The Angelic Misdemeanor (A Bloodrose Sequel ~ Book

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Four teens finds a new line of work at another small scale grocery store, where they met Delilah. A young lady who is excessively energized and glad to meet total outsiders. After, at some point they all develop to adore Delilah until one day she abruptly disappears. Weeks after, they're all on the brink of giving up, when they all get a call and when Delilah realise it's her friends on the opposite end she asks for their assistance. At that point, an animal's paw strikes her across the face, and she's oblivious. Moments later, the call closes. When love, betrayal, and lies behold their lives what will the four do when push comes to shove and they have to risk everything to save their new and mysterious friend? What is befalling Delilah? What would they do when they realise they've all been living in a deadly lie? What would happen when they find out they've been lied to, even by themselves? What would happen when an angelic mistake put all of their lives at risk? With twists and corruption around every corner, how would they cope? Find out in 'The Angelic Misdemeanor'.

Fantasy / Thriller
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{{Warning: Some scenes may be unsuitable for audiences below the age of 15 and offensive to those of all ages. Read at your own risk.}}

This book contains:

Sexual Content 15+

Explicit Language




Graphic Mentions

Blood and Gore

Self Harm and Mentions of Illegal Substances

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