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Blue Eucallest

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On a special night, 7 babies were stolen in the still of night; Kidnapped by a jealous and angry witch. Years later the children are all assassins to be used anyway their mother sees fit. But one day, the oldest gained his freedom, but at a price, everyone who leaves has to gave their first born to their mother. But when it was Noelle's turn, she fled. On a journey to find her brother Dominic she gets side tracked in the Crescent pack. Could it be? Did Eucallests really have mates? Noelle fought the feeling and looked for the cause of her sudden addiction and to her utmost discomfort it was the Alpha. The man in which she learned that his name is Ashton Swift, son of the man who was known as the White Wolf that ended the war of the packs. Noelle didn't risk anything, she started to run thinking she could get away but she was wrong. A feral grin plastered itself onto Ashton's face as he stared at the woman in front of him. Her hair instantly fascinated him because he had never seen someone with blue hair that was natural. Noelle moaned as she struggled to free herself from him but that only made him happy and caused his groin to harden. He waited so long for her, but something tells him that she isn't here to play. Though he didn't care much for her intentions so he kissed her.

Fantasy / Romance
Ashanti N. White
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This is my story and none of this should be reproduced as someone else’s.

If you like the theme Eucallests then ask permission and give me a summary of your story and I might give you permission to use it. Eucallests are mine.

Things you need to know:

There will be Omegas but, these Omegas will be the bastard of Alphas and Lunas.

The Beta in this series will be the child of the Alpha and Luna.

•Pack names are made up.

•There will be R rated scenes. I will indicate which chapters are going to have those scenes so you can skip it. This is a sexy story with a good plot.

The average wolf lives up to a hundred and fifty years while Eucallest live much longer.

I don’t tolerant Racism.

I’m open to suggestions.√

This is an eight book series.
-The blue Eucallest
-The cobalt Eucallest etc

Want to run your creative book covers my way? That’ll be awesome!

This is the first DRAFT! When this book is completed, I will create a Eucallion dictionary but for now... I will be using the Croatian translation.


NB- This book is being Copyrighted. If this book is reproduced elsewhere without the writer’s permission, the culprit would have to pay a lot of money. Also, there is a chance that you can go to jail.-hahaha well when I am done writing it... maybe....Duh!!!!!

Preternatural Immortals are like gods, they live and control almost every. They are the first children of nature thus, they cant be killed.

Anyway, I’m just somebody who has a very vivid imagination and also have a knack for writing. I love werewolf stories! Vampires, eh not too much.

I’m Jamaican. pardon my mistakes for maybe my patois will make itself known. I’ll edit them when I can.

Yay Caribbean Girls!!!!! <3 :)

I have a dream...


A thousand years ago, Witches used to live in harmony with humans until they attacked. Most of the population were massacred whilst the rest went into hiding. The humans feared what they didn’t understand and of what was different from them. The few witches that survived the genocide of there fellow species, decided after awhile that they cannot live their lives in peace so they created something to destroy all of humanity. Eucallest. Fifty were created and after a few months, the threat of being hunted and experimented on dies.

Those Eucallest after a while grew power hungry and wild. They started killing and destroying the balance of nature, they had to be put down. But, to restore the balance, another species had to take their place. This gave birth to the Werewolves. They lived side by side with the witches in harmony; that until they started multiply rapidly. What seemed to be a hundred at first turned into thousands within twenty years.

After the great pack war- that was caused by overpopulation and male wolfs’ primal need to be Alpha, the wolves were then given territories and a lovely couple to rule over it. The witches chose the couples and were given a higher role as diety. There were Seven packs:

•The Crescents -Nevéand Zephyrus.

•The Bijoux-Lewellynand Giselle

The TwilightAbyss -Dahlia andWilliam

The Dark Milieus - Roger andDelphine

The Void Dravigns-HildaandGarnet

•The Eclipse- Lanteand Patrick

•The ShadowKniths-Desiréand Felipe

Each pack had at least two Witches.

They lived together and slept together but everything changed when Amandeline found her first love. She was a very powerful witch. He rejected the kind woman after a night with her for one of healers in the pack. She loathed him and made a vow that she will make him want her. His name was Eric. A preternatural immortal otherwise known as Mischief. He knew what Amandeline was to him yet he showed little interest in her, too busy with other women.

On the night where all the witches had presented a heir Amandeline kidnapped every single one to use in her plan to getting Mischief. She did a spell to keep the children hidden and then she grew them with the story that she adopted them from an orphanage in each pack. she grew the children into fierce killing machines until one day, one of those machines went on her first mission. To kill Alarick Moon, beta of The Mileus Pack.

Tonight Noelle thought, tonight I’m going to be free from my moms evil grasp, to be free like Dominic, my brother. tonight I have to kill a very dangerous man that’s wanted in four different packs. Alarick Moon scams everyman woman and child he could get his hands on and after his mate and only child ran away from him he lost it. Many died because of his insanity. Tonight, his brother Trojan is throwing his annual party and something tells me that its going to be spectacular.

Follow Noelle on her journey to being free from her mothers grasp. will love stop her?

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