Broken Luna

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Chapter 5

Finally, in the slowly-brightening hours of the early morning, we made it to the borders of Brightfall. Several wolves were switching patrol, and the ones who were leaving accompanied me to the infirmary, including the old training master, Shilas.

Who is that?

I don't know.


Leave it.

Poor Shilas, but I couldn't stop Rhiett from butting in. He just stares at me in shock as we run. The rest of the wolves, mostly young, adolescent males earning their Status, listened in and wisely chose to remain silent. I skid to a stop outside the Infirmary doors, and Shilas, at my unspoken wish, unties the girl and gently lowers her from my back.

Rhiett's anger flares, and they goes to tear the girl away from him, but I force a shift to my own body, and they rage internally.

You'd hurt her. Get a hold of yourself.

I don't listen to them anymore, instead focusing on finding Dr. Edo. I take the girl, and we stride through the clean hallways. The infirmary was mostly empty nowadays due to the widespread peace, but a few wards were still in use from training accidents.


I shout through a link to him. His side is fuzzy, as if just awoken from sleep.


I have an emergency. A girl.

I'm on my way. There's an empty bed in Ward 02.

I'd rather she be isolated.

I- hold on, is that-

Yes, that was Rhi. Don't ask.

She can go in Ward 04 then. I'll be there in a moment.

He severs the link, then I remember it's very early hours in the morning. Poor Edo. I lay her down on the crisp white bedsheets of the empty ward, then begin pacing. Rhi was a raging ball of anger, and I had to dispel their energy somehow else I felt I'd explode.

It wasn't long before Edo enters the ward, breathless and hastily dressed in his uniform.

"I apologise for waking you Edo, but this is an emergency."

"It's okay. I didn't think you'd be back til tomorrow anyway, but all the better for the pack, and seemingly for this little one also." He takes her in, and Rhi growls lowly at his gaze on her.

"What do you think?"

"I'll get her hooked up to the machines to see how her vitals are. She's badly damaged, if you hadn't brought her to me now I fear she would not have lasted much longer." I gulp, filled with dread. The fact that Redwood did this would be plenty of evidence to wage war. We had a big decision to make.

Beta Branwyn

Welcome to Brightfall, Katherine.
Thank you, Beta, for bringing me here.
No need to thank me. Now, let's find your mate, shall we?
That would be amazing.
I'd gotten to know Omega Katherine surprisingly well over the course of our run, and whomever her mate was was extraordinarily lucky. She was witty and intelligent, though it took me a long time to coax her out of her shell.
We run straight to the pack house, where Kappa Lucien would be. I knew he'd be up, because he only ever slept in the afternoons, the weirdo. I lead Katherine through, and we don't meet many people. It was around 5am, and only the house Omegas were out, preparing food and doing various chores. They were always handsomely rewarded for their work, and Omega was often a voluntary position here.
I knock on Luci's door, and a muffled voice mumbles for us to enter.
"Luci, we need your help finding a male." He's sat at his desk of course, and turns to face us, square-framed glasses glinting in the meagre daylight.
"Of course. What do we know of him?"
"...uhm-" We all look to Katherine. "My mate is a female. Her name is Mai Trient. Short, black hair, blue eyes." Luci nods, his mop of dark hair messy and curling, turning back to his computer.
"Yes, indeed we have her here. She lives in hut five, by the Raven Lake." Almost immediately, I see hope beginning to gleam in Kat's eyes, and I waste no time. I'd turned 19 this year, and still had no sign of a mate, so I wasn't going to keep this pair apart any longer than I had to.
"Thank you so much Luci. I'll be back soon." he nods without looking up.
We head straight there, me leading the way. People are beginning to wake now, and the smell of cooking food and people chattering fills the chill morning air. We reach hut five, and I show Kat the door.
"This is it then. I finally get to see her again."
"You do." I offer her a smile. "Go get her."
She raises a hand tentatively, and knocks on the wooden door. A scuffle, then the door opens slowly.
A pair of ice-blue eyes peek round, framed by strands of dark hair. As soon as they see who is on the doorstep, the door is flung aside and the two are enveloped in one another's embrace. Tears are falling, and the pure joy is clear to see on their faces. Words aren't needed as they fall to their knees, smiling and whispering soft nothings to one another.
I turn away, using the back of a finger to wipe away a single tear of my own.

Alpha Rowynn
Somehow, Shilas and Edo had convinced me it was a good idea to go and get changed and go for a run. I'd been so anxious, I hadn't left the girl's side for two days, and Rhiett was driving themself insane, so I thought that maybe it would be okay.
It was not okay.
I was fretting, anxious, frustrated and angry. Rhiett was driving me nuts, constantly worrying and whining in the back of my head. My only desire was to be with her, though I'm pretty sure it was all coming from Rhiett. It made no sense, but whatever it was would send me to the infirmary myself for insanity.
I'd managed to shower, change clothes and brush my teeth before I was virtually dragged back to her bedside by Rhiett.
"That bad?" One of the nurses asks me, and I simply shake my head in response. She smiles sadly, then puts the medical file back into the basket at the bottom of the bed. "She's doing better. Doc has her on fluids and IV nutrients, and most of her serious injuries are healing. We've given her a boost with a jab, but that's all we can do until she decides to wake up."
"Thank you." I manage to say in between Rhiett's incessant whining. I grit my teeth. "Do you, per chance, have any suppressant?" She shakes her head.
"Talk to Doc for that, I don't have access to those sorts of things."
"Thank you. If you see him, please ask him. It's giving me a splitting headache." She nods sympathetically and backs out of the room.
I return to my task, which consisted of looking at her. It was the only thing that would keep my damn wolf quiet.
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