Past Life

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I somehow remember my past life. I'm better known as Phantom, the descendant of strong powerful people. CJ Thorn was my great grandmother. A vampire pirate. Unfortunately, all female descendants are cursed to never settle down with someone. But then, I consider it a blessing. I'd rather have no one than a cheating bastard.

Fantasy / Adventure
J. Miranda
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Her dark chocolate eyes widened in shock as she had multiple visions of the future.

The first was of someone she cared for betraying her, the second one was of someone she never quite got over being in bed with someone else, and the last two were about her ruling the world and killing anyone who dared to betray her.

[Jennifer Thorn's P. O. V.]

No, it can't be. Jasmine wouldn't...... would she? We've been friends for years!

Sometimes, even the best of friends betray one another. A little voice inside my head reminded me.

I decided to call the voice Yami, my bad side. And my good side, En.

I sighed. I'm different than others. I always knew that. No matter how hard I try, I'll never feel like I belong.

I stopped trying at the age of fourteen. Even Jasmine doesn't know everything about me. Almost. But I want to be prepared if she betrays me.

I mean, I already had the damned vision. So I might as well get prepared for her choosing a cheating bastard of a werewolf over her childhood best friend.


I turned to look at my blue-eyed best friend. "Hi, Jaz."

"Can you please help me? Luke really wants me to go with him. But you know how my parents don't approve of him. And they don't even know he's a werewolf!"

Really? The only reason they don't know is because I don't want them to have a heart attack. You should be grateful that I'm even going to drop you off. You will just have to figure out how to escape and how to return on your own. Oh, and that precious wolf of yours will get you pregnant and THEN he'll choose that bitch over you just to please his people!!!

I sighed, knowing no matter how much I wished otherwise she'd find a way to see the ungrateful wolf prince.

Oh, right. Wolf King. I would show more respect, if Luke met up with my expectations of the ideal boyfriend for my best friend.

So, Alpha or not, he's worthy of going to hell.

".... Enna, are you even listening?!"

I rolled my eyes. "I can't believe you trust him so easily. I mean, he comes with a lipstick stain and you trust his word over my judgement. And you know I'm never wrong."

She glared at me. Too bad. That never worked on me. So she's just wasting her own energy.

I yawned. "You woke me up at...." I glanced at my clock. "4 in the morning just to tell me that? You should be grateful that I spared you from my wrath. You know how much I hate being torn away from my beauty sleep! And Jack Dawson was dying! How could you wake me up when I was about to save him?!"

"How could you put your own selfish needs over your best friend?!" She snapped.

Okay. I tried.

Anger rose. "I made myself perfectly clear the day you offered your friendship! I said I was selfish, mean, a Capricorn, and a brat! I also warned you about my habits!" I snapped back.

I began to scratch myself. I did that when I was extremely pissed.

She paled, realizing that as well. But she refused to back down. "I'm still your best friend and best friends always help each other!"

I sprang to my feet and began to pace out of anger. I grabbed opened the door to my room and reached out to the nearest breakable; a vase. Then I threw the vase in her direction.

Friend or not, nobody messes with my sleep!!!

"Friends respect each other's wishes to sleep!!! Friends listen to what their trustworthy friend has to say! So don't victimize yourself now! You woke me up for a stupid reason that could've waited, expected me to show sympathy and compassion at unreasonable hours, and then pull the 'we're friends' card!" I shrieked.

Now, you see, I'm usually a pretty mellow person. But if I only get like 3 hours of sleep, how am I supposed to function properly?

This time, Jasmine finally gave up. "I'm not victimizing myself. This is my last chance to make him realize that I'm worth it." She cried.

I froze. Then, I did my best to not scream.
"Alright, go. Without me."
"But I can't get there on my own!"
I shrugged. "Like a wise woman once said, 'you were born alone so you depend on yourself, not others'."
Jasmine let let out a frustrated sigh. "We've been friends for years!"
I smiled. "My point exactly." I muttered as I let myself fall on my comfy bed.
I refused. "Why don't you bother Kalia? Or Zen? I might believe in love, but I'm also

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