Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 2

Nyra’s POV

Once we exited I limped to my chambers “Nyra where have you been?” I froze as I heard my brother’s voice I chose not to say anything. “You were with our grandmother again weren’t you?” He snarled I sighed, I understand his hatred and misunderstanding. In order to protect him I had to push him away from me. Even hurting him in the process, I was worried my grandmother started to become interested in him.

I had to take her attention away from him by acting out and getting in trouble. I flinched as I remembered a memory that has haunted me. "You need to leave me alone?!" I screeched in rage me and my brother were fighting. "Why do you insist I leave?!" He yelled I exhaled loudly deciding to make the worse mistake of my life.

"I'm helping grandmother take the throne." I hissed he froze paling as I outright admitted to treason.

"How dare you go against our family!" He roared rushing towards me frightened I grabbed a small letter opener. It was a lot like a small silver dagger with rubies encased in the handle. Bracing myself I stabbed him in the shoulder my eyes widened as I realized what I had done.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to. . . I didn't mean to!" I sobbed but it was to late he slapped me my head jerking to the right. "You wench you were never my sister just a traitor and a curse to our family." My heart shattered he stiffened wanting to comfort me but it was too late. We exchanged too much hateful words our actions separating us forever.

"Get out." I said sharply he scoffed walking to the door the door shut behind him as he walked out. I collapsed on my knees sobbing in agony. "You have to do this or Grandmother will make his life a living hell too." I reminded myself it still hurt losing my only friend in this miserable life.

"Are you going to answer or just stand there?" He seethed I jolted out of the memory choosing not to turn towards him "Yes I was." I said softly he stalked towards me grabbing my arm as I hissed in pain. Startled he let go "What happened?" He asked I wanted to weep at the concern I haven't heard in a long time.

"You should keep your nose out of my business." I said death follows me every where I go I can't be close to anyone. He laughed darkly "I don't want you near my wife so stay as far away from us" He said I limped to my chambers as he turned away. He was married to a beautiful girl of his choosing. A commoner who I was once great friends with, my grandmother ruined that friendship.

I walked in shocked to see our head maid and twelve servant girls' waiting for me. "You must get ready ." The head maid said she never looked at me once so the sudden attention made me suspicious. "What are you all doing here?" I snarled the servant girls all shook in fear. The head maid gave me a cold glare "Your coming of age ceremony is in an hour." I froze alarm bells ringing in my head "I didn't think I would be having one." I raised a brow she shook her head.

Walking towards me she grasped my arm squeezing painfully "The king and queen have been gracious enough to host one for you." She hissed stunned I let her lead me inside my chambers a lovely dark blue dress with blue and white Lily's threaded around the bodice and the shoulders of the dress. It was short sleeved long white gloves covering a few inches below the shoulder. The skirt long covering the dark blue high heels I winced I dread high heels.

The dress had a black ribbon tied around the waist I couldn't figure out my parents intentions, this was strange. Why are the gifts I'm receiving so extravagant, they got me bathed and dressed in under thirty minutes. They tied my hair into a French braid with a dark blue ribbon woven through the braid.

They lightly applied makeup and in a few minutes, I was ready they brought a full body mirror in front of me. I stiffened at the image of a women I didn't recognize the woman staring at me. She was regal and striking, confident and cared for not me. The one who is neglected, used, a curse fated for suffering and death. "Let's go." The head maid said sharply snapping me out of my reverie

I nodded walking in front of the head maid and servants. We walked to the massive heavy gold doors leading to the ballroom. "Entering her highness Nyra Elody Vrevetha!" Our head butler announced my presence. The room full of chatter turned to cold silence as I walked down the long white marbled staircase on red carpet. Then the whispering began.

Their cold calculative eyes trying to find a weakness like snakes. Their fake smiles a mask hiding the real monsters beneath. I wanted to shiver but that would give them more reason to attack. I held my head high as I walked down to my father and mother. They both sneered as I approached I've always loathed extravagant events.

I t was a way for the vultures to tear me apart piece by piece only leaving a broken husk. I curtsied "Thank you for my Ceremony Your majesties." I said the king scoffed while the queen gave me an icy sneer. The king waved to someone out of my peripheral. Guards stormed in making everyone gasp as my betrothed walked in. What was left of my heart crumpled as I saw him escort my sister into the ball room.

He gave me a cold glare and kissed my sister's hand "Prince Cain Sloya will now be betrothed to your sister." The king said I just stayed silent unable to bear the pain. "We know of your treachery Nyra. Instead of execution you will be exiled." The queen said coldly my grandmother grinned wickedly already scheming.

I knew she will do everything in her power to kill me once I was out of the protection of the kingdom. After all I was the only one standing in her way. Agonizing pain seared through my veins, the ball room tense with silence as I gathered my thoughts. I looked to Cain trying to look for any hint of regret or sympathy. There was nothing. . .His vibrant green eyes showed only hatred and resentment towards me.

Eyes that once shone with affection, devotion, and passion now gone. I couldn't shed a tear. . . I. . .couldn't feel anything my mind turned blank. I clenched my fists straightening my back and gave them all a scalding glare. My brother and sister flinched my parents returned with more hateful glares, but I didn't back down. "I curse you all to the scalding fires of hell." My voice calm earning gasps across the room.

I didn't care anymore my red and orange eyes swirling with fury. I felt a sudden surge of power the castle started shaking as I snarled. "I curse this kingdom to fall HAHAHA I'll play the gods game." I seethed as I lifted my arms as the castle cracked and trembled. The stone crashing around me "Stop." I heard a soft feminine voice whisper seemingly in my head I paused. The trembling stopped as I felt an amazing feeling like I'm finally able to breath.

"Your time will come." Comfort and warmth seemed to spread in my chest I turned one more time to the royal family. I laughed darkly "I'll see this kingdom fall." With those parting words I turned my back on the Royal family and walked out.

I didn't bother going to my chambers I had nothing to take any ways. I walked into the city still wearing this aggravating dress. I walked into a clothing shop. "How much can this dress sell for?" I asked, the store owner dropped the folded clothes in her arms in shock. "W-well it would be one-hundred thousand gold pieces." I nodded "How about you give me five hundred and enough men's attire for a month."

The owner was eager and gave me my payment I dressed and pulled my hair into a tight bun. Dressing into brown pants and a white long sleeve shirt. I put a small cap on covering my hair hopefully fooling people of my identity.

I had my clothes in a bag and went to nearby food stands and paid for a month worth of food. Also went to stables nearby and bought a horse and supplies for riding. I knew I was being followed but I didn't know how to fight. So I must have my wits fight smarter not harder.

The man approached silently sneaking towards my back I chuckled. "Tell my grandmother nice try." I turned the horse towards the man striking the horse. The horse kicked the man out of the stable as I jumped in the saddle. Spurring the horse to run out of the stables into the tree line of the woods. It was the start of a journey and what changed my fate forever.

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