Rise from Ashes

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A girl cursed with a prophecy hated by all abandoned by the very Gods. What will she choose as her path the destroyer or the life giver? As she progressed through her story facing many obstacles and hardships what will she do? Will she save her world or help destroy it? (This is all the work of fiction none of these characters or places are real.)

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Nyra's POV

"You impudent, foolish girl. . .how DARE you speak to me with disrespect!" I shook in fear as I was reprimanded by my father. All I wanted was love. . .I didn't know what love was but I've seen it. My brother, sister, family, and everyone else has it excluding me. Why must I suffer over a prophecy made when I was born and had no say.

"LOOK AT ME!" My father bellowed I jumped forcing my gaze to his. His deep blue eyes piercing into my fire red eyes, orange swirling in the red making my eyes swirl like a fire storm. These eyes I've been cursed with the only proof the prophecy is real. "You will apologize and quick." He seethed I nodded bowing as low as I could.

"Yes your majesty." I said he sneered at me as I walked out of his office. Tears threatened to spill down my honey colored cheeks. "Come with me." I stiffened as my Grandmother from my fathers side walked to me. I knew where I was going I walked behind her Hera was her name. She loathes me because of my curse and my weakness.

"You should've behaved." She sneered I slumped I already knew even if I didn't make a scene I would still be here. We walked into my grandmother's chambers shutting the door quickly. She reached out pushing a wing on a phoenix statue against the back wall. The statue's wings clicked down and opened a dark secret stair case. I wanted to run but had no where to go my breathing and heart rate increased as we walked down.

I could already smell the familiar metallic odor of blood and rust. Walking to my personal cell Hera opened the door with a key she always has. Unlocking the door with a screeching click the door swung open to my hell. My dried blood splattered everywhere scratch marks and tallies scattered all over every wall. Showing how many days I've survived utter agony and torment.

She shoved me in as I reluctantly walked to the chains on the back wall. Walking with me Hera grabbed the cuffs lined with painful sharp spikes and clamped them around both my wrists. I dare not scream in agony it would only mean more punishment. I gritted my teeth withstanding the urge to scream. Hera nodded toward another woman, my torturer to begin.

I sighed as I sat down on the frigid stone floor the woman wearing a mask. The mask that haunted my nightmares every night. It was silver, shaped as the gaping maw of a snake the fangs threatening. The middle of the mouth pitch black hiding the torturers identity. She grabbed the whip lined with spikes and many more torture contraptions.

I nodded telling her to get this over with she nodded lifting the whip first. My wrists were already trickling blood traveling down my arms soaking my bland and ragged blue dress. She pulled her hand back ready to strike as I closed my eyes.

Six Hours later. . .

I'm tired. . . . I don't want to be here any more, I laid in my own pool of blood. The blood clumping underneath my form my whole body unable to move. I was numb after three hours my body couldn't feel anymore pain. My back and stomach torn to ribbons possibly showing bone. It was pitch black in here I hate the dark.

The dark always a reminder of my torture and loneliness, sometimes there's a shadow. A dark shadow so black I could see a form of a man. It always tormented and horrified me it seems to want something from me. It would draw close and grab my face sending cold shocks down my entire body.

Freezing me in place unable to move and torment me with mental torture. Sending flashes of my family joyful with out me some flashes of the kingdom in ruin. It was a very hateful shadow that loved to torture me every chance it gets. It wasn't here today though which is a relief to me.

I kept laying on my stomach afraid to move in fear of the pain coming back. Why must I fear always being in pain, I am a princess of the most powerful kingdom. Yet I had no true power I was of no use only to be auctioned off to a husband. I am seventeen now one more day until my coming of age.

Of course no ceremony I am the oldest of two my full name Nyra Elody Vrevetha of the Vrevetha kingdom the most prosperous kingdom of many. My father the most powerful man of this land Davien Klaus Vrevetha. He has chocolate brown hair like mine but cut short with a side part. His dark blue eyes and foreboding aura. He was a strict and cold man well. . .to me but to the rest of my family. He is the kindest father and husband a warmth shared with everyone.

Except me his face was regal and sharp with broad cheek bones and a strong jaw line. I was in trouble for dumping tea on a guests dress. The same guest however was a princess from the kingdom Sloya. Second to our kingdom in strength her oldest brother is engaged with me since we are both the oldest.

To the dismay to many we are in love and have loved each other for years. I smiled painfully at the few happy memories I have of us playing together as children. His name was Cain Azerith Sloya Dark red hair slicked back and cut short showing his vibrant forest green eyes. His handsome face striking with high cheek bones and quirky dimples, and strong jawline. Fair skin and broad shoulders who could always command the attention of everyone.

His sister Karena Leana Sloya long bright red hair with freckles and fair skin. Very striking with a narrow face and big doe green eyes. Very two faced able to fool anyone with her acting skills and innocent face. We got into a heated argument at a tea party my sister Evina Clara Vreventha was hosting. My sister was a very naïve person. She believed there was good in everyone but I say otherwise. My sister has long bright silver hair a very rare color that my mother also has.

Her appearance angelic so angelic the kingdom calls her the angel of Vreventha. Her plush cherry red lips and Deep blue eyes very striking. I was called the curse of Vreventha since I was born because of a prophecy. At the tea party Karena was slandering my sister. Telling everyone not to be fooled by her face, that she was actually a whore.

It got my blood boiling I may not receive much affection from my sister but she was kinder than the rest of my family. I walked up to her holding my tea cup and spilled it on her dress. She shrieked in outrage as I smiled evilly. My father came in, in a seething rage gripping me in the arm. That's how I was scolded and punished for my actions.

I tried rolling to my side groaning as pain like knives repeatedly stabbed me all over at once. The pain was excruciating as I turned I'm honestly shocked at how I'm still alive. I chuckled as I thought of my brother, we're twins I am only a few minutes older than him. He resents me with every fiber of his being. . .we use to be close.

Until I made a mistake I will always regret for the rest of my days. His name Roman Varian Vrevetha the crown prince long silver hair, honey brown skin and violet eyes also passed from our mother. He was lean and very cold and stoic always serious and willing to become king. I wish I hadn't pushed him away and hurt him I sighed as guilt and regret overwhelmed me.

Lastly my mother Alvira Olivia Vrevetha also was from the Ocarta Kingdom. An arranged marriage that turned out well they fell in love at first sight. His rugged handsomeness and her striking beauty. His stoic and serious personality with her adventurous and bubbly personality. What hurt the most was her screaming once I was born.

After she gave birth to both me and my brother she gave one look and threw me. Luckily a doctor caught me before I died and hit the ground. She screamed "THE DESTROYER" as she wailed and shook. The doctors looked at me and a priestess walked in the one I curse for eternity. "Yes it is the destroyer who will destroy this kingdom but will also give life." She said of course no one listened to the last part.

They wanted to kill me then and there but the priestess stopped them. "You will anger the gods." The gods were the only things that frightened all of them. Which is why they reluctantly took me in although neglecting me. I had to feed myself and take care of myself no one else would.

The kingdom is the strongest of five kingdoms Sloya, Kumor, Nacea, Nalesta, and Cruinia. I made enemies with all the princes and princesses of the kingdoms. I'm a plague to my kingdom born with hate and resentment. I gasped in pain as I felt the numb feeling slowly fade away. I wheezed my lungs filling with blood.

My grandmother has been trying to take the crown again she was a tyrant during her rule. So when it was my father's turn the kingdom was relieved. She was brutal killing anyone who spoke against her. Starving the people and ruling with an iron fist she would torture any one who slightly offended her.

My father is really busy trying to fix the mess she made as ruler. I've foiled her plots to the throne more than I can count which another reason she resents me. Of course she can't out right kill me I'm still useful to the kingdom. I laughed darkly blood spilling past my cracked lips. I'm still alive my body had a lot of endurance I can't tell if it's a blessing or a curse.

The door opened "How long have I been here?" I asked my aunt Kalie she resents me just as much as my Grandmother. "You've been here for a night today's your coming of age ceremony." She sneered she walked towards me with a syringe filled with a crystal blue liquid. A liquid tested on me and helped my wounds heal into scars. They've never scared my face in fear of the kingdoms Sloya's wrath.

She jabbed it in my neck I could feel the liquid painfully traveling down my veins. I looked at my wounds watching them heal into dark jagged scars. My aunt threw me a cream "Put this on before the servants dress you." I gave her a cold stare this cream hid my scars. I used this when my betrothed and I were intimate I smiled weakly.

I couldn't wait to be back in his arms I rubbed the cream all over my aching body. The scars magically disappearing leaving my skin untouched. It wears off in three hours I slowly walked each step sending agonizing shocks up my body. I limped to the stair case and started to descend.

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