Broken Luna

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Chapter 6

"I have some suppressants for you, Alpha." Thank Goddess.

I take them, gulping down as many as the dosage would allow.

"That's all I can give you."

"She's been asleep for a week. How much longer?"

"I can't tell, Alpha. As long as she needs to recover. We don't know how long she was in there, or what other injuries she's sustained." Those suppressants were taking too long to kick in.

"Damnit. I can't keep taking these forever."

"Have you thought it could be-"

"I don't want to think what it could be, I want to get rid of this damn headache!"

"I know Alpha, but please hear me out." Finally, finally, the drugs worked and the constant howling, whining and fretting inside my head went quiet.

"Fine, but I'm going to sleep afterwards. I'm exhausted."

"As you wish. After scans and various other tests, we have confirmed she is a werewolf, but her wolf is dormant."

"Is that even possible?"

"Unfortunately so. There's abnormal activity in her brain, where the wolf would normally reside within her head, and it's simply unresponsive without our interference. If we stimulate it, we get a mild response, so it's not dead, but presumably very close to."

"I see."

"You know how the mate bond works, yes?"

"I know the basics, enough to know that I don't have one yet."

"First, you must have a wolf. The wolves know immediately, while the human form must have eye contact with the other to know."

"What are you saying?"

"You've never looked in her eyes, yet Rhiett has an unbearable pull towards her. She wouldn't know if she was conscious, because she doesn't have a wolf. At eye contact, she may feel something maybe but I cannot say for sure."

"So... she could be my mate?"

"Essentially, yes, but she may never know it."

My heart breaks. My limbs are going numb, and I'm mildly aware of falling to the floor, but I don't care anymore.

Rhiett is long gone, dulled by the suppressants, and I'm alone.

"To have a mate, feel the bond but never have it complete?"

"That's what it looks like, yes."
"I'm not surprised he fainted. That's like... hell."
"I know. We are working towards her consciousness, so hopefully she can give us some more insight."
"Wait... Is she moving?"
I blink my eyes open and look around, disoriented. The white halogen lights above me are blinding, and I sit up, a wave of dizziness overtaking me. The existential dread I felt earlier slams back into me full force, but I manage to swallow down those awful feelings and focus my attention on the girl in the hospital bed next to me.
What Branwyn said was true. She was moving.
My heart leaps for joy, and even the suppressants can't stop Rhiett's ecstasy from seeping through.
Her eyelids move, and slowly they crack open, a millimetre at a time, revealing the most beautiful forest-green eyes I've ever seen. They're flecked with gold, and I can immediately feel the pull towards her that Rhiett must have felt. Every fibre of my being wanted to be with her, to have her, to be hers. I could feel myself salivating, fangs elongating, but I fight it down. I couldn't mark her until she had her wolf, else it would just be a bite.
I look on in hope as she glances around, and opens her mouth to speak.

Just darkness. That's all there is, until I feel light, and heat. For once, I feel okay. I feel comfortable, and warm, and tingly in a good way.
I blink open my eyes, dry and slightly crusty. I'm in a hospital room. In a bed. Was I... saved?
Then I see the other people in the room.
There's a person in the hospital bed opposite me, that looks like a man. He has short ginger hair, and looks dazed and sleepy. A short, stocky girl, also ginger, stands at the end of my bed, and a grey-haired, umber-skinned man dressed in white stands to my left, between me and the door.
I take in the situation, then the events of the past week flood back to me, my momentary amnesia wearing off. I panic, and leap off the bed. I can't escape though, there's something holding me back.
I look down, and there's tubes and needles stuck in my arms. I rip them out, try to run to the window, but my legs give out. I fall to the floor.
"I was really hoping to avoid that. Your veins aren't easy to find, you know." The doctor, at least he looked like one, began to walk towards me. I shoot backwards as best I can, dragging myself across the white tiled floor until I'm fully backed against the wall.
The man on the other bed looks at me in sadness, but there's a bigger threat.
"You have nothing to fear. We're friends." Blood drips from my arm onto the floor. I don't budge. My own sister had betrayed me, there was no way I was trusting a stranger.
"Look, you've been here in a coma for a week. Alpha Rowynn," He gestures to the man in the bed, "rescued you from Alpha Brysin. You're in Brightfall Pack lands, you have nothing to fear."
Now the girl comes to stand beside the doctor, blocking the Alpha from view.
"I know it's difficult, but you have to trust us. At least for now. Once you're back up to strength, you can do as you please, even leave if you wish." There's a low growl from the Alpha. I shrink away from the sound. He sounds so... angry.
"I..." I manage to croak out. My voice is raw, cracked. "Is this another one of his tricks? Am I dreaming?" The girl chuckles.
"I can assure you you're not. I was there when Rowynn rescued you. You're very strong."
"I don't feel it."
"You're not in a good state right now, but Dr. Edo has been caring for you. We've patched you up, but you need to work with us if you want to recover fully."
"I- I guess I can. I just want to go home."
"I know, and you can as soon as you're better." Another growl from the Alpha, this time accompanied with a snarl. I flinch instinctively as the girl whirls to face him. "Rowynn, knock it off."
"It's not me." That voice sounded far too feminine to be a male, but he did look like one. His voice made me feel safe though, even though I was scared.
"I'll try." I say in a small voice, interrupting the two glaring at each other.
"Good! Do you mind if I help you up?" I nod slowly, mind racing with all the possible things they could do to me. None of these come to pass though, and this short girl managed to support my entire weight on her, despite me being taller than her. She lifted me back into bed, and the doctor moved back to start putting things back into my arm but I flinch my arm away.
"No needles." He nods gently.
"Very well." He takes the needles and backs away.
I look to the Alpha, and my eyes meet his amber ones. I feel a tingle, and a feeling, drawing me to him, but I can't go.
He scares me.
I can't trust him, no matter what I feel.
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