Broken Luna

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Chapter 4


"The Oak suite is this way, Alpha." Katherine prompts as I glance down the hallway where I know my rebellious Beta sister is.

"Katherine..." I keep walking, but slowly. "How do they treat you here?" She falters, but she maintains her pace.

"They treat us well. We get to live here, our families are provided for. That's all we can ask for."

"I see. I suppose it would be too rude of me to ask about the events that happened here a few months ago?"

"Not at all Alpha... Well, I can say what I know. Alpha and Luna Jace and Irie were killed in a raid from Seabay, their son, their youngest daughter and eldest daughter disappeared, then Luna Emmalyn mated with Alpha Brysin, the Beta at the time. That's all that happened, Alpha."

"I see. Did they happen in that order?"

"I do not know Alpha."

We were getting dangerously far from Branwyn. I needed to wrap this up quickly.

"Katherine, tell me." I grab her hand. "Are you happy here?" She whirls to face me, brown hair spinning out behind her.

"I-" She blushes. "Not really."


"My mate... she is not of the Alpha's approving. I have had to live away from her for two years. She didn't even have the chance to mark me." Her lip trembles, and I can see the tears pooling in her eyes. This revelation shocks me to the core. I knew that Redwood was old in it's ways, but denying a mateship was an unforgivable offense.

"Where is she now?"

"He sent her to Brightfall... She's one of your pack members, Alpha." My brain whirrs. There was something I could do, but it would require more evidence.

"Come with us tonight, when we leave. You may find your mate, and we can swear you in to Brightfall, or you may both leave and do what you wish." The hope in her eyes is delightful to watch, but it is immediately replaced by fear.

"-but my family?"

"If we can gain enough proof of Alpha Brysin abusing his power in this way, we can take his Alpha title away, and release your family from Redwood."

I can see her thoughts moving a mile-a-minute. I'm asking a lot of her, but I knew that the mate bond was sacred and should not be denied in such a way. She's conflicting with herself, internally warring over something. I wait patiently, yet itching to go and find my idiot Beta.

"I might know of some more proof."

She leads me back, to the iron-bound door. It's hanging ajar, and I can smell the scents of blood, sweat, sex and death through it. I wrinkle my nose as I enter, Katherine hanging back by the door. It looks like we made it just in time.

Branwyn was locked in combat with a tall, burly guard. Momentarily, he glances up to me warily, which gives Branwyn all the opening she needed to punch him in the throat. He falls to the ground with a gurgle and a thump, and I wince at the noise.
"He'd better not be dead, Beta." She rolls her eyes at me.
"He'll wake up in a few hours... I think." Rhiett growls inside.
What's wrong Rhi?
I don't know. It's behind that door.
She urges me to go towards it, and I do. It's bolted with four iron bolts, each rusted at the handle but well-used. It has a shutter, much like a prison door, and the walls surrounding it are of a gray stone. I'm almost in a trance as I begin sliding the bolts back. I hear a whimper, and my heart aches. It sounds almost familiar to me.
"Ro?" I hear Branwyn try and get my attention, but I'm fully fixated on this door. I wrench the last bolt out of place, and the door swings open, crashing into the stone wall without me even touching it.
On the floor, is an unconscious skeleton wrapped in skin and torn sheds of white fabric. Her thin chest is rising and falling, barely. My heart skips a beat, and Rhiett's activity level shoots through the roof, as does my anxiety.
Now is not the time to try and take over. We need to escape.
I know. If you get Beta to tie her to our back I'll carry her.
She didn't exactly look heavy.
We walk forwards and gently scoop her up. Dried blood covers her legs, wound and scars marking her pale skin. She shivers, and I can feel her move to my chest. My heart is pounding as I lift her. She barely weighs anything.
"Is this all that's here?" I ask to Katherine as I leave the cell. She nods, and we hurry out of that horrid little corridor. I can see Branwyn's eyes alight with questions, but I discourage her with a look. Rhiett growls when her eyes land on the girl in our arms, and I can't stop it from coming out.
What was that for?
Rhiett did it, I don't know. They're being weird.
Do you want to ride home in case they... y'know?
No. They aren't out of control, just off. They're insisting on fronting, but not taking control.
Weird. Hopefully they'll settle when they're out.
This discussion takes place in seconds, while we sneak back through several winding hallways. Katherine leads the way, and I'm trusting her not to give us away. The scent of the forest grows stronger, and I assume we're going in the right direction.
We exit through a pair of glass double-doors, sliding them back closed. My heart aches as I look down at the girl in my grasp, and tears threaten to spill as I take in the handprints over her arms and legs. I gently lay her on the ground, then Rhiett takes over and shifts before I even get a chance to ask her.
Tie her to our back, Beta.
We say in unison. I can see her eyes widen. She'd never heard Rhiett talk through a link, they were often shy and let me do all the talking. She does so, using a vine that climbed the wall of the brick mansion. It's not strong, but the girl is so slight that it'll hold.
I will get her back to Brightfall as soon as possible. Beta, get Katherine there safe, then find Luci. She'll help you find her mate.
Why is her mate in Brightfall?
Not now.
Rhiett replies for me, and I'm stunned at them, before they launch into a flat gallop towards home.
We'll alert the guards if we're not careful.
I don't care.
You want her to go back there? We can't fight anyone with her on our back.
I'll find a way.
No, Rhi. Trust me. We'll get her home, then figure out what's going on, okay?
Reluctantly, I can feel them fall back slightly, allowing me minimal control. I bank us hard left, avoiding the huts we ran through on the way in. They'd feel the Alpha presence, though hopefully they'd pass it off as Brysin or Emmalyn going for a run.
Not a runaway Alpha with a skeleton on their back.
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