Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 10

Nyra's POV

"Revana what brought you here to this old castle?" I asked Revana bowed as I sat in my desk. "I was born in a city not too far from here. I always admired the castle, I knew it was owned by a prestigious family that were royalty. Never have I dreamed that they were hiring I had to grasp this opportunity." I studied her expressions nothing seemed out of the ordinary and she didn't seem to lie. Satisfied with her explanation I asked "Have you heard of a rumor surrounding this castle?"

She flinched looking me in the eyes to my astonishment her gaze held sorrow. "Yes I've heard a little girl cursed and abandoned by her family. She resided in this very wing. . .I've always. . . felt sympathy for that little girl." Stunned I stared at her for ten minutes straight. I thought the rumors were a lot more harsher than that. "Of course the rumors were horrible and cruel but I came to the conclusion, That the monster who resided in the right wing was actually a lonely little girl."

Even more stunned I was speechless a lump formed in my throat. She really had that pure hearted conclusion? That can't be there's no way anyone in their right mind would think that. I thought but by the look in her eyes it was true. I couldn't quite trust her yet but her heart seems in the right place. I gave her a warm smile "You must be rewarded."

She flushed red "The only reward I need is to continue serving by your side." I was stunned to silence for the third time today after a few minutes I cleared my throat. "Well Revana thank you I appreciate your loyalty and kindness. I will give you this ruby necklace." I said I pulled out my old jewelry box I found in a small compartment in my bed frame while I was cleaning.

It didn't have much just a pair of silver earrings and that rubied necklace. The necklace Cain gave me she flushed even redder and her voice trembled "T-t-than-k you y-your highness I'll cherish this forever." I nodded smiling remembering the day Cain gave me that necklace.

"I saw this necklace at one of the shops It reminded me of your eyes. I couldn't pass the opportunity to buy such a beautiful necklace for you." I blushed as he hooked the necklace on my neck standing so close I inhaled Sharpley. "T-thank you Cain I'll cherish this forever and will always wear it from now on." I vowed I was fifteen he was sixteen then we were in love. A childish love that soon crumpled in one day.

I hid it in that jewelry box the day I ran away I was in tears. I shook out of the memory focusing on Revana. "You deserve it since you and Kala are my head maids you both have your own rooms." She gasped in astonishment "No we can-" I gave her a no argument gaze as she spluttered nodding her head. "Go and get situated make sure you send Kala to me." I ordered she nodded exiting.

I sighed drained by recent events I laid on my bed bringing an arm to my eyes. Blocking out the light as I laid in silence I hummed to myself an old song. About an hour later the door slammed open. Jolting out of my bed in alarm I saw Cain huffing in anger. I stood still confused of his business here "Your highness what bring-" He prowled towards me as I stepped back panicked his expression held wrath.

I was trapped against the back wall of my room as Cain stepped so close our noses were inches away from touching. "Why was one of your servants wearing the ruby necklace I gave you?" He growled low the sound sending shivers down my spine in a pleasant way. I challenged him by staring into his eyes not backing down. "Revana has been very loyal to me she deserved the necklace." I said playing innocent as his expression shifted to anger.

"That necklace doesn't mean anything to you?" he asked searching for the love I once had for him. It wasn't there anymore "No. . . not anymore." I said coldly he slammed his hands on both sides of my head trapping me even more. "Well it means a lot to me!" He shouted I scoffed " Your married to my sister. . .you lied to me." I hissed he stiffened slumping in despair for a minute I felt pity. He was the man I once loved with everything I had I held my heart out for him. My heart that was shattered in his grasp that would never recover.

I replaced it with a new heart my son the only thing I've loved and cared about. "Leave." I said cold and unfeeling I gasped in surprise when he pressed his chest against mine my arms stiff on both sides of me. He buried his head in the crook of my neck and inhaled. I shivered at the familiar contact I squealed when he started giving me light kisses up and down my neck.

"Cain what- stop-STOP!" I shouted trying to shove him off me he refused to listen. Pressing closer forcing me to wrap my arms around his back my legs dangling in the air. I gasped at a spot on my neck, that was a huge mistake as he started to attack that spot vigorously. Sucking and nibbling that spot until I started whimpering in pleasure. He smiled against my neck "I still know how to bring you pleasure." He chuckled I flushed red feeling hot and bothered.

I smiled evilly at a thought as I turned my head to his neck. He inhaled Sharpley in surprise as I started to lightly kiss his neck. He inhaled sharply as I trailed my kisses from his neck slowly up to his cheek. My lips planted on the corner of his lips and I bit he yelped as he jumped away from me. "What the hell!" I had to press my lips together stifling a laugh.

"That's what you get for harassing me now get out." I said he shook his head and smirked "You little she devil." I gave him a coy smile batting my lashes "A she devil you'll never have." He chuckled eyes lighting at a challenge "Is that a challenge?" I scowled "You have a wife tend to her and stay out of my way." I growled his smirk disappeared as I shoved him out of my room.

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