Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 14

Nyra's POV

"Did the man give the papers to Hela?" I asked Davien stood for a moment thinking. "I don't know I think your mother and that man liked each other at one point." I cringed but nodded my head remembering the Ulir generals last words. "Give the message goodbye to my tiger lily when you get the chance for me." He died a little later but a tiger lily does kind of match Hela. She was certainly a tiger and was very alluring even in her age.

"I might know where the contracts are." Davien looked up in shock and hope. "Really where?" I froze as I could only think of one place my dear grandmother could possibly hide it. The only place both me and her know about. "The chamber of the forsaken." I was the forsaken my grandmother who was very mentally insane thought it amusing. She loved the name and thought it really suited me of course I couldn't disagree.

"What's the chamber of the forsaken?" Davien asked Talion gave me a puzzled stare I never told him my violent and tormented past. My family was never grateful never saw past her cruel schemes. I remembered when Alvira was sobbing one night she missed Davien. It was absurd and irritating because I could hear her wails across the castle.

I couldn't sleep not just because of her wailing but also because I just barely got out of my torture. I spent two weeks in there no one noticed unsurprisingly. My body ached and they decided not to give me the daily dose of healing medicine. So I was still wrapped in blood soaked bandages. I was unable to clean or nurse the wounds since I had no one to help me.

But as I laid on the bed frame tears streamed down my face as I felt pity for myself. At the time I was only seven a babe yet was subjected to this brutality since I was the tender age of five. Luckily it was not sexual abuse but it was just physical abuse. Sniffling I suddenly noticed my mother's wailings stopped abruptly. I should've ignored because maybe she just decided to stop crying.

I felt a sudden shiver go down my spine as worry and terror made alarm bells ring in my head. So I got up painfully slowly and limped to my mothers room. My mother was under the influence of too much wine so maybe she fell asleep. I just wanted to check so I was in my night gown that was soaking in blood. I winced and staggered as my vision grew blurry but kept going.

I finally made it to the mahogany doors of my parents room I heard muffled screams. It sent my blood racing as adrenaline hit me I flung the door open. My heart almost stopped in terror as a knight was trying to suffocate my mother in bed with a blanket over her face. The knight looked towards me and gave me a sadistic grin that was ingrained in my head.

I had to think fast as the knight was distracted the fire place was lit. I turned my attention to the right and saw the fire poker laying on the tile. I ran as fast as I could ignoring the agony as I grabbed it and with out thinking ran full speed at the knight. Before the knight noticed anything I ran the fire poker right through him.

It went between his ribs straight to the other side also running right through his heart. Shocked I stared in horror as he looked at me confusion and pain laced in his features. The life in his eyes slowly died out as he slumped on top of my mother. His blood started to seep into the sheets and my mother. I couldn't think my mind felt blank numbness was all I could feel.

My mother gasped as I realized that the man's body was crushing her. I quickly pulled his heavy body off the bed as he fell on the floor painting the floor red. I sobbed as I cleaned the blood off my mother as best as I could. It felt like a piece of my soul was ripped from me, I felt like a monster they always said I was. My brown curls stained with blood my innocents fading away. My mother grumbled as she snored in peaceful sleep.

I sat on my parents couch head between my hands as I felt my sanity slip. My tears flowed freely as I looked at my hands stained with the blood of another human. His face always engraved in my head as I stared at his body. I wanted to wail but knew I would be blamed for everything like always.

I stared at the man as I felt a cold numbness overwhelm my emotions it terrified me but I knew I needed to keep my head straight. I decided I would confront my grandmother after all I knew it was her who did this. I got up my dress heavy with the mans blood the blood smudged on my face. Contaminating my dress and hair the blood darkened as I walked towards the knights body.

I glared at the body in hatred feeling darkness corrupt my soul as I stared at his back. The hot poker was still lodged in his body as I stared for a few more minutes. I looked to my mother and father's desk I walked to it and opened the drawer I knew my father kept a dagger in. Grabbing it I trudged back to the body I clenched my teeth and hands my knuckles turning white.

Kneeling down I grabbed the mans right hand and with one clean swipe I severed his hand. I also gripped the dagger as I calmly walked to my grandmother's chambers. I slammed the door open my grand mother yelped. She shot up from bed when she saw me her face showed rage. Then she noticed the hand she paled as I walked towards her. She scooted back "Don't you dare come any closer!" She shrieked I scoffed giggling as I drew nearer.

I bared my teeth snarling "If you ever dare to go after my mother again I will personally cut your head off your shoulders." I hissed she cowered as I threw the hand on her sheets. The blood stained and spread as she shivered in terror. I turned my back on her and walked out of her chambers. I went to mine not bothering to wipe off the blood. Shockingly When I woke up I was in fresh night clothes and bandages and the scene was cleaned.

No one knows of that encounter to this day. I close my eyes as I come out of the memory of my first kill. Of course my grandmother kept the evidence threatening me everyday black mailing me. To the point I had to do everything she says I'm surprised that she kept it a secret for so long. I snapped back to reality as I looked to my father.

"It's. . . I would rather explain it later." I said I couldn't look either of them in the eye. "Mom what is this chamber?" My son asked panicked I started to shake again signaling another PTSD attack. I bit my lip hard tasting the metallic blood as I walked back into the castle. "Mother pleas tell me what it is!" He asked frustration in his voice my voice trembled as I said "I never wanted you to see this."

Talion sighed in frustration my father also frustrated at my silence. "Bring the whole family here." My father said I flinched I didn't want everyone to see the horrors I've faced. I felt a vulnerability I didn't want to show. "Here we are." I said as we stood at my grandmothers chambers.

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