Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 4

Nyra's POV

"Hey mom I'm heading out to work." I smiled lovingly as I cupped my son's cheek. "Okay my little warrior." He groaned at the nickname I always call him. "Mom I'm not little anymore." I scoffed "You'll always be little in my eyes just except it." He chuckled as he kissed my cheek. "Talion be safe!" I yelled to my son He waved at me "You know I will."

I covered my chest with my right hand feeling the familiar pang in my chest. I hated seeing my baby boy go we had a rough unforgiving life but we were resilient. I chuckled as I remembered the day I gave life to the most precious boy. I screamed out in pain trying to push through the agony. Each contraction driving me to the verge of passing out. I clenched my teeth cursing Cain for putting me through this agony. I've been in labor for fifteen hours but it felt like eternity.

I felt the last push instant relief flooding my body as I cried in relief. I froze there was one problem I didn't hear any screaming or crying panicked I sat up. "Woah, woah there he's fine as healthy as a horse." I sat there stunned it's. . . a boy? "Yes it's a boy." Kala laughed we became sisters as she trained me and fought beside me.

I became better, faster, stronger, even learning abilities I never knew I had. We killed our first God five months ago I had a bump but was able to use my abilities to subdue and kill the god Udes The god of protection. Our relationship became stronger as I showed my power growing. I became unstoppable winning many wars and fights I became a. . .monster.

I shed many tears the day I first held my son his eyes were open shockingly. His eyes a gorgeous green his hair a dark fiery red like his father. I knew he was going to grow strong and handsome a warrior, my heart already taken. His skin was a honey brown his cheeks so chubby I wanted to hold him forever and never let go.

As I stared into his eyes I knew I needed to protect him and love him with everything I have. I willingly gave my heart and soul to this tiny boy, I couldn't express the love I had for this baby. I held him in my arms and pressed my forehead to his. He gave the most precious coo as he grabbed my face in his tiny hands. "I will never turn my back on you. . .I will always be there and will love you for eternity." I whispered that promise, determined to give my son love I was never given.

I smiled as I came out of the memory I will cherish for the rest of my days. It's been centuries since I've won Killing the gods bringing destruction but also new opportunities. I helped guide men to think freely and choose their own fates. My past wasn't perfect though many still call me the destroyer.

I'm stuck being the last Goddess in this world the weight of the world on my shoulders. My job is to keep the world safe and alive especially from the Ulir Demons made by the God of Hell. They only have one objective ruling the world, They need souls of the living to sustain them.

They adapted by trickery transforming into humans and luring unsuspecting victims. Of course they only resorted to such tricks because I won the war against their leader killing him. I still protect this world if I peris the world crumbles. My appearance is different compared to my past self. I walk with more confidence and grace demanding respect.

My chocolate brown hair always braided behind my back. My red golden eyes brighter an always swirling fire storm. A scar running from my forehead to a few inches beneath my right eye. Tattoo's and symbols cover both my arms traveling up to my neck and down my back stopping at my lower back. My right leg also covered in tattoo's.

It always swirled a red or blue depending on what power I used. I developed more powers as I killed each god and conquered kingdoms and wars. My son by my side always as I taught and helped him grow. We struggled but at the end of the road we live peacefully.

I never went back to my old kingdom I always wondered what happened with the six kingdoms. I always thought about my siblings hoping they were okay and living peacefully. I flinched as I thought of Cain I shook my thoughts away. I will never be seeing their faces again I walked into my two story house.

It was the twentieth century I believe It's hard to keep track of time. My age is stuck at twenty-eight my son twenty our real age ancient. I walked to my kitchen turning on the stove preparing supper for me and my son. He has a place of his own but he'll never admit that he loves my cooking.

I filled a pot with water putting it on the stove for it to boil as I skinned and chopped potatoes. I was lost in thought and feeling content with the way things are. I put the chopped pieces in the water to boil grabbing some chicken from the fridge. I grabbed a pan and put it on the stove also putting the chicken in.

I hummed as I enjoyed the smell of roasting chicken seasoning it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cilantro. I seasoned the Potatoes with salt and pepper also getting watermelon and vegetables out. Once I cooked the gravy I was done cooking and preparing keeping them heated and decided to just relax. I sat on my sofa closing my eyes and fell asleep I slept for about three hours. I finally woke up a knock on the door immediately made me stiffen

"We don't have visitors." I whispered to myself I slowly walked towards the door. Making my footsteps silent looking through the peep hole. I couldn't see who it was only seeing a black business jacket. I sighed annoyed "Must be those damn sellers again." I groaned opening the door.

I paused frozen in horror as I saw someone I never wanted to see again. "It's been a long time Nyra." Cain said the first reaction I had was to slap him. To his shock I slapped him so hard he jerked to the right. "How are you still alive!" I hissed in rage he rubbed his cheek glaring at me. He showed his teeth stunned I saw two large canines poking out.

"Y-you. . .your a Vampire!" I screeched he covered his ears as I started to panic. What am I going to tell my son He comes home in thirty minutes. I ran inside slamming the door in his face as my mind raced. The only way he could be one is if he made a deal with an Ulir. The Ulir will form a blood contract with a human promising eternal life if they drink the blood of a human. Stashing the soul and bringing it to the Ulir that way they don't have to hunt.

If the Ulir dies the Human is stuck with the curse and in eternal torment until I or a Priest or Priestess kills them. "Nyra let me explain!" He yelled through the door I clenched my fist he wants me to listen after what he put me through! I seethed in rage "Why should I listen to you? I hissed he sighed through the door.

"Your family also signed one." Stunned I couldn't say anything then spoke "Go find someone else to confess to." I said sharply they are not going to drag me back into another war. "Please we can't find anyone who can break an Ulir contract."

I felt a pang of sympathy sighing I walked to the door I opened the door and reluctantly let him in. I think I let him in because I wanted my son to know about his father. "Why did any of you make one in the first place?" My voice cold he gave me a scalding glare "You should know you sent them."

I laughed in disbelief "You really believe after all the years of ignoring and avoiding all of you I would send Ulir?! I am not a coward!" He was stunned at my fury "You've always loathed us always scheming behind the shadows." I gave him a sorrowful smile making him shut his mouth. "I loved you. . .I. . . thought you loved me too." I whispered tears threatened to fall.

Regret and guilt flashed in his eyes but was quickly replaced with resentment. "You were a traitor to your own kingdom." I scoffed waving my arms in the air in exasperation "I was trying to protect the kingdom!" I shouted standing up Cain also followed as we raised our voices. "How do you possibly think siding with your shrew of a grandmother was not treasonous?" I snapped baring my teeth my tattoo's swirling.

"You will never understand the torment I had to go through!" I yelled in agony he paused seeing the suffering and torment swirling in my eyes. "You and the royal family were never there for me. . .never." I sobbed tears streaming down my face he opened his mouth but I interrupted.

"As I was neglected, tortured, and abandoned by the very people I loved because of some damned curse I had no say in!" I covered my eyes as the memories of anguish all came crashing back. Cain reached out to comfort me but I slapped his hand "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!!" He jerked his hand away my eyes wild.

"Mom. . .MOM are you okay?!" My son came barreling in seeing my miserable state. Then he saw Cain they both froze as they saw each other. Both the exact same except for skin complexion Cain took a sharp breath in.

"leave." Cain flinched as Talion brushed past him and gathered me in his arms. "Are you okay did he hurt you?" He glared at his father "If he did I'll make sure he pays!" He snarled Cain stared at us shock and agony etched on his face. He looked like he had so many things to say but didn't know how.

I cupped his right cheek calming down "Everything's fine, I'm sorry I frightened you. . .I need to talk to him." He sighed as he let go of me trusting my judgment. "Just call for me if you need anything." I nodded as he headed upstairs not looking Cain in the eye. Cain sat frozen for a while staring up at the stairs a million emotions running rampant through his head.

Cain finally looked at me "We have a son?" He asked his voice cracked as his eyes moistened in tears. "Where's my sister?' I asked coldly he winced as I stared him down. "We're no longer married."

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