent alone, but...

"As much as you deserve this, I still don't like seeing you like this Adele. It's not what our parents would have wanted." I can feel her hand moving to caress my sunken cheek, so I took the only reasonable action I could.

She leaps back with a scream. "You bitch!! How dare you raise a hand to me!"

"I didn't move my hands." I say in flatline, spitting blood out of my mouth. I manage to crack my eyes open, squinting against the light from the hallway. I'm greeted by blood spatters on the floor from where I bit her, and she herself is leaning on the door-frame, nursing a jagged and gruesome injury on her right hand.

"You'll pay for this." And the door slams yet again. I can't stop myself from smiling as tiredness and exhaustion overwhelms me. With my wolf gone, I could only rely on my human functions, and healing was slow and painful.

They'd made sure to get rid of her first. It only took them 34 days of pure hell to make her retreat into the darkest corners of my mind, probably never to come out again. I'd called to her so many times, but she never came back.

I just wished I could do the same.

I sleep shallowly, as normal, woken by the slightest noise. I'm so alone.

So so alone.

It was day 76 when I next got any sort of interaction. The lack of food and water had really made me desperate, and I was so thirsty. My bones had long been showing, I was never too heavy or muscular to begin with, but now they stuck out unnaturally and it seemed there was no room for my organs under the skin stretched taut over my frame. The footsteps that marched down the hallway were impatient and heavy. There was no rattle of the trolley, no clicking of low heels on the stone floor. The door is flung open so violently it crashes into the stone wall behind it.

Alpha Brysin stands there, anger exuding from his body, waves of alpha power rolling off him in waves.

"You dared touch my Luna?"

I can barely muster a reaction, nevermind a reply. He storms to me and grabs me by the base of the throat, lifting me in the air. I grip at his arm, choking, but I can tell I'm not going to be able to do anything against him. I can see the hatred burning in his eyes, but the second I make eye contact with him he throws me across the room. My body hits the wall with a thud and a dull crunch. There go my ribs.

"I'll show you what I do to people who hurt my Luna." And with that, he stamps out of the door and slams it behind him. I try to use my skinny arms to push myself up, but my ribs are crunching and I don't have the strength to even hold myself. I collapse back onto the floor with a loud groan. The world goes black again.

I'm shaken awake by Emmalyn. For once, she looks legitimately sad. There's no remorse behind her green eyes, but I do see a hint of fear. That was odd. Since our brother found this human and I stood with him in support, she'd never shown anything but hatred towards me, him and our parents. She may be my blood sister, but she wasn't my family.

She drags me to my feet, and hands me a small gown. They'd actually fed me over the past few days, though my body was so used to not eating that it took me a while to make myself eat more than a few mouthfuls. I was hardly up to walking, or doing much beside sleeping and eating. I did wonder why Alpha hadn't come to see me, but at least I had a few days for my ribs to heal somewhat before whatever fresh hell he had prepared for me.
It was day 80.
I changed into the gown. It was the first change of clothes from my tatty, torn-apart jeans and ripped shirt that they'd offered me. It was such a thin material it barely offered any warmth or protection, but it was still fresh fabric against my dirty skin.
"I'm so sorry." Emmalyn says as she watches me change. Various scars litter my body, bruises and red marks spotted over my pale skin. My mousy brown hair is now ratty, greasy and matted. She makes me sit on the cot and she drags a brush through my hair, and struggles to wipe a damp rag over my grubby skin. I fight back, but my feeble muscles can't beat her perfectly honed and trained skills.
"Come on. Don't try and struggle, please." I hold back as best I can as she takes me by the wrist, but eventually she pulls me and I collapse off the cot. My legs could stand, but not walk.
Sighing, she picks me up by the shoulders and carries my weight for me. We leave my dingy cell, and the hallway stretches on for a good few metres. There's a few doors on either side, and it's into one of these we go. The dim light from the hall fades as we enter another corridor. It leads to an open cavern lit by a few lamps. I don't even realise that there are other people in the room until I'm in the middle of it, seated on a large stone table.
"Follow out your Command. This is what happens when you harm your Luna."
It's at Alpha's voice that I look around.
The room is full of males, all staring at me with hungry eyes.
Unmated males.
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