Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 13

Daviens POV

I observed the many dilapidated paintings and old crumbling statues. I paused shocked as I entered the right wing it looked brand new. I haven't been in the right wing for years even when I sent Nyra here. I remember it being abandoned dust filled with many old things. The atmosphere here use to be eerie like suffering happened here. Yet now it's breath taking the atmosphere joyful and professional. I stood there for a few minutes stunned at seeing many cheerful maids and servants chattering.

"Did you hear Her highness Nyra is going to fix the gardens. I'm so excited she's done an amazing job bringing this side of the castle alive!!" One of the maids said to a servant "I can't wait to see the garden in it's original state." The servant said I watched as many servants were running about. I took a deep breath in and walked in many servants started whispering and bowed.

I was impressed by their professionalism as they were respectful. I observed the corridors seeing many new and improved paintings that made this place feel more like home. The rug was plush and new a green with golden flora design. The hallway was neat and clean with many lounging area's for servants and maids.

"Where is Nyra?" I asked one of the maids the maid gasped as I looked closer she had the Topaz earings I gave Nyra once. I glared at the earings the maid stuttered "U-Um her highness is in the gardens." She said bowing "Who gave these to you?" I asked she paused "My mistress Nyra did as a gift she graciously gave these to me I'm the head maid here." I recoiled at her regifting my gift to her granted it was out of pity.

"Thank you." She bowed and ran off to continue her duties I looked around and saw many alluring chandelier like lights. The windows were stunning the windows. The green curtains opened letting the sunlight in. I felt so many emotions the feeling a lump form in my throat and tears form in my eyes. I felt conflicted and confused as to why she would bring this part of the castle to life.

I looked out a window that overlooked the gardens and saw Nyra. Her chocolate locks that I realized looked like mine flowed in the wind. Her son Talion always by her side as she conversed with a local gardener. She seemed to have hired many workers as they stood in attention. She laughed as she was conversing with this gardener.

I walked down to the back doorway and walked out I approached Nyra. "You redid everything?" I asked Nyra gasped whipping around to me she blushed. "Yes Evina gave me the gardens and Right wing." I clenched my teeth I was the one who appointed her in charge. "Why would she give you the responsibility?" I seethed she gave me a droll stare "She's busy with marriage life."

"What?" Evina never said anything about stress "Look if you want to ask Evina then go ask her I'm quite busy." Nyra dismissed I was incredibly angry but happy at the same time. Evina never really took to responsibility well I never understood why. She was a great candidate for the crown and the wife of our most allied kingdom Sloya. Yet she had an excuse for everything and tried her hardest to avoid responsibility.

She was my little girl I cherished and adored but she can be very hard to deal with. When I heard that even my beloved wouldn't take care of the garden I wondered who was. To my surprise it was Nyra at the time, but I never thought much of it since I barely come out here due to responsibilities. It became one of our kingdoms treasures the top I believe. I glanced at Nyra to see sorrow reflect in her eyes as she examined the once plentiful and alluring garden. "I worked so hard for this garden only to see it fall into ruin." Her voice broke I felt my heart tear at the words filled with sorrow.

"We'll get it back to it's original state mom." Talion said firmly she cupped her sons cheek and smiled a striking smile I haven't seen before. It was filled of love and adoration a smile I never thought I would see. Her face softened showing her young features I never noticed. It reminded me of Alvira's smile the smile that captured my heart. Flashes of Nyra as a little girl started appearing in my head. "Daddy look I made this for you!" Her adorable toothy innocent smile distracted me from paper work her chocolate curls bounced as she ran in a green dress. She showed me a painting of our family joyful and radiant it was a great picture she was very talented.

"What are you doing here don't disturb me when I'm working!" I snarled I flinched in surprise "Did I really say that to Nyra?" My heart sunk as her smile disappeared and disappointment and sadness shone in her big doe eyes. My mind raced as I remembered my mother grabbing her wrist as the door closed. I vaguely remember her expression full of terror as she looked up to my mother.

I suddenly remembered how me and my love both were cruel to her as a child. How slowly her innocence and light faded replaced with anger and hatred. I paced back and forth Nyra stared at me in bewilderment. "What are you doing?" She asked I bit my tongue as my mother came walking towards us.

Nyra turned towards her in a snarl "What do you need?" My mother also barred her teeth "After all I've done for you. . .you selfish wench you decide to turn your back on me!" She screeched I stared in astonishment of my mother's behavior. "You've done nothing." Nyra snarled her tattoo's swirling as her eyes shone bright in fury. My mother clenched her fists she swiftly raised a hadn ready to strike.

"Mother what insolence is this?" I asked in fury Hela gasped as she saw me standing there. her eyes widened as she paled "My son I'ts nothing I'm just angry at how cold she's been to me after I forgave her for everything she's done." Nyra scoffed turning away and walked to the huge green house in the middle of the garden. "Get back here you cant treat me like this!" My mother hissed her white almost silver locks whipping around in the wind. Her Blue eyes shining with rage her canines elongating.

"Mother what are you doing!" I yelled Hela screamed in insanity as she rushed towards Nyra. Nyra quickly turned around in inhuman speeds grabbed my mother and flung her across the garden. My mother crashed against the old thorn bushes as she screamed in agony. 'How dare you throw my mother!" Shaking fury Nyra turned towards me "I only defended my self I'd rather not be decapitated." Stunned I was speechless my grandmother got out of the thorn bushes.

Growling in rage as the deep gashes on her body and face healed inhumanly fast. "I advice you to stop or I might just have to kill you." Nyra said coldly Hela hissed as she took a step forward "Mother. . .leave." My voice calm but deadly my mother flinched and went back inside. Nyra put a hand to her head as I studied her more she had dark bags underneath her eyes. She was pale and a cold sweat seemed to have formed. "Are you alright?" I asked reaching for her she shoved me away suddenly.

I stumbled back barely catching myself "DON"T TOUCH ME!" She wailed we both stood there as Talion came to his mother's side. "Mom. . .MOM it's okay." Talion embraced her into a hug as she shook in his arms. Talion's back was facing me but I saw the most heart shattering expression on her face. It was pure terror her eyes were unfocused as if she was reliving a horrible memory. Torment and agony shone in her eyes as tears started to form.

"Talion why is she like this?" I asked my grandson Talion gave me a glare that sent shivers down my spine. "My mother has PTSD seeing Hela triggered it." I was stunned and was astonished "PTSD. . .from what?" I asked Talion clenched his teeth a vein pulsed on his forehead "From what. . .you've gotta be kidding me you imbecile. From you and this damned family I don't know the full extent but by the way she reacted I think it's pretty bad."

I rubbed my face Nyra seemed to have come to her senses a few minutes later. "Thank you son sorry for the sudden freak out." She whispered a tear escaped her right eye she quickly swiped the tear away. "I love you mom." Talion said as they hugged sorrow filled my emotions as I saw the two people that were missing from my family.

Nyra suddenly seemed to have an idea as she whipped around towards me and asked. "Did the man give the papers to Hela?"

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