Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 7

Nyra's POV

I sighed "Are you ladies done I'm quite tired." I teased they both broke out of their stare down. Roman cleared his throat "Hello I'm your uncle Roman." Roman introduced himself holding his hand out for a handshake. Talion glared at him refusing to shake his hand. I nudged him with my right elbow, he groaned and shook Romans hand reluctantly. I studied each of their forms feeling a pang of guilt at seeing all of them changed. They were all vampires I finally saw the two people I cursed the most.

"Hello Davien. . .Alvira." I greeted nodding They both scowled at me. Talion glared back as I kept my expression neutral and cold. "Why don't you address us as father and mother?" Alvira asked I laughed incredulously "You don't deserve the title of mother and father." I seethed Davien glowered at me angrily "Don't you dare be disrespectful to your parents."

Letting my son's arm go I walked slowly towards them "Both of you were never my parents and never will be." I growled they flinched surprised at my disobedience I straightened my spine. "I'm here to help all of you with your contracts." They all stared in astonishment.

"What are you going to do?" Alvira sneered smiling in contempt I shook my head. "Do you want my help or not?" I asked they shook their heads stubbornly refusing my help. "Well then have a pleasant time suffering for eternity." I said turning me and Talion were about to walk out.

"Wait." I paused at the sound of Cain's voice "You heard them their stupidity knows no bounds." I said Cain exhaled loudly in frustration "Your highnesses-" I scoffed "Their still going by those titles?" Both the Queen and King gasped in outrage "We are still royalty!"Davien seethed I shook my head turning back towards them "You do realize even if your royal you have no kingdom."

They shrunk as I reprimanded them I paused feeling grief my once proud and powerful family were now in ruin. I clenched my fists "With out people to rule over your nothing and you certainly do not have power anymore. The kingdom is in ruins and you're all still grasping straws of the past." They shook at my words their eyes clenched shut in pain.

My grandmother stepped out from behind them I stiffened. She smiled wide with wicked intentions. "Oh hello my dear grandchild." She moved to embrace me in a hug which I side stepped. "Don't' touch me old hag!" I snarled her face filled with fury twisted towards me. "After all I've done for you and raised you as if you were my own. YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACK ON ME!!" I let out an inhuman growl that shook the castle my eyes glowing and swirling in rage.

Everyone gasped and took a step back "Do not speak as if you did anything for me. I took care of myself and still am, so you better damn well stay away from me." I hissed my grandmother stunned couldn't say anything. "MAID!" She bellowed a twelve year old girl ran out I cocked my head. Maybe there were more maids in the castle I shifted my attention to the butler. I glared at him and he shook "I'll have a talk with him later." I thought suddenly I heard a scream and looked.

My grandmother swung her hand in inhuman speed and tore the poor girls head clean off. Blood splattered the floor and on everyone the color painting the floor. I didn't flinch grandmother always had these fits of rage. I was use to seeing her rage as she killed everyone unlucky to be near her. Especially my grandfather my eye twitched at the memory.

"What took you so long?" My grandmother asked her voice calm but rage laced in her words. There's always a calm before the storm especially with my grandmother. "I'm terribly sorry grandmother I'll be on time next breakfast." I whispered shaking I was twelve then too. She slammed a hand on the table making me jump "You must be punished it is un lady like for a lady or well. . .a thing like you to be late." She seethed "Honey must you be so hard on her?"

My grandfather was always soft which always infuriated grandmother. This seemed to be the last straw, she smiled alarm bells started ringing in my head. She gracefully and slowly walked to grandfather a coy smile on her face. Grandfather exhaled in relief but I knew better. I should've shouted in warning do something but I couldn't. The fear and lump in my throat making me unable to say anything.

"Oh darling you always seem to calm me down." She brushed a hand on my grandfather's right cheek. My grandfather still oblivious leaned into her touch. Grandmother grabbed a knife behind her and sliced his throat in once swift movement. So fast I barely registered what she'd done. I inhaled Sharpley almost crying out catching myself before I did. Tears welled in my eyes as I shook in terror blood gushing out of the wound.

My grandmother relished in his blood laughing manically as the blood painted her face and hair. Sadly this wasn't the first time I've seen her spill blood un mercilessly. It won't be the last either I was a victim to her cruelty also, but always silenced unable to say anything.

I came back from the memory my son shook my shoulder "Are you okay mother?" He asked I nodded my head patting his hand. "Mother didn't we agree for you not to do this unless it was outside?" My father sighed as if this was normal not a sign of an insane woman. "If your going to have a fit like an insane toddler it's best you leave." I said grandmother roared in rage as she ran towards me.

I glared baring my teeth as she ran at me ready to finally beat her. Flashes of my torment and torture fueled my anger as she rushed at me. I gave a swift punch to her jaw sending her flying the opposite direction. Sighing brushing my pants off grimacing at the girls blood on my pants I addressed my grandmother. "If you try and rush me again I'll make sure to do more than just punch you." I promised she spat out blood glaring at me as she was slumped against the wall beneath the stairs.

My "family" stared at me in bewilderment "You would hit your grandmother?" My father asked "I was never on her damn side you all just assumed I was." I said they all stood in shock "Now do you need my help or not?" They all nodded I sighed "Butler show me to my old chambers." I said the butler jumped up and bowed leading me and my son to those dreaded chambers that still haunts my nightmares.

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