Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 3

Nyra's POV

I've ridden for a week many assassins and mercenaries have tried to eradicate me. They failed miserably I laughed as I laid my head on my horses tan defined neck drained by recent events, apparently my family put a warrant out for my life. If they have proof of torture before death they get a fortune of thirty million. If alive the reward even grander you would be able to purchase three countries. I'm pleasantly shocked by my minds endurance, I haven't gone insane yet at least I don't think I'm insane.

I arrived at a secluded town in the middle of kingdom Vreventha and Sloya. This town was very small but might have answers to my curse. This town was rumored to have a old oracle that still has communication with the gods. I led my horse into the town many people glaring at me.

A hand grabbed my left arm suddenly, I flinched yanking my hand out of the person's grasp. "Nyra." An old decrepit woman whispered in awe. Her face was so wrinkled I could barely make out her mouth and eyes. She was hunched a white ragged robe covering her form. Long white hair surrounded her face her eyes a unusual golden color.

"Have we met?" I asked she shook her head and started mumbling. I sat on my horse not knowing what to do as she kept mumbling to herself. "I've been waiting for you for centuries I can finally rest." She started sobbing people turned their attention to us looking at me with disgust. I tried to comfort the old lady when she abruptly stopped crying.

"Come dear." She said she led me and my horse to an old cottage not very far from the town. "Come in." I nodded getting off my horse and ducking my head underneath the short door frame. The cottage was very small but cozy. "Sit please." She said pointing to a table with two chairs. I sat down as she sat across from me "What do you mean you've waited for me?" I asked she held a finger up silencing me.

"Patience." She whispered I sat impatiently fidgeting with my fingers as she kept mumbling her hands shaking. She suddenly snapped her head to the ceiling startling me. "You will choose your path becoming the destroyer or the protector of life." She whispered I scoffed I have been unable to choose my fate.

Forced into this cruel curse that I had no say in, I clenched my teeth. I loathed the gods as much as my family and kingdom maybe even more. "What do they want from me?" I hissed the oracle snapped her head towards me and gave me a bone chilling smile. "They want you to defy their rules." I laughed incredulously so my life was some kind of sick joke to them? A twisted game for their enjoyment I as the pawn in their contorted minds?

The oracle gave me a warm smile "My job is done." She closed her eyes a golden light enveloped her form. She started fading away "Wait I have more questions!" I shouted desperately she faded as I sat unable to process the information. What did she mean by defying their rules? My mind raced with so many questions I felt sick.

"We finally meet." I jolted out of my chair in shock hearing the feminine voice from the ballroom. Standing outside the cottage was another woman that seemed to appear out of no where. "Who are you?" I asked she chuckled darkly "I am Kala goddess of War she bowed introducing herself. I didn't know what to say a Goddess actually conversing with me.

What business do you have here?" I asked uncertainty all over my face as I examined her form. "Would you like to kill the gods?" She asked I stiffened shock freezing me in place. "What is the meaning of this?" I snarled she smirked as she waved her hand I squeaked at appearing right in front of her, my eyes widened at her size. She towered over me making me gulp slightly afraid I noticed she was wearing armor.

A golden breast plate and a short skirt around her hips the color blue. A black sword strapped to her back markings and symbols covered her skin and her armor. Her hair a striking blond braided down her back and piercing blue eyes. I pursed my lips raising an eyebrow "Step back." She laughed "I knew you had spirit."

"Why would you want me to kill the gods?" I asked suspicion overwhelming me as I studied her form. "They threw me away using me." Her tone menacing making me flinch. I pinched the bridge of my nose in exhaustion pacing back and forth.

"We are similar in a way, the god's threw you away since birth. . . you have the rage I need." I scoffed as she sat down on the grass across from me her head level with mine. "Why don't you do it yourself?" I asked she looked down in fury "I'm a Goddess restricted by a promise to never turn on my brothers and sisters." She seethed spitting out brother and sister a glowing x over her armor across her heart appeared. "Is that a symbol of your promise?" She smiled "You're sharp."

I gritted my teeth I didn't want to be a part of their scheme's I wanted to be left alone. I abruptly felt a spark started deep down catching fire a raging fire that won't ever be tamed. I clenched my teeth as I felt a consuming rage cursing the gods and the ones who turned their backs on me. "I feel your cry for revenge." She purred her grin widening.

"Fine what will you have me do?" I asked she gave me a big smile laughing "Let's kill some gods!" She grabbed my hand leading me out of the cottage. I panicked when a swirl of power surrounded me making me feel sick. All of a sudden we were in a different place my surroundings unfamiliar. "Where are we?" I asked the place was a room full of weapons. Intricate designs and words in a different language indented in the walls. A fountain on the right overflowing with water crystal clear.

She grabbed a sword twirling it before throwing it towards me I caught it although ungracefully "Your the prophesied destroyer in order to be the destroyer you must train." She smirked mischievously I felt frightened at that very moment she grabbed a sword. "Lets begin."

Six hours later. . . .

I wheezed exhausted sweat dripping down my body soaking my clothes. I groaned falling to the floor "That's really all you have?!" She asked irritated "We've got a lot of work to do." She sighed I got up dragging my feet to the fountain to the right wall. I knelt down and shoved my face in the water. I gulped down the water "Oh don't be so dramatic." She laughed I glared at her as she held her hands up in surrender.

She's been teaching me sword and combat training for the past six hours. Non stop exercise, I almost passed out three times I couldn't help but feel that the Goddess was torturing me. "I. . .Hate. . .you." She shrugged amused "Your not the only one." I shook my head as she laughed she snaked her arm around my waist helping me up.

She led me out into long dark hallways no one in sight I gave her a questioning glance. "This is my home I don't trust anyone to tend to me." She said I nodded understanding as she walked me to a room. "This will be your chambers." I gave her an appreciative smile as I slowly walked into the room.

before she left she gave me these parting words that changed my life forever. "Congratulations with the baby by the way."

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