Over The Rain

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BxB you have been warned. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simple as that. Continue please. Alex has had a rough life. Hell he still has it rough! What happens when your parents find out you're a half vampire? For him it means getting locked up or beaten every time they get angry. But what if an alpha in shining armor comes to rescue Alex? Will he run to him with open arms or will his circumstances impact his decision making? Only one way to find out!

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

⚠️Hi everyone! Thanks for clicking on this book I guess? Sorry, I'm awkward. Anywho just a disclaimer, if you haven't seen the summary this is a BxB so if you don't like it don't read it! I don't need to hear about how "being gay's a sin" blah blah blah. Also this is some pretty heavy shit. There are depictions of abuse and mature scenes so if you're sensitive with any of this....THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU!!!⚠️
Anywho tysm for reading! See ya!😘
Alex Pov

Do you ever wake up one morning and just get frustrated that you haven't died peacefully in your sleep? That's basically my entire life summed up in one sentence. School isn't great because I'm a huge nerd and home isn't great because, guess what!? I'm a vampire! Well half vampire anyway. About two years ago I was out taking a walk and this gorgeous man came up to me and just bit me. I still remember it like it was yesterday. But then he died a couple week's later, I saw it on the news. It was horrible, I felt like I was the one dying. I've always been shy and small and mostly introverted but ever since that whole thing happened it became a lot worse. I don't think my dad ever really liked me. He wanted me to be his little football star, not this 5'4 skinny book worm. And certainly not a half vamp! That was the icing on the cake I think. When I came home from that stupid walk with a gash in my neck. My father's a hunter of course and my mom died after I was born so naturally he turned to alcohol to fix his problems.

The first time he hit me was when I turned 8. He was drunk and I accidentally ran into him playing a game. He got angry and hit me and that was the start of this whole relationship. Luckily my 18th birthday is only a couple of months away so as soon as that happens I'm out of this hellhole. I don't know if he'll try to find me or not but I really hope he's too far gone to even realize I left.

As I'm thinking about all this I hear the door creak open. Oh shit I guess he's home now. I pop the beer bottle and put it next to the plate of food on the table. I still have the bruises from yesterday's beating so I hope I did a good job with dinner today. I don't want to upset him. Especially since he seems drunk enough as is. He stumbles through the door and to the sad little dining table before plopping himself in one of the chairs. "Where's my fork boy?" Damnit! "Oh s-sorry sir, I-I'll get it." I can barely speak over a whisper with him around. It's pretty pathetic huh. "Well it wasn't as bad as yesterday so whatever" yeah I actually agree with him there. I messed everything up yesterday. I'm just glad school doesn't start till tomorrow. I go and grab a fork and knife from one of the cabinets and hand it to him with shaky hands. "So school starts tomorrow right boy?" Shit! I still need to get supplies and stuff. "Y-yes sir." God I am so wimpy right now. "Here. Go buy something useful. And get some groceries while your at it, idiot" He hands me a $30 bill. Wonder where he got it. I thought he used all his money from the mines on Beer. "Thank you sir." "whatever brat, just get out of my face." "O-of course sir. B-bye!" As I'm walking to the store I notice it's pretty deserted around here, usually there are junkies stumbling around aimlessly looking for another fix wherever they can find one but I'm glad there aren't. It makes my job a little easier. Eventually I come up to the food outlet a couple blocks up the road and notice some rich looking kids walk in with their designer labels and stuff. Wonder what they're doing here? I feel like there are better places to go for food where they live. Or maybe they just stopped for snacks or something. Not that I really care. I walk in a little ways after them and put my hood down. It's always raining In Kinsland but that's fine. Anyway I start looking for the school supplies and start looking through the bins to find the basics of what I need. I see this really cool notebook that I could sketch in but I'd have to give up a notebook to be able to afford it plus the food I bought before this. "You should get it, it fits you." I hear from behind me. Naturally I yelp like a kicked puppy and only to see a Greek God standing a couple feet behind me smirking almost evilly....To say it was hot would be an understatement. Oh my God what did I just say!? "Th....thanks I guess " I can literally feel my cheeks heating up, I probably look like an idiot! "No problem, I'm Killian Kil for short." He smells weird but really good. Like sandalwood and pomegranates but also a little like, dog? What? Wait whats happening? I feel my fangs threatening to pop out suddenly. I got to get out of here! Nice to meet you, have a good day I guess." I say turning and covering my mouth while leaning on the shopping cart just trying to get the hell out of there! "Hey wait!" I hear from behind me but I'm already out the door before he can stop me. Guess I'll have to save that notebook for another time. Anyway Thank God my vamp speed makes me fast! Even if I'm only a weak little half vamp. I've never met another vamp or anything but certain people have weird smells and auras so I've kind of learned to distinguish those scents a little bit. Wait, shit! I forgot about my bruised eye! I lift my hand up to pat it and make note of my light brown hair covering it. Nobody would really notice anyway, would they? My thoughts travel back to the guy who walked up to me, Killian. A really nice name for a really nice guy I guess. Wait what? I'm being so weird today. God sometimes it really hurts to walk especially after some of the beatings. I've noticed that since I'm only half vamp if my body deems something nonlethal it heals almost as slow as a normal human. It's weird but it could be worse I guess. Anyway I wonder if that guy Killian goes to my school. I walk home thinking about him and school in the morning, maybe this year will be different. Maybe I'll make a friend? Hot, not likely. I'm too "creepy" for the normal kids. With my brown and green eyes, strangely thick eyelashes old baggy clothes and just girly completion ive been told. Thank God it's the last year of school. One more year and I'll be out of here! Only one more year.

Author's note: Hey guys! My life's pretty crazy but I'll try to update as much as I can. If you made it this far thank you so much! Tell me in the comments if I made any mistakes and if I did I'm sorry! I'm still in school and don't have much time so I kind of have to rush things sometimes. Hope you guys liked it!
Have a great day!💜

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