Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 16

Alvira's POV

'There's no pillow or blanket here?" I whispered my son gestured wildly in the room "What do you think mother this isn't a suite." I flinched, my son was right I felt nauseous guilt and sorrow devastated my entire being. I looked around and saw everyone looking around feeling sympathy, agonizing guilt, and pain. I sobbed as I could smell the metallic scent of blood and rust. The rust from the torture devices and the horrid chair, the blood from my defenseless little girl.

I stared at the chair and chains in fury swinging my head towards Hela. "You." I snarled Hela shrugged nonchalantly a malignant smile on her face. "She needed to be taught a lesson after all you all left her in my care. All of you are also to blame so don't attack me now." agonizing guilt permeated the room, I felt some of my sanity slip away. I staggered almost collapsing as I wailed. "WHY. . .WHY I HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE A MOTHER!" I screamed my husband held me trying to comfort me.

"W-we didn't know." I pushed him away "Because we didn't want to know, we abandoned our child. . .MY BABY!" I started to clutch my hair ripping my hair out. A failure is what I should call myself my husband grabbed my arms as I struggled "STOP." My husband bellowed tears streamed down his face. "What can we do. . . the damage is done she will never forgive us." I knew my husband was right I screamed and wailed as Revina also sobbed.

Cain clenched his teeth his features pale his expression blank. Roman looked lost unable to comprehend the suffering his sister endured. He trembled his wife covering her mouth as she stared at the bloody torture devices. Tears streamed down her face as she sobbed. We all walked out and walked up the stairs in silence the atmosphere filled with tension.

"You are exiled from this castle." My husband hissed towards Hela her eyes widened. "How dare you after I birthed and raised you!" She snarled My husband grinded his teeth a vein popping out his neck. "Exile or execution take your pick." Hela stiffened but said "Fine, look in the right drawer on my desk." She laughed manically as she walked out with out packing her things.

We all stared after her in confusion we exited the place of nightmares and torment. Descending up the stairs in somber silence, my husband decided to obey Hela's words. He opened the drawer and found a huge journal with a tan leather skin for the cover. Hela's initials embedded in gold, he flipped open the journal to the first page. He froze terror etched on his face. "Father read it." Revina said he glanced at all of us he started to read reluctantly" Nyra the curse is always in the way of me seizing the throne again I loath her. I yearn for the day I can slaughter her in the chamber I made for her. I drag her down there every day giving her a week break. It feels so gratifying to torture and torment her seeing her anguish as she screams.

I decided five was a good start seeing she was mostly developed I'll. . .go easy on her."

My love trembled as he flipped through the pages as we sat in shame the guilt tearing our souls apart. "Today is my beloved grand daughters birthday what should I gift her? Oh I know that puppy she found a while ago I'd like to get rid of it. It's yapping and barking is starting to get on my nerves. I'll make sure to wrap it neatly on her bed frame." I shook as I remembered her joy as she found a stray puppy. We just let her have it considering we never payed attention to her. I couldn't fathom the agonizing horror she felt seeing the dead puppy. What it would have done to her mentally.

"She's six years old now I've decided to invite her to a lovely breakfast with my husband. My husband has been very loyal and kind a weakness I can never forgive. He's always pampering my son and grand children. I plan to get rid of him what a great way to show the real horrors of the Vrevetha family to my dearest grand daughter."

My husband started to pale as I felt nauseous we both blamed Nyra for everything. We always assumed before asking, we assumed Nyra killed her grandfather how foolish are we? How could a six year old kill anyone much less her grandfather. I staggered my complexion haggard and gaunt the world seemed to spin. My husband caught me against his chest but I could feel him trembling. His eyes shut closed in horror as we rethought of all the times we abused and neglected her.

"Father give me the journal." Roman said firmly his voice only a whisper. My love hesitated clutching the journal so tight his knuckles turned white "I don't think we should read the rest." He said brokenly my son shook his head "Nyra deserves us knowing the truth." I chewed my lip grimacing but nodded "Our Nyra does deserve us knowing the true horror's she's been through." I whispered my love's jaw quivered slightly only I noticed. He held out the journal, his hand trembling as my son gently grabbed the journal "Then continue." Roman nodded taking a deep breath in.

"That wench how dare she foil my plans to kill the witch that took my son from me! How dare she bring me my most loyal guards hand and threaten me! The way she stood in front of my bed it was like a monster took her place. She's an obstacle that I can't seem to get around. I can't get rid of her but I can make everyone hate her. She's been nothing but a thorn in my side I must get rid of her."

"Stop I can't take anymore." I said feeling like throwing up I covered my mouth. I vaguely remember being smothered by someone as I gasped for air. I felt terror as I was being suffocated by someone very strong. Then a huge crushing weight fell on me someone profusely apologizing and dragging the weight off of me. I felt a strange warm thick liquid with a metallic smell all over me. The person kept sobbing asking for forgiveness as they cleaned the liquid off of me. Everything was blurry but those words cleared my memory as I saw the face of my seven year old daughter.

I remember I had gotten drunk that night because I missed my heart, my love so much. I thought it was all a nightmare yet this journal says other wise. Roman gave me an astonished look "So she did kill the guard but to protect you?" I flinched Hela one day came sobbing to both me and my husband. In hysterics she collapsed to the floor and kept yelling "She killed him!" We both ran to her asking who and then showed us a bloody hand.

She then proceeded to gasp out "The cursed one killed my most trusted guard!" Then we were so shocked and afraid we thought the curse had taken over and that she turned into the monster she was meant to be. That she was trying to destroy us all so we sent her to a military camp. There they can keep an eye on her and punish her. We sent her away thinking everything would be fine if she was gone. I collapsed on the floor as my husband frantically called out my name. My eyelids grew heavy as my love held me in his arms as the world turned black around me.

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