Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 15

Nyra's POV

"My beloved what's the meaning of this?" My mother asked as her and the rest of our family gathered in front of my grandmother's chambers and to my shock Cain was also here. "Nyra say's she knows where the contracts are." My father says Alvira glared at me "This better not be one of your schemes." My son gave a scalding glare to Alvira as she immediately fell into silence in fear. One huge flaw my mother had was cowardice she was weak and pandered to societal higher ups.

She never stood up for me once the kingdoms cruel judgment and words never stopped. The rumors were so out of hand that many thought of me as a devil worshipper a witch searching for blood. I scoffed they should've left that reputation to my grandmother. "Sister why are we here?" Evina's sickly sweet voice asked "To get your contracts you all idiotically signed." I snapped Evina flinched "Nyra you're being to harsh on her." My brother said I shook my head ignoring him.

"Is everyone here?" I asked they all nodded as I pushed Hela's chamber doors opened. "What's the meaning of this!" Hela bellowed as I walked past her she seethed in rage. "You are not allowed in here with out my permission!" I continued to ignore as I found the notch on the wall. I pressed it and the hidden door popped open. My family gasped as it showed a secret stair case my vision blurred an distorted.

My breathing quickened as I stared, for a moment I was eighteen again. I heard my own haunting wails and screams the sounds of whip's and mechanical torture devices. I trembled as tears formed in my eyes I recoil as my son grabbed my shoulder. "Mom, mom it's me!" My son's voice brought relief as I realized I'm not eighteen anymore. With a deep breath I slowly descended the stairs my family's footsteps echoed.

We all walked in silence as they observed the staircase in confusion. "What is this place?" Cain asked I grinded my teeth to keep from speaking. I knew if I did I would start to sob so I stayed silent. "Hello sister?" Evina said I continued to ignore as I remembered every detailed of this damn place. The hell I was forced to experience here "It feels nostalgic being here doesn't it grand daughter?" Hela simpered I turned on her with a snarl "Fuck off." I hissed she smirked and continued descending down with me.

The cold stone walls and stairs were no semblance of comfort just dread. "Nyra what did grandmother mean!" Roman asked we finally hit the bottom I strode to the only room here. An eerie, terrifying, and foreboding atmosphere radiated from the chamber. I took a deep breath trying to keep what was left of my sanity. I wiped the name plate that was covered in filth with my sleeve. My name "Nyra the curse" Was embedded on it they all stood in stunned silence.

I opened the door a squealing sound echoed from the rusty door. They all gaped in horror as they saw the room covered in my old blood. The chains with spikes embedded inside the cuffs still as sharp. The broken drawers full of torture devices and that dreaded chair that restricted my movement so I couldn't escape. The marks of the walls of the days I've spent here covered the walls. Vrevetha also scratched into the walls by my finger nails.

I slowly walked in my mind flashed with many images of the torture I had to endure. I started to shake and tremble wrapping my arms around myself as I stared at the life I had. My son wrapped his arms around me my back to his chest as he rested his head on my neck. Hot silent tears streamed from his eyes dampening my neck. I patted his arms "I'm sorry you have to see this." I whispered all it did was make him weep even more.

My family couldn't say anything as they stared at the torture and horror. I knew every fucking inch of this room I didn't want to stay any longer. I noticed a slightly off stone on in the left corner I walked towards it. I found it could be removed as I removed the stone and found the contracts. "Clever old bitch." I snarled at my grandmother she glared at me.

My son and I walked out of the room leaving my family in their shock as We walked back up the stairs.

Davien's POV

I couldn't believe my eyes I keep thinking that this was all a horrid dream. I looked around in the room that chronicled my daughters nightmares. Guilt and horror overwhelmed me as I thought about all the ways she tried to tell me. I even saw signs but ignored them "Daddy please help me grandma is hurting me!" I flinch as I remembered a day she came to me trying to tell me. I brushed her off "A disappointing daughter like you need a little bit of punishment." I couldn't believe I said something so cruel.

I felt my heart rip apart piece by piece as I observed the room, the metallic and sickening smell of blood and rust permeated the room. I couldn't breath as I saw how many days she was forced to be here. It was too many to count the walls were covered in them I felt my body sway wanting to collapse.

I saw the horrid chains with spikes covered in blood wondering how long she suffered in here. I remember wondering why she cowered away from me when she turned eleven. "H-h-hello fath-ther." She stuttered I sneered "What do you want?" She balked squeaking out a barely audible "N-nothing your majesty." She ran from me I was bewildered at her sudden behavior.

I thought nothing much of it because she was born a curse to our kingdom but we were forced to keep her. I never saw her as a daughter and never helped her. "What have I done how am I ever going to fix this?"

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