Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 5

Cain's POV

I screwed up drastically no catastrophically screwed up I sat stunned into silence. I looked at the face of the woman I loved more than anything else in the world. We shared our most cherished moments together. I loved her at first sight our marriage was arranged but when I saw her. My world seemed much brighter and full of life as we spent time together.

We were both seven at the time when we first met her chocolate brown hair always seemed to cover her face. I loved everything about her but. . .as we grew older. We grew distant many wicked rumors spreading about her. I didn't believe any of the rumors at first.

Until her brother my greatest friend and loving brother to Nyra started telling me her schemes. How she's been aiding her grandmother to take the throne. I couldn't believe what I heard so I went to confront her. I winced as I recalled that unpleasant memory.

"Nyra what's the meaning of this?" I shouted as a noble lady sobbed on the floor holding her swollen cheek. "She needed to be taught a lesson." She said nonchalantly I paused this wasn't the woman I loved. I felt my heart pound aching already feeling loss. "Your brother said you are aiding Hera." I said softly she froze and that's when I realized every rumor was true.

We grew further apart she kept her distance she barely talked or spent time with me. Acting wicked as she punished her servants harshly and treated many noble ladies horridly. She slowly slipped into a darker version of a woman I couldn't recognize. She was violent even acting violent towards her siblings. When Her brother came to me with a letter opener in his shoulder.

I lost all hope that the woman I loved was still there, who could hurt their own flesh and blood? After that incident it spiraled out of control her grandmother came to us with evidence of treason. Her parents merciful and heart broken decided to exile her instead of execution. Coming back from my thoughts I gnawed on my lower lip.

I stared at the gorgeous swirling fire storm in her eyes a confidence I've never seen straightened her spine. She gave me a scalding glare, I have a son. . . I still couldn't believe I had a son. I clenched my teeth in anger "Why did you hide him from me?" I hissed she returned fire with ferocity "If you forgot I was being hunted down by assassins and mercenaries. Going back to the kingdom would make me and my son an easier target."

I winced as she emphasized him being her son "What, what do you mean?" I asked puzzled it only seemed to make her more furious "I had a kill warrant for my head you imbecile! Three million for torture before death and a bigger fortune to be caught alive." She seethed I froze as I recalled the event her parents seemed to sign a document nonchalantly. It was in the counseling room where the king and queen called all important figures in the kingdom.

Hera sat next to them grinning evilly ear to ear as they agreed. I flinched as thinking of how many vile men were out to kill her. I paled "What if they found out about our son?!" I trembled in guilt and torment clenching my teeth. " I was trying to keep both of us alive, fed, and clothed while you sat in luxury with my sister!" She bellowed I cowered each word like knives tearing my heart apart.

I rubbed my face unable to express how much guilt and regret I felt.

Nyra's POV

"I think it's time for you to leave." I whispered he nodded getting up from the couch. "I'll think about helping but I need time." I said he nodded agony etched on his features as I closed the door behind him. I trembled grief overwhelming me as tormenting memories resurfaced. It was always the joyful memories that cut the deepest.

I knelt on the floor as tears streamed down my face I laughed darkly. I haven't felt this vulnerable in a long time " I'm going to kill him." I snapped my head to the left where my son stood I got up. "What did I say about your father?" I scolded he huffed adorably as he said "That he was a great man." He rolled his eyes I raised my eyebrow. "You have anything else to say. . .boy?"

His face scrunched up as he reluctantly answered "When ever I spoke bad about him you'd hit me. I may be hard headed but I do learn." I laughed as he walked towards me giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I love you my heart." I whispered he squeezed me tighter "I love you mama always. . .and if he starts trouble again I can't promise not to kill him." I moved to smack him but he dodged.

Curse my good training I laughed "I may be old but remember your mama can still throw." I grabbed a slipper as he laughed and ran up the stairs. I giggled shaking my head "Just like his father." I mumbled to myself I smiled. I never let him speak horribly about his father. I was grateful for the amazing gift he gave me although unknowingly, my son I didn't want to ruin his father's image.

I hoped that one day they would have a good relationship but I don't think it's possible anymore. I walked into the kitchen cleaning dishes and putting food in the fridge. I yawned as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. It was a respectable size with a king sized bed and a lovely bathroom and walk in closet. Pearl walls with a wooded floor and two big windows with white shutters. Looking out to my back yard I owned most of the forest here. I loved the seclusion and quiet the only sound was the animals and critters.

I decided on a quick shower after I dressed into a night gown and plopped on my bed I fell asleep slowly. "WAIT NO. . . please." I gasped as I ran loud booms sounded around me large explosions everywhere. I ran as fast as I could towards my son a Ulir ready to slaughter my son. To steal his soul I roared as I watched my helpless seven year old son.

Unconscious at the mercy of a vile creature that has no conscience. It's mouth gaped unnaturally wide three rows of sharp teeth unsheathed. It's pale humanoid form crouched over him menacingly. Tears streamed down my face as I desperately tried to get to him. "TALION WAKE UP!" I screamed no matter how fast I pumped my legs I wasn't going any faster.

Another Ulir tackled me to the ground I roared in frustration and terror. The Ulir was strong pushing my face towards my son forcing me to watch helplessly. The Ulir holding my seven year old son Hissed reared back and ripped his throat out.

"NO.....NO PLEASE!?" I woke up gasping tears streaming down my face. "Mom...mom its okay, it's okay." My son hugged my sobbing trembling form. I grasped his face making sure he was okay I wept for half an hour.

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