Rise from Ashes

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chapter 8

Nyra's POV

We approached the rotted and dilapidated doors of my old chambers. The doors were ready to collapse I carefully opened them and looked inside. Everything looked the same no furniture just an old hard bed frame. It's best to just sleep on the floor than that rickety bed. The curtains were ripped holes showing bugs and moths have eaten most of the fabric. Cobwebs covered the corners of the room. The floor had stains of old blood, dust covered every inch of this room.

There were no rugs or any kind of comfort in this room just old and terrifying memories. "This. . . was your room?" My son asked shaking in anger he walked in. I walked in after him closing the door the butler outside looking at the floor in shame. I nodded the lump in my throat restricting my words. I wasn't surprised at the lack of care this still must have that damn rumor. "Yes. . .when I lived here because of the rumor I was cursed. They thought this side of the castle was also cursed." Hence why my grandmother got away for torture.

She was the only one who stationed her chambers here claiming that she pitied the abandoned girl. Her chambers were just four doors away from mine. My torture chamber also four doors away. I shivered paling my hands trembled in fear for a second I felt like that vulnerable girl again. My son grabbed my hand shaking me out of my stupor.

I cupped his cheek lovingly "Let's fix this room." He nodded as I walked to the door the butler still waiting outside. "I must speak with you." I said coldly glaring at him to behave he nodded walking in. He stiffened as he looked around my old chambers flinching at the old blood stains on the floor. "You know what this place is?" I asked he nodded his figure slumped slightly in shame.

"Then I figure you know what I want?" I said harshly he nodded "Yes. . .or no." My eyes narrowed into slits in fury "Yes miss." He said I nodded "Oh and one more thing." He paled trembling "Why did you lie to me about no servants being here?" I glared at him showing my ferocity as he stood in terror.

He collapsed to the floor head touching the vile floor with his head. "I'm sorry miss I will never lie again!" He vowed a cruel smile danced on my lips. "I'll forgive you this time, but if I see any sign of betrayal I'll cut your head from your shoulders." I snarled baring my teeth. "Y-y-yes your highness." I nodded satisfied for now and dismissed him.

He ran out tail between his legs as I sighed turning back to my repugnant chambers. "I'll show you to your room." My son nodded death showed in his gaze I cupped his cheek. "It was all in the past it's imperative we forgive but never forget. I'm here to settle debts I've had long to repay don't worry, after this they'll never be in our lives again." I said softly his gaze turned sad as he embraced me into a hug.

"If this is what you need to be in peace then let's get this over with." What did I do to deserve him as a son? I hugged him tight before we separated I gave him a reassuring smile. I led him to the room next to me this room was still dusty and abandoned. I was grateful it wasn't as dilapidated as mine. It has furniture and curtains with a closet and bathroom. I felt relief at least my son has a good place to rest.

"Come sleep in this room." My son said I giggled shaking my head "You need your privacy and rest. I'm going to renovate that room in the meantime let's clean your room." I said in excitement it's about time we did some renovations. He chuckled shaking his head "You always see the bright side no matter the situation." With an impish grin I cracked my knuckles "Let's get this done."

Eight hours later. . . .

We both collapsed on my son's couch in exhaustion sweat covered our bodies. We cleaned, refurnished, and stocked our necessities. We only carried what we needed but it was still a lot to do. We first started with my son's room dusting and sweeping. We cleaned the furniture dark red couches surrounding a black coffee table. We cleaned out the fire place as to not have trouble lighting a fire.

We cleaned the sheets and bed and brought an old chest to put his clothes and weapons' in. Surprisingly the bathrooms were updated with a toilet and bathtub. We cleaned those and the sink the theme white. The floor was gray stone with white rugs and the sink was white marble with a gray spout and handles. A big round mirror the tub was old style a good size white with black claws to hold it up.

It makes me wonder if there was someone who visited here. I shook my head at the thought there couldn't be, no one in their right mind would stay here. The room was more warm and comforting the butler brought all sorts of appliances and furniture. "Is there any electricity here?" I asked the butler nodded his head "The electricians decided that the whole castle needed electricity." I rubbed my chin good thing me and my son were pretty handy with this stuff.

I ordered a black chandelier light to keep the old style esthetic. It came in fast and me and my son hooked it up to the electricity. With a smug smile we were finished the room was gorgeous red and black themed. a Red and black carpet covered the floor only about four inches of stone floor still uncovered. The red couches had new black pillows. The bed covered with red and black sheets and covers. I made sure to buy a lot of fuzzy blankets for my son all matching the bed.

"Mom I don't need all these." He flushed in embarrassment at the fuzzy blankets I got him. "Oh hush I know how much you love soft blankets. Not only that they have no air conditioning here so the winter will be cold." I said he sighed in defeat I kissed his cheek. "This place would sell or rent for a lot it's like a suite." My son said I giggled it has a balcony I also stocked with furniture.

My room was Navy and gold themed I cleaned the room spotless. Replaced the door with a pure white door I found in the tower. I also had three navy and gold carpets lining the floor the blood gone. I replaced the old bed with a king sized bed with gold and navy sheets. The curtains replaced with golden curtains the balcony also having navy colored lounge furniture.

I didn't have a fire place but had plenty of warm blankets and warmers for my feet and hands. I had gold furniture, navy pillows, with a black coffee table. The bathroom also needed an update so I updated the bathroom with navy blue walls, and white rug, with a white tub with golden claws. A large rectangle mirror hung above a black marbled sink. I also have a trunk full of my belongings I decided I needed a desk for upcoming plans so I ordered a black desk with lockable drawers.

I clapped my hands content with our work I was so happy I forgot where I was. Until I heard a gasp from behind me I turned around and saw my sister standing in the doorway.

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