Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 6

Nyra's POV

I calmed down as I realized it was just a terrifying nightmare one I prayed to never experience again. "Mom what were you dreaming about?" Talion asked I shook my head unable to speak about that horrid nightmare. I felt cold chills down my spine as I saw the revolting gaping maw of the Ulir. The Ulir was oddly detailed I remembered each and every feature. The Ulir was deceivingly handsome vampiric features.

Dark long coal black hair smooth pale skin and prominent cheekbones. A strong jaw and coal black eyes that seem like dark pits of hell. I shivered as his mouth gaping full of sharp teeth his canines bottom and top canines longer than the others. His pupils disappearing into milky white orbs that appeared dead. The image made me tremble I knew he was a new foe. I usually only had dreams like these if the person was somehow connected with my fate.

I gritted my teeth rage overwhelming my terror I'll never let him harm my son. It was a prophecy the fates seemed to love toying with me even in their death beds. He was an Ulir and by the looks of him he was powerful. He seemed stronger adapted to the world I created. I clenched my fists exhaling loudly the tears dried as I came back to my senses.

My tattoo's swirled sensing my cry for war I smiled at the familiar feeling. "What are you thinking?" I smirked Talion shivered at my expression. "What are you planning? I just want to make sure I've got my will written down. "Talion joked as I laughed I patted his shoulder smiling evilly "What do you think of meeting your grandparents?"

A week later. . . .

I can't believe the castle is still standing the foreboding walls and towers still standing. The once alluring gardens and courtyard was now abandoned. My heart thudded in pain at seeing the once great and stunning castle now on it's way to ruin. It was once the great pride of our kingdom showing the power and greatness of the Vrevetha royalty. It's once pristine and gorgeous white stone walls were now cracked. The towers looked ready to collapse vines and plants growing into the walls.

The garden filled with a variety of rare and native flowers from all over the world was now dilapidated. Now it was bare as if a pestilence hit the once greatest treasure of the kingdom. I use to walk through the gardens and cared for them. It was the duty of my mother the queen to care for the garden. She never once cared for the garden instead I decided to take the responsibility.

I cherished the garden it was the only responsibility I had and loved. I was proud of my work, now it was left to ruin I smiled as most of my cherished moments were there in the garden. I looked to the right wing of the castle. I saw the dreadful tower I use to reside in. An always abandoned, lonely side of the castle I also took care of. Shivering dreading having to go back in the torment and suffering.

Talion grabbed my hand squeezing I looked towards him smiling. I appreciated his comfort I giggled "Thank you my heart." He smiled looking outside the left window "Why did you decide to come back to this place?" He asked I chewed my bottom lip as I decided to tell him. "The Ulir have returned." Talion stiffened his features paling "Why are we here it's not our fight anymore." He said softly I cupped his cheek.

I made him face me I adored and loved my son "I love you my son that's why." Confused he raised an eyebrow "What do you mean?" I chuckled shaking my head I looked out the window I needed his grandparents to take him in. If anything happens to me I need him to at least have a relationship with his grandparents.

My eyes moistened with tears I didn't plan on leaving my son. I also know that anything can happen so I want my son to have a family to fall back to. We arrived the car stopped in front of the massive gates in front of the courtyard. We got out of the car my son wrapping my hand in his arm. I giggled at his manners "I raised you right didn't I?" I teased he laughed "Yes you did."

We walked towards the gate, right when we were a foot away the gate swung open. We walked towards the huge heavy doors it was rotting giving a mildew smell. The fading design of a leopard roaring to the heavens a sign of the royal family. It was now fading like the existence of the royal family. The doors opened to the sneering face of my old butler. A cold man who neglected me "Hello Nyra." He hissed I rolled my eye Talion growled in anger the sound menacing.

The butler cleared his throat clearly shaken as he escorted us in closing the doors behind us. The double spiraling marbled staircase in front of us. I laughed not surprised the butler also signed a contract with an Ulir. "Still afraid to die young?" I sneered the butler stiffened in rage but dare not say anything.
"Are there no servants left?" I asked the butler shook his head "I expect an answer with words." I said sharply "N-no miss they all died of old age."

I laughed darkly I felt relief not seeing the maids that tormented me. I heard clicking heels on stone floor to the right I inhaled sharply. The head maid the main tormenter and snake who tattled on me constantly. "It's been quite a time hasn't it? You still don't seem to have manners." Her condescending tone and rough voice sent shivers down my spine. I froze in fear remembering her torture and abuse.

She laughed her black hair tied into a severe bun she wore a white blouse and a tight fitting short skirt. She looks a lot more younger her age when I was younger was about forty. Now she looks in her twenties "I see your a coward to." She glared in rage "EXCU-" I interrupted "Your excused." I said firmly giving her a cold glare she flinched stunned.

"Why are you here?" A familiar deep voice growled from the top of the staircases. I looked up smiling at my brother his silver hair was now cut short slicked back the hair reaching the nape of his neck. His violet eyes observed me judging me coldly I felt grief as I saw his long canines peak from underneath his lips.

His wife blonde haired, brown doe eyes, pale skin was pregnant two little kids hugging her sides. I smiled they were precious twins the both looked the exact same. Blonde haired violet eyes both boys as they clung to their mother. I felt despair at being an aunt but never will be close to my own nephews. I looked at her pregnant belly a thought came to my mind.

"How are you pregnant?" She stiffened seemingly uncomfortable with the question. "Don't talk to my wife!" He seethed I recalled her name Lily I chuckled "It's just strange you can't have children on the contract since your dead. The only way is if you also made a contract with the god or goddess of life . Who is dead." Lily started to tremble as Roman looked towards her in confusion.

"I'll tell you when were alone." She whispered her voice was very soft and soothing. He glared at me I shrugged I already knew what she's done. She made a contract with the god of life before I killed him. The god of life took a fascination with her which quickly turned to obsession. He was persistent but Lily desperate to have children asked him for help. He agreed as long as she promised to be his celestial wife.

He would have her time with him during the night and my brother would have her during the day. My brother has no idea of this but because I slaughtered the god of life she's free. She owes me one I plan to use it to my full advantage. I gave her a smirk as she trembled pleading me not to say anything in her gaze.

I'll just let them have a couples spat and figure it out later I closed my eyes. "Are you ok mom?" Lily and Roman inhaled sharply as I smiled to Talion. "Yes just a little tired." Talion nodded reverting back to his cold and stern stare. "You have a son?!" Roman shouted in astonishment He let go of his wife walking down the stairs.

He came face to face with Talion I smiled amused as Talion was about a good five inches taller. He grew strong I beamed in pride as Talion gave his uncle a stare down.

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