Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 17

Nyra's POV

Everything has changed since then all I ever hears was wailing of my mother. I wish I could say I felt sorrow hearing those cries but. . .I felt nothing. I didn't care for their insistent apologies as I shut them all out. I stayed in my chambers for the rest of the month. A month has passed by as I gave orders to servants and planned my next move. I couldn't stand to see them all having pity on their faces. It was too late for apologies I already forgave them a long time ago but I will never forget.

I may never trust them I glanced at my son in worry for the past few weeks he hasn't been the same. His face haggard and pale he hasn't shaved so a beard started to grow. Making his features older than his age. My heart can't take anymore of his sorrow as he looked at me. I clasped my dark red shirt in pain my heart felt like it was taking a beating.

I sighed I knew I shouldn't have shown him my horrid past "Mom." My head shot up looking across the coffee table towards where he was sitting "Yes my son?" I asked hopeful he would talk to me again. It's been so long since he's uttered a word to me he grimaced. Rubbing the back of his neck he drew in a deep breath "Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" I flinched wringing my hands together "I-I didn't want to hurt you." I whispered brokenly he got up walking towards me.

I tensed as he drew closer bracing myself he sat right by me to my right. Freezing in place I didn't know how to approach the situation. "Mom it would have been nice to know before you showed me the place you've suffered." His voice trembled but his tone was firm. Tears escaped my eyes as he grasped my right hand and squeezed. "I was afraid to tell you I didn't want you to have a biased opinion of your family." I said he embraced me into a hug as I sobbed.

I squeezed him tight afraid to let go, afraid he would leave me alone. My stomach tightened painfully from my cries the tears falling like two waterfalls down my cheeks. My son held me in silence as he let me express the pain I was holding back for so long. I felt the world break and crash around me as I trembled against his arms. "I-I l-love y-you so much, I couldn't b-bare to s-see you h-hurt." I hiccupped as he listened "E-ever s-since y-you w-w-were a little b-b-oy you always asked a-about your g-grandparents."

I got up seeing the tear stains on his white shirt "You never said it but I knew you wanted to meet your father." I whispered finally calming down as I gasped for air. My son laid his head on my lap laying down on the couch. I smiled at the familiar position I've loved. I brushed my hand through his dark red hair as he sighed "Mom I did want to see them when I was a child. As I grew older I realized if they actually loved or cared even a little. They would come look for us and not just leave us out there to struggle." I bit my trembling lip from saying anything holding back another sob.

"We struggled and went through so much your my mom who was always there. The one who protected me from everything we went through wars and fought enemies together. You did everything to give me a good child hood you never had. Yes it had it's up and downs but I don't need them anymore. I have you and that's all I need." I sniffled clenching my eyes shut my emotions overwhelming me.

"I would do it all over again too my heart you are the greatest gift I have ever received. I was scared but I am grateful to have my son who stood by me." I whispered his jaw trembled eyes closing shut as a tear escaped his left eye. I kissed his cheek as he snuggled up to my stomach. I giggled "Your always my baby boy. . . see this proves it." I teased he flushed red "I'm a man mom a man who always needs his mother." I smiled affectionately feeling warmth return to the gloomy atmosphere.

we sat in silence as I brushed his hair and rubbed his back soothingly. I stared at his face remembering his adorable chubby face as a child. I felt pride at raising such an honorable son his work was for the military. Even as I protested he refused to listen to me. He became one of the generals of our country making me proud. He asked for a vacation they readily agreed as he never once took a break for six years. He achieved many medals I watched my little baby boy turn into a handsome strong man.

After two hours my legs started to numb so I gently nudged him awake. "H-h-huh yeah mom?" He asked sleepily I giggled "I need to change and wash." He shot up off my lap flushing as I snickered, he blushed he always refused any coddling from me when he turned eighteen. "I love you my heart." He sighed and kissed me on the cheek "Love you too mother I'll see you in a little bit." I nodded smiling as he walked out and bumped into Revana they both blushed, flustered they greeted each other quickly before running away.

I giggled even more as Revana came and bowed low "You can't hide your blush from me young lady." I teased she stood up straight flushing a darker red. "I'm gonna start calling you strawberry at this point." I teased her more as she fumbled with the folder in her hands. I motioned for her to give me the folder she shoved it into my hand. "You know. . .the way to my son's heart is through his stomach." I said giving her a little boost her expression turned thoughtful but quickly turned back to stoic.

"His favorite food is spaghetti and his favorite dessert is banana crème pie." I said flipping through the contents of the folder. Her demeanor brightened as I saw her mind working I smiled mischievously. The folder I was holding holds the contents of our financial reports. From the look of the reports they did not hold back on spending. It was mostly for luxurious things that we did not need.

The one who spent the most was Evina she spent the money mostly on. . .slaves. I clenched the folder in my hands in anger my vision turning red. "Revana tell Evina I request an audience with her now." Revana bowed and exited quickly I clenched my teeth seething in anger.

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