Broken Luna

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Chapter 8

I round the corner, having left Shilas to his duties. I'd take on guarding the girl until he returned. Doctor Edo wasn't there, just the girl, gazing out the windows to the network of rivers, streams and waterfalls that gave Brightfall it's name. The sun shone in the mid-afternoon sky, glinting off the crystal clear waterways.

"Do you like it?" I say gently, not wanting to alarm her. I can see her smile softly, despite the way her shoulders hunched and her body tensed.

"I do. It's beautiful." Her voice is regaining some sort of warmth, losing that painful scratchiness and rasp it had when she first arrived.

"I'm glad you like it." A silence falls, and I stand perfectly still. Alarming her is exactly what I didn't want to do, and I'd wait as long as I had to until she relaxed. About five minutes passed, before she tentatively speaks.

"How did I get here?" I sigh softly.

"We recieved a note, about Redwood and Brysin abusing their power. I decided to visit, on 'business', and we found you. I had to get you out of there, and with the help of one of your Omegas, we rescued you and brought you here."

"Why me?" She still hasn't looked round to me, but I know that she knows it's me.

"Because it is my duty to protect people in need, as an Alpha."

"I see."

"You are brave. I heard what happened, half a year ago." She tenses up again, and I can see her muscles quivering. "I assume it was you, who smuggled Dylan to Starsky?"

"How do you-"

"I'm not here to punish you. I'm here to praise you." I can see her shock, though she still refuses to turn to me. "You saved his life, and his sister's. He reunited with his mate, and they are both safe, thanks to you."

"I... Thank you."

"I also wish to apologise for my behaviour yesterday. It was out of line, and unacceptable." She sits in silence, and I must admit her lack of acknowledgement stings a little bit. "My wolf was out of control. There have been many new... developments, recently, and it's stressing them out."

Her energy changes, but I can't read it. She looks brighter, yet more terrified at the same time.

"Could I... meet them?" My heart drops. I'm fully in control in this form, now that Rhiett had quieted down from sparring, but to be in their form gave them partial control, it was involuntary. I didn't want to lose it again.


I wish to meet her. I will not try to take control.

I'm astounded, because Rhiett had never been so... so willing to let me have control.

"I suppose so." I can see her smile, and it gives me a little bit of hope. I shift, the familiar tingle filling my limbs as fur grows and my body changes. Soon, the amber-tinted vision of Rhiett takes over mine, and I can feel them there, watching intently as I pilot the body.

We pad over to the side of the bed, making the room seem tiny. Alpha wolves tended to be bigger than normal, about the same size as the hospital bed. She finally dares to look at me, and I can feel Rhiett's pleasure as we make eye contact.

The girl swings her legs over the edge of the bed, and it's only then that I realise she's not connected to anything anymore. She must be eating though, and performing physical therapy with Doc, as she stands, albeit very unsteadily. Rhiett immediately takes over to move next to her, offering their head to lean on. She takes it, and her touch to our fur electric and tingly.

I panic as Rhiett takes over, but almost immediately relax. They aren't out of control. They are simply being with our mate.

We support her as she walks over towards the window, unsteadily and extremely wobbly. Her muscles aren't developed enough to support her, so we take most of her weight as we move.

Eventually, we make it to the window, and I lean forwards to nudge it open with my nose, leaving a big, wet mark on the glass. She giggles, and the sound fills me with warmth and light. I'd do anything to hear more of it. I sit down, still leaving my head and shoulders for her to support herself with.

She slowly sinks down to the floor to sit, but her legs give out and she thuds to the ground, giggling. I look to her in worry, but her cheeks are rosy and her grin is wide.

"You're beautiful." She says as we make eye contact again. Rhiett hums, a low vibration in our throat, and the girl smiles again. I wish I knew her name.

She leans against our side, and I can feel her toying with our fur. Rhiett is content. I'm happy, and everything finally feels okay. I lie down, and I can feel us getting sleepy. The sunlight streams through the window, and the setting sun bathes us in golden light.

Her brown hair is softly glowing, slowly regaining it's lustre, and her skin, while still marred with freshly healed scars and old bruises, is bright and soft. Her recovery is going remarkably. Edo had used several injections of boosters and enchancers to speed her healing and increase the nutrients she could absorb, similarly to how she would be if her wolf was still present.

I glance around to her, only to see that she's asleep, nestled against my side. Her breathing is shallow, and she feels gentle and warm and soft against me. My heart fills with love and adoration, and I slowly lower my head and sigh heavily, eyes closing.

I open my eyes to bright light, feeling a warm presence next to me, enveloped in my arms, sleeping soundly despite the hardness of the floor. I look down, to a head of dark brown hair nestled against my chest. Tears start forming in my eyes, and I hold her close to me for just a few moments, before slowly getting up and picking her up too.

I forgot that I would shift overnight. In deep sleep, unless the wolf was more than half in control, we would always wake up in human form.
I didn't want to scare her again. Last night proved that she trusted me more as Rhiett, than myself. This would be okay, for now. Rhiett had retreated far back into my headspace, silent and content. I could be at peace with this, until I had to tell her.

Her happiness and comfort was everything I lived for.

I place her on the bed gently, then walk away, stealing one more glance at her sleeping face, bathed in the golden morning sunlight.

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