Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 11

Nyra's POV

It's been a week since I've arrived at the castle and I've learned what has turned this once gorgeous kingdom to ruin. "The kingdom crumbled about ten years after you disappeared." The butler who's name is Killian told me. I nodded his story checks out it was the year I killed the god this kingdom worshipped. I grin at the irony of actually fulfilling the prophecy. That was when I was on a vendetta against the Gods. The butler has also informed me that there were servants they are slacking off. Not word for word but I could tell by the seething rage he had in his tone.

The god I killed was the first on my list for abandoning and cursing me. "The kingdom was being attacked by our allies suddenly. . .then we got caught in debt. The king and queen's health deteriorated and your grandmother was given the crown." I frowned "Why not my brother?" I asked the butler looked to the ground "Your brother was on a rebellious path he didn't want to be king."

I chuckled in bewilderment all my life my brother was boasting about becoming ruler. He hated me because I was "aiding" Hera and became and obstacle to his destiny. He started to persecute me and coldly turned his back to me. "Continue." I said the butler nodded "Well your brother wanted to become a father and husband to his family he decided becoming king wasn't the best way to do so."

I could respect and admire him for that reason it definitely hindered our parents ability, to become an actual mother and father "After that your grandmother became cruel and gave out harsh punishments for anyone who went against the crown. She tortured many and hung or severed the heads of betrayers and rebel groups. We were struck by famine and pestilence and the people revolted." I felt a pang of guilt for the people who had to suffer.

"About a few years later after the kingdom fell the King and Queen soon were at the brink of death." He paused surprised by my nonchalant stare. "A-and your brother took care of them. . . Hera became insane and one day a man walked in." I clenched my hands "He was a rather dashing man I was the only servant attending to the royal family at the time. All of the royal family was there to witness this man heal and promise eternal life to the King and Queen. We all begged him to sign this contract but we should've known it had a catch. We soon thirsted for blood and brought many innocent souls to him to feed."

I sneered "You all are fools utter imbeciles who selfishly traded many lives for yours." I hissed he flinched and cowered "I-I had no idea that this is what he wanted in exchan-" I interrupted in fury "So you all decided to sign a contract that none of you read!" He shook in fear as I trembled in rage "Y-yes I-I have no excuse." He said bowing to the ground.

I sighed waving my hand "Continue we'll figure that part out later." He nodded and continued " We became striking versions of our younger selves but we soon learned the horrid price we had to pay. Eternal servitude in exchange for eternal life the slaughter of many innocents for their souls. We want to fix our mistake and change back even if it means our death." I sat processing this information rubbing my head.

"I would say that none of you deserve redemption but. . . I also have some debts to repay." The butler looked up in hope I waved my hand. "I've forgiven but will never forget." He slumped but nodded I pursed my lips. "Do you all know where this man is?" I asked he shook his head "Only the King and Queen knows." I nodded it makes sense the Ulir would only want to talk to the main signers of the contract.

"Revana I need you to help me get ready Kala keep everything in order while I'm gone." They both bowed "Yes your highness." They said in unison I smiled I gifted Kala the earrings I had in the jewelry box the topaz shone brightly illuminating her eyes . I got up "Your dismissed." I told the butler he bowed and walked out of my room. "Will you be alright?" Revana asked in concern "Hey I was going to ask that." Kala huffed I shook my head amused they always fought for my attention like two adorable puppies.

"Yes I'll be alright thank you both for worrying." They both flushed in happiness as they helped me. They still have the old suffocating dresses and etiquette that I loath, good thing I brought my own. They helped me put on light makeup and a more up to date dress. "Are you sure that you should wear this?" Kala asked I smirked as I looked at my form in the mirror. It was a modest A-line a navy top with long sleeves and white skirt.

"I quite like this dress." I hoped this would piss them off I grinned "I don't like it when you grin like that." Revana says I giggled "Or giggle like that." I scoffed "Don't worry girls I know what I'm doing." they both glanced at each other but shook their heads in defeat. A knock sounded outside my chamber door "Mom are you ready?" I laughed and walked to the door opening it "How did you know I was going to see your grandparents?" He scoffed in disdain towards his grandparents "They are not my grandparents."

My expression turned wistful "I know but lets just make sure our conversation is at least civil." I said he nodded I pecked him on the cheek "Alright Girls don't set the right wing on fire when I'm gone!" I joked they giggled Revana blushed as she stared at my son Kala nudged her. I grinned already planning a way for my son to meet her.

We both walked out the door shutting "What's that look mom?" He said I smiled innocently "What do you mean son?" He raised an eyebrow in suspicion "I know your planning something." I giggled wrapping my arm around his and patted his arm. "Don't worry a mother always plans what's best for her son." He grimaced "I'm not entirely sure what your planning is what's best for me." I laughed as we finally stood in front of massive golden double doors.

The family crest engraved on the doors I exhaled in relief at least these doors aren't heading towards ruin. My son opened the right door and we both stepped in. I started shaking remembering that this was the same room I was ridiculed and scorned in. The same room I was exiled from home, I could still see the cracks I made. They all were spread on the roof and floor.

"Instead of execution you will be exiled." I clenched my teeth at the memory my face paled. "Mom what's wrong?" Talion asked as he supported my trembling body with his arm. I smiled weakly "I'm fine just some bad memories." He clenched his jaw in anger at seeing my suffering but nodded.

"Nyra what brings you here?" Alvira sneered I gave her a glare as I observed her form. She was sitting to the right of my father his back straight and proud. She was wearing a corset with a baby blue bell shaped dress. It had lace around the waist beautiful bird designs on the lace and dress. layers of cloth scrunched on the skirt she was covered in a white fur cape. I saw she still had the Queens wreath wrapped around her head. Instead of a tiara it was a golden wreath with many flowers and leaves embedded and sprouting from the band around her head. The band was shaped like a branch, to symbolize her being an important and vital piece to our family. Her waist was so narrow I wondered how her intestines felt. I winced as I remembered forcing my self to wear those horrid dresses.

I remember feeling the excruciating pain of my intestines shifting and ribs cracking. I wore many lavish dresses and jewels that were very heavy I only wore those to get my mothers attention. It was all in vain wearing those heavy clothes and accessories. I was called spoiled, a money whore, and many more harsh insults. The people hated me for spending their tax money on lavish useless things.

I regret spending so much money and trying to beg for the love of a mother. I was scared to become a mother when I first found I was pregnant. I didn't know the love of one but I tried my best and I hope I did well. "I see you still have no basic etiquette." She hissed I sneered "It is no longer the old days Alvira and this is no longer a kingdom. I no longer have to worry about eyes scrutinizing my ways." She shook in fury "This is still a kingdom and you still need to have proper respect!"

I glared "I was exiled this has not been my kingdom for a very long time. I refrain you from insulting the one person who is able to help you in your predicament. A predicament that you all have gotten yourselves into because of your idiotic decisions." She spluttered in anger her face reddening my father decided to interfere.

"You need to show your parents respect Nyra-" I raised a hand silencing him "I am not your daughter, you both have disowned me and exiled me." He clenched his teeth in rage he hated being interrupted. "I will not have your insolence here we are allowing you to help." I laughed they both shivered as I grinned "You. . .allowing me?" I giggled more as my son Talion even stepped back sensing my anger.

"As you know I am the one who is graciously aiding you but if I still get the same disrespect I might as well solve this problem quickly." My eyes swirled black my pupils changing to a glowing golden color. My eyes resembled a hungered wolf dark black smoke swirled around my arms making my tattoo's swirl a golden color. It was the power of my curse a curse I'm forever tormented with an insane rage and urge to kill. "I should just eradicate all of you." My voice shifted into a demonic growl my parents paled but surprisingly stood firm.

"You all have made a contract with an Ulir a creature of Hell and evil. I am responsible for keeping this world safe which means eradicating anything or anyone who causes danger to this world. Meaning I need to rid of such pests in anyway I choose even murder." They shook in fear as the smoke spread covering all light shrouding the room in darkness.

My eyes blazing gold in the darkness my grin widened showing sharp teeth that also illuminated in the darkness. "MOM!" My son shouted making me snap out of my state of insanity. The smoke disappeared as my eyes and teeth returned to normal. I felt nauseous as I shook my head. I haven't been that angry since I was young and slaughtering the gods.

"Mom are you okay?" I nodded flattening my palm to my head my temperature cold. I wiped the sweat off my forehead it looks like being here really does affect me. I looked to my parents who were shaking in terror their eyes wide. "Y-y-your a monster a abomination!" My father shouted as I scoffed "Not like I haven't heard that before."

They both glared which I admired considering what they just witnessed. "Mom I think we should just leave." Talion said "I would love to but my responsibility is to kill or help them." He nodded "Well then we should just eradicate them." Alvira gasped in horror at my son's words. I pushed his shoulder as he laughed "You know I can't."

My parents slumped in relief "But if they decide to refuse any more I will." They both glanced at each other in worry "We would like you to help us." Davien says as he grasped my mother's hand one thing I could admire is that my parents are a loving couple. "I need your cooperation." They nodded agreeing they really needed my help.

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