Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 19

Nyra's POV

Cain flinched and Evina paled as I bared my teeth in rage. Evina didn't answer and I impatiently snarled "Well care to explain?!" She cowered as I walked closer to her. "It was back when we were still a kingdom when you left. I chose them as my right as a royal."

She finally said straightening her spine with her chin up high. I chuckled lowly at her impudence. Our family prided ourselves with having no slaves work for us. Only willing workers and this wench ruined that clean streak.

It made no sense to buy slaves "Why did you buy slaves?" I asked anger lacing my voice she bit her lip. Hesitatingly she told me "I was bored and Cain was out at war. I-I used them for-" I slapped her in the face she gasped in shock as she fell to the floor. I stood over her in rage.

"Your husband was fighting for this kingdom while you went behind his back? You dragged innocent people into your emotional mess. You selfish wretch I don't care for excuses!" I growled. Cain slumped looking fatigued as he looked to me as if he was lost.

I wanted to sympathize with him but. . .he chose this path. I shivered in disgust recalling the way she looked at my son. "Are you mentally ill?" I asked in exasperation her eyes flashed with anger. "You don't get to dictate my life after what you done to our family."

I bent down clutching her face with my right hand she tried to squirm out of my grasp. I clenched harder my nails digging into her flawless skin. Puncturing trickles of blood pouring out I was beyond rage. My eyes swirling and glowing seeing the twisting storm within.

Her eyes widened in fear as I brought her face closer to mine. "You better put yourself together. . .or I have no choice but to kill you." I whispered menacingly in her ear. She shook in fear whimpering until I let her go. She sat on the floor stunned with my nails imprinted on her once rosy cheeks.

I looked to Cain "How long have you known?" I asked he exhaled loudly as he sat down on a chair. "A few years after." my eyes widened how did she keep such a secret for so long? "I was at war for a long time. For about seven years and when I came back she was in bed with her slaves."

My heart clenched in sorrow for him, I couldn't imagine fighting a long war and coming back to. . .That. I pursed my lips "You know it's centuries from the old days. You can divorce her and start living you own life." His eyes widened in shock unable to process what I said.

"I couldn't I made a vow." I shook my head smiling "You can the traditions are long gone." Evina stared at Cain in horror "NO YOU CAN'T" She screamed Cain looked down at her coldly. "You broke your vows why can't I" Evina started to sob as I left the room Cain soon following behind.

"Thank you." He said I nodded as I walked to the throne room where my parents are. I have to bring the contract to them everyone has to be there. "If you break the contract what will happen to us?" I turned to him as he walked to my left "Nothing you will return human and live out the rest of your days. It's like time has stopped for all of you but just physically. Time will start again and you all can live in peace."

He breathed out raggedly "I can't express how grateful and in debt I am to you. If by chance would you give me another chance?" I stiffened as I walked unable to look him in the eyes. In truth part of me still loves him and wants to forgive him. The other part of me wants him to suffer.

My son's happy little face as I showed him our first home popped up in my head. I smiled warmly he did give me the gift of my son. "I don't know but. . .meet me in the gardens and we will talk about it." He grinned in joy as I laughed at his goofy grin I loved.

He leaned to kiss me but I stopped him I clicked my tongue. "No physical affection Cain. We are going to date traditionally no contact." He whimpered as I giggled walking to the doors swaying my hips invitingly. He bit his lip as his expression turned to pain "You little minx." I opened the door walking in.

Everyone was there including Evina who was an emotional mess. She stared at me with hatred I glared back as I walked in Kala behind me. She handed me the contracts "Now that everyone is here I will burn the contract. This may hurt as time is shifting to make sure you all return to normal aging." They all nodded ready I smiled encouragingly.

"You all have made a great step towards freedom and normalcy." They all nodded as I held the contracts. My eyes swirled as I summoned my powers. My hand produced a blue flame as the papers burned. They all watched in awe when suddenly they all started to scream in pain.

They all collapsed on the floor as I stared at them all watching their progress. After a while they all started to return to life their color returning to their faces. They all gasped as they stood up shakily. "The contract has been destroyed you all can live normal lives." They all cheered in happiness as I smiled.

All of a sudden a deep rumbling could be heard shacking the castle. Everyone screamed in fear as I looked up to see a black hole opening up on the ceiling. Everyone lost balance falling to the floor except for me.

"What is it now?" I grumbled

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