Rise from Ashes

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Chapter 9

Nyra's POV

"Oh sister this is just beautiful." I winced at my sisters sickly sweet voice. We both got up and walked toward her my sister faltered as she saw my cold gaze "H-hello sister it's been a long time." My son stepped forward trying to protect me. I patted his shoulder assuring him he steeped back to my right side. "You must be my nephew." She whispered in awe as she looked up he was a head taller than her. She had to look up at him straining her neck.

She moved to cup his cheek he didn't take lightly to that and snarled "Don't touch me." he spat flinching she quickly took her hand back. "Do you need something?" I asked she flinched at my cold tone she gathered herself together. "I wanted to see you again." I scoffed as walked back to the couch. I sat down my son soon following and sat to my right. I gestured for her to sit across from me in front of the fire place.

The lounge chair was quite comfortable so when she sat she sighed in content. "These are quite comfortable." I nodded waiting for her to state her business. "Where are all the maids?" She asked obliviously "I never had maids sister and probably never will." I stated a flash of guilt and contempt showed in her gaze. It disappeared quickly turning to sorrow I should've known her kindness was all a trick.

My son also caught on scoffing "Since when have you been worried about my mother?" My sister gasped holding a hand to her chest. "I've always worried about her." I smiled she shivered at my gaze "Of course you've always been the angel of the kingdom after all." A flash of insanity passed through her features making me pause.

Before I could ask her about it the door opened "Miss I've assigned head maids and servants to you and the young lord." I scowled "Did you ask for permission to come in?" I asked the butler realized his mistake. Paling, sweat dripping down his face he said "Apologies your highness it won't happen again." I nodded my eyes flashing in warning. "Send them in I'd like to examine them personally."

The butler nodded a total of twelve maids and twelve servants walked in. Perfect manners and etiquette as they all bowed addressing me and my son. I looked to my son "Well. . .do you like them?" My son observed his servants carefully all of them sweating under his gaze. "I'll observe their actions for now." I nodded as I observed my maids.

Two of them caught my eye the maids were all rigid with fear some with contempt. Two were completely relaxed and showed respect towards me. One with hazel hair and eyes also tan skin "Your name?" I asked the maid looked into my eyes showing no fear I smiled I quite like this girl. "Kala your highness" She bowed I also noticed a flash of fangs.

So she also made a contract with an Ulir "You will be my head maid." I said a flash of joy crossed her features before turning neutral. "As you wish your highness." I nodded content I studied the other girl blue eyes, and blonde hair with a pale complexion. "What's your name?" I asked she also showed no fear "Revana your highness." I smiled warmly "You will also be my head maid." She bowed low "I am grateful your highness."

"You both will be head maids of of the right wing. I expect great things from both of you I will be hiring more. So expect hard work and reward if you complete your duties dutifully." I said they both nodded joy radiating off of them. "As for the rest of you I need this wing to be spotless I've already ordered knew furniture. I expect all of you to have this place spotless and clean before dawn." They all bowed "Yes your highness." They walked out Revana stayed to tend to me while Kala in charge of watching the servants went to do her duties.

Talion also picked his choice of servants to tend to him then we were done. My sister sat stunned by our leadership I cocked my head. "What's wrong sister?" She shook out of her stupor and gave me a big smile. A smile that was dead and cold. . .unfeeling I shivered. "I'm so happy you finally get what you deserve." I gave her a fake smile back I know what she's doing. "Thank you sister now what business did you have here?" I asked she clenched her teeth subtlety which I caught.

"I just wanted to say that I'm giving you the right wing." I gestured for Revana to come to me. She gracefully walked to me "Yes your highness." I smiled "Would you bring us a cup of Milk Oolong tea?" I asked she nodded bowing before exiting the room. My sister stiffened shifting in her chair uncomfortably of course I knew she hated tea. Tea was a drink for peasants to many nobles but for me it was another way to relax.

"I'm sorry sister did you say you were in charge of the right wing?" I asked she nodded smirking "Yes and the gardens." I smirked evilly as Revana walked in ten minutes later I was pleased at how fast she was. "Thank you Revana I'll give you a raise." I said praising her she blushed happily. Revana poured the tea with grace into our cups they were plain but I have time to fix that.

"Oh sister you must be mistaken." I said she froze her face freezing in a perfect smile. In some way she reminded me of a doll, a sadistic doll. "Oh but it's true sister I'm in charge of both the right wing and gardens." I wanted to sneer her "care" was more of abandonment. The garden was in shambles ever since I left "Someone must be tricking you my dear sister look at how dilapidated the garden and right wing has been." I said in fake concern I grabbed my cup and sipped the warm contents.

I sighed as the warmth rushed down my throat and through my whole body. Instantly relaxing my muscles the taste exquisite as always maybe even better. "Revana who made this tea?" Revana blushed and said "I did your majesty." Revana has impressed me but has not completely gained my trust. "I need to reward you I'll talk about your reward when we're in my chambers." Revana curtsied in utmost respect.

I need to gain the respect of my servants and maids in order to have a successful war with the Ulir. "I've been very busy with Cain our marriage has been very hard." She whimpered I clenched the cup handle in my right hand "Mother I think it's time for us to rest." Talion said I nodded agreeing a headache was starting to form.

"I hope your marriage ends well . . .also I'd like to take those burdens off your shoulders. So yes I'll take the responsibility of the right wing and gardens." Anger crossed her features her blue eyes flashing dangerously. "Of course sister thank you so much." I nodded escorting her out of my son's room.

What set my rage on fire was the lecherous gaze she sent my son. I felt sick and slammed the door in her face my son shivered "She's psychotic." I sighed ruffling my sons hair "Unfortunately it runs in the family." He laughed as I smiled I hugged my son tightly "Goodnight my heart." He gave me a lopsided grin "I will mom." I kissed his cheek and left his room Revana behind me as I went to my room next door.

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