Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 12

Davien's POV(The lowlife king)

I stared at the woman before me she was confident, tenacious, strong, capable, determined, and many more. Not the girl who was vain, snobbish, and utterly unlove able. When my love screamed at our daughter I never was able to hold her. To see her as one of my own her eyes always haunted my nightmares. Her cold stares and even the evil obsession she had. She was always vying for attention even helping my mother.

I loved my mother but she went insane after Nyra killed her grandfather. I couldn't beleive what she had told both me and my love. "DAVIEN HELP PLEASE SAVE HIM!" Hela wailed as I ran into the dinning room. Nyra sat shaking blood covered both of them. The look on her face sent shivers down my spine the knife in her hand.

"F-f-father I-" My teeth clenched in rage "Don't you dare call me father after you've killed mine!!" I bellowed she flinched and cowered as I strode towards her. I loved my father he was always there for me. My mother wasn't so much but I could tell she was proud of me. My father was a great man who loved this kingdom and yet here this monster was. The monster who killed the one man that loved me unconditionally.

Seething in rage I tore the knife from her grip holding it up to strike the monster. She looked at me and I paused something in her expression made me pause. I flinched at the torment and pain in her eyes. "Why do you have that expression on your face!" I yelled she finched but my mother interfered "Wait please son she may have killed your father but she's just a child I. . .I forgive her." My mother wept as she stared at my fathers body the tears streaming down her face seemed to form a river.

I shook from the memory hatred returned as Nyra stood before me. Her curse was even more prevalent as she shown us her powers gifted by the god of mischief and cruelty. The alter ego of our once beloved God. I seethed in rage at how powerless I felt at the moment the darkness radiating from her blocked out the light. "Your highness I need to know where the man you made a contract is." I stiffened I knew the man she was talking about the man who is now. . .dead.

"He's dead." My love whispered Nyra's eyes widened in horror at the information. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish as she froze. "Well will you help us?" I hissed she gave me a bone chilling glare as she said "It's even more of a problem that he's dead describe him to me." She retorted my love stiffened I grasped her left hand and squeezed her hand in comfort. She relaxed a little as she smiled lovingly to me. "He had dark black hair and ruby red eyes."

Nyra paled even more I scowled in suspicion "What's wrong?" Nyra turned to her son they seemed to communicate telepathically. "Well that man you've spoken about is robably the one I've killed." Alvira gasped in terror as she asked "Why did you kill him?" Nyra glanced at her son and smirked Talion smirked back as she said "Like I said before I have to eradicate any danger to this world he was one of the most dangerous ones." Nyra said we both stared at her in bewilderment.

"The man you contracted with unfortunately was one of the Ulir generals." We paled even more my mood changed to confusion "How were you able to eradicate such a formidable opponent? "I asked sneering she giggled which shocked me. "That's on a need to know basis." She sneered my brows furrowed at her hostility why is she being so aggressive. After all she's done shouldn't she be feeling guilt? I exhaled loudly "So what do you think we should do?"

She thought it over and gave us an eerie grin "Well the best option is just to kill all of you." I opened my mouth in alarm but was interrupted "The other option is the find the contract you made with the man and burn it. Of course it will also bring all of you agony and you might not survive but it has a higher probability of survival." I breathed out in relief slumping on my throne.

Come to think of it this is where we exiled Nyra I looked around the room. I flinched as I heard "I curse you all!!" Nyra's last words haunted me to this day maybe she succeeded in destroying our beloved kingdom. "Do you both know the whereabouts of the contract?" She asked I shook my head she sighed in irritation "Well looks like you both will have to find it I'll be right here when you do." My eyes slitted in fury as I snarled "How selfish and foolish of you."

She gave me a terrifying grin her eyes turning back into that horrid golden color. "I'm not the one who selfishly signed a contract for eternal life including sacrificing souls to the Uir." She hissed I recoil in guilt Alvira shook in guilt and pain. I rubbed my face this was my fault. "Alright I'll find the damn contract." I said she nodded Talion came and offered his arm to his mother.

I stared after her and my grandson who I'm sure had a deep hatred for me. I sighed when the doors closed behind them "What do we do my beloved?" My sweet Alvira asked I sat in silence for what seemed like eternity. I finally spoke and said "We find the contracts I'm sure it's somewhere in this castle." My love nodded I got up "Where are you going?" I smiled caressing her velvet soft cheek "I'm going to have a talk with Nyra."

She gasped in horror "No you can't what if she hurts you?" My expression somber I gave her a light kiss on her plush lips. "I'll be fine my love." She wanted to stop me but nodded her head.

I walked our corridors once full of vibrant life and happiness trying to figure out why our kingdom fell into ruin. The curtains ripped the floors breaking we have servants but was never able to reconstruct the palace. As if we were cursed after we exiled Nyra "I curse you all!" The last words of Nyra kept playing in my head did she actually curse us to our downfall?

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