Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 18

Nyra's POV

I chewed on my lower lip pacing my chambers as I impatiently waited for Evina. Kala waited patiently for my orders holding the contract. I needed to burn the contract in order to break the contract. Which lucky for them is only possible if done by me since I am now the Goddess of the whole world. I heard a soft knock bracing myself I hissed "Come in." The door opened and my mother walked in. I froze in shock as I stared at the haggard mess of my once proud mother.

Her hair was a tangled mess, her face gaunt and sickly, her physique was so thin it looked like she hasn't eaten for months. She was wearing a simple gray dress that reached her ankles and wearing slippers. We both stared at each other the atmosphere tense. After fifteen minutes I exhaled loudly I walked towards her. Her silver hair that was her pride a mess I grasped her left elbow with my right hand gently. Grasping her left hand with my left hand and lead her to the big couch.

I sat her down and snapped my fingers to Kala asking for tea. She bowed and gracefully walked out, for a moment I felt sympathy. I sat across from her and from here she looked older than usual. She seemed very fragile something I've never seen before. She slumped forward her spine curved from her usual straight and proud posture.

She squirmed under my gaze as I studied her "What brings you here?" I asked firmly her bottom lip trembled as she stared at the floor. "I wanted to see you." I stared she flinched at my gaze I pursed my lips. I didn't know what to do, forgive her or wade in my resentment towards her.

I exhaled loudly "Evina I would like for you to speak your mind." Her lower lip trembled as her eyes teared. "I'm sorry. . .Im sorry." She gasped her voice trembled in pain as she clutched the bottom of her dress. I clenched my teeth "Mother look at me." She looked up hope shone in her eyes.

"I want to forgive you. . .but years of neglect and abuse is making it difficult." I said simply her gaze turned blank it frightened me "Mother?" I asked worriedly her right hand curled into a fist "I deserve a punishment for what I have done to you." She whispered my heart squeezed in pain.

"It's in the past It'll just take longer for me to forgive." I whispered she exhaled in sorrow. "I have no right for forgiveness." I gripped my dress with my right hand. I felt a sudden rage and thirst for blood it frightened me. I froze I don't want to become my grandmother. I never knew what filled her need for the throne and vengeance.

She was always focused on hurting me and the family. I never understood why she wanted to hurt them. I chewed my bottom lip deciding what to do as I looked at my frail mother. A part of me still loves her even if most of me loathes her. It's like the little girl I once was still there.

Just faint and dimmed from the dark depth that is the monster in me. The monster who wants to destroy and rip apart everything. I grasped my mother's hand she looked to me with teary eyes. I breathed in "Mother you need to get some rest and tidy yourself up. I never have seen you like this it's quite discouraging. Please I would like you to return to the once proud queen you were." She gasped hugging me.

Surprised I didn't return the hug for a few minutes then slowly wrapping my arms around her. The first time I've ever hugged my mother. For a moment I felt warmth envelope me as I hugged my mother as hit tears ran down my neck.

We broke apart as she stood up abruptly "I need to clean myself goodness me." I giggled as she ran out of my room in a hurry I crossed my legs. My maid hurried in with the tea "I'm so sorry I'm la-" She paused realizing my mother wasn't there anymore.

I laughed waving her over to me she blushed as she poured me tea. I sighed in peace as I smelt the delightful aroma of the tea. Taking a sip I looked out my window seeing the garden has already made progress. "Maybe it's a sign of good things to come." I said to myself Kala smiled as she stared out the window. "Yes maybe it is."

I continued to sip on my tea as I sat in ease for the first time being here.

A day after

I woke up refreshed for the day wondering where my sister was. It's very suspicious that Evina never showed she must've been notified I was looking through financial reports. I clenched my teeth she's going to face the consequences whether I have to drag her here with my own hands.

"Kala please grab my regular outfit." Kala bowed I requested a plain white t-shirt with blue jeans and a black leather jacket. I wanted to go casual today I hated the stifling dresses I had to wear.

I dressed and headed to Evina's chambers which was in the left wing. It took a while to get there my temper rising I wanted to chop someone's head off. Preferably Evina's as I strode to her chamber door. I knocked "Come in." I heard a soft voice of my sister.

I barged in as she squeaked in horror as Cain was laying half naked next to her. "Sister I didn't know you were coming here!" She gasped covering her upper half with a blanket. I growled "I requested your presence and you dare ignore me!" She shook in fear as I stared in anger and exasperation.

"Get dressed appropriately, the presence of your husband is needed also." I hissed walking out and slamming the door waiting outside for them to finish getting ready. Once they were finished I walked in their heads down in embarrassment.

Cain stared solemnly but I didn't once glance at him as my sights were on my sister. "What do you need sister?" She asked with a raised eyebrow I scoffed at her entitlement. I threw copies of the financials at her. "Why were you buying slaves Evina?"

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