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Blue Eucallest

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Chapter 1 - "The Beginning"

The party was in full swing with many fancy governors and their trophy wives, parading the grand ball room of the estate. Acting like they aren’t sadistic bastards, who scam poor wolves who can’t make it on their own. Many of them here make a living off of blood money and the people who they manage to scam using their ‘positions’.

Noelle entered and simultaneously everyone has their eyes on her. The girl with the shiny blue hair tied in a fancy up do at the front that left almost perfect tendrils fall to frame her face. Her ebony eyes with a hint of blue that always went unnoticed, are the talk of the crowd. Also her astonishing red dress that came off-shouldered and grasped her well defined and curvy body, slightly displays her the tip of her breasts. The rest of her hair came sweeping over her shoulder revealing her tattoo of Uill.

The ballroom was huge and decorated down to every corner. The ceilings were extremely high with beautiful chandeliers and creative designs. The floor made by something hard and shiny -polished-, that made slipping impossible. The walls held intriguing artwork that no doubted was worth thousands if not a million or two. Even the utensils seemed to worth at least fifty to a hundred dollars per set. The five sets a grand mahogany double doors had persons there to open them for you while at the grand entrance door, the gentleman announces your name and stature. For me that was a Kourtney Glass- one of the many daughters of the late Governor Micah Glass. Nobody questioned it, who knows how many children that man spawned.

Noelle wore a shy smile on her face that no one would ever believe that she was here to kill someone. She took her time scanning the room and everyone in it. Since she was neither an Omega, nor a beta people could care less who she was. All these people only had one intention- to fuck and breed.

Noelle started dancing and seductively moving her hips to the beat of the music after basically introducing herself to handpicked persons. As she predicted, nobody gave a rat’s ass as to who she is or who she knows.

It was not a part of her plan yet for men to get touchy with her, yet this older man came and snaked his big calloused hands around her waist and kissed her neck. A shiver of disgust ran up her spine as she slithered away from him. He had the ugliest smirk on his face that made him more distinct and perverted.

“Sweetheart,” he croaked as he wrapped an arm around her. “Why don’t you let me show a good time?”

Noelle hated men like this, rich perverted men and right now this man is most likely drunk. He even had the audacity of grabbing her ass. She stomped his foot that if not created a huge dent in the poor man’s shoe with her 5 inch heels, caused him excruciating pain or even piercing his skin. Noelle smiled at his cry and before she let him go she playfully slaps his cheek and said, “Go home to your wife, yeah.”

Her attention redirected at the bar when she found a man looking right at her. He immediately turns away with laughter tugging at his lips. Noelle couldn’t help but smile and started making her way through the thick crowd and towards the bar. The man was a bartender or a brewer, but when he saw her approaching, he chuckled but soon after burst into a fit of laughter.

“I never expected a girl like you to stand up to a man like Nathaniel Grough let alone hurt the man. Damn i thought you were going to leave with him, because he has something on you or you’re too intimidated. You seem so... Innocent,” he says.

Noelle smiled before she took a seat, “let’s say the innocent must defend themselves too.”

She spent the next couple of hours scanning the ballroom for Alarick while occasionally drinking and mingling. She took to mind every single thing he does, how he dresses down to how he breathes. Alarick was hers without a doubt and tonight he will draw his last ragged breath. Noelle even found his fetish. Black. He was dressed handsomely with clothing and wore a -I’m in Vegas at the casino and I’m winning- smile. He was never alone, either he was surrounded by countless people or the very least two woman that clung to his arm.

The charade was up at midnight and the real party began for all the women and men dressed up expensive get-ups, are now looking like expensive whores. Nobody was enjoying the traditional waltz or having conversation, but rather they are now filled with the need for contact. Alarick and his brother are known for this and they even prepared for it. They had several rooms for the higher ups and lower class so they can rut.

Noelle had changed into something that she knew Alarick would find very desirable. She lulled him into her very sticky web of sexy, Alarick had no chance. She had received a lot of bed-invitations but she never once showed an interest in any. She was waiting on Alarick to invite her and he will. It’s just a matter of when.

She danced all night with countless men, declining their sexual in person invitations. Some even tried taking her by force. She kept dancing to a very pulsating beat till strong hands gripped her waist firmly with her back pressed up against a solid chest.

“My, my, vixen,” he greets. His head rested on her shoulder, “Bijoux pack huh? I have not had one in a while. Are you all as wild as the others?” He asked just while he grabs her ass in one firm hold. She gasped.

“I would very much love taming you in every way I know.”

Noelle didn’t reply, rather she danced with the Alpha. Grinding her more than average behind against him. Teasing him while also enjoying herself. She knew what she was doing, if it was another time... maybe she would have the Alpha.

“Why don’t we continue this game of wolf and rabbit upstairs?”

Even without seeing him she knew who it was. Alpha Trojan dressed immaculately as always yet a man so handsome could have a heart so black. She turned and gave him a feline smile before addressing him. “Alpha,” she says with a childish curtsy and giggle. She pulls him close, so close his lips were almost touching hers. She then tilted her head to whisper in the alpha’s ear just when he was going to kiss her.

“I’m sorry but, you’re not my target,” she says with that mischievous smile before walking away. He had a look in his eyes that read -I’m going to have you if it’s the last thing I do-.

Now back at the bar she ordered a drink and that same bartender came with an amused grin.

“Wow, where’s that shy little one at? I didn’t think anyone had the strength of character to tell the Alpha no and walk away like that. Keep it up and I’ll have to take you home with me,” he jokes.

Noelle found the bartender Tristan to be very nosy and decided not to go along with the small talk.

Alarick was leaving the main floor, climbing the C shaped stairs and into the VIP section and before he went in, looks right at her and winks. Noelle took her time to get up the stairs. There was some sort of scanner/ verifier that requires and ID or pass. Noelle’s eyes flashed blue for just a second before the red-light turned Green. She was in.

Inside was empty, a long white Corridor with twenty Doors. Alarick could have been in anyone of them but, after studying the man she knew he was in room six. She knew exactly what was going to go on in there. A tall female with long dark hair in a tiny Dylin Hillary dress exited room Seven. Jealousy was written all over her flawless face; just before leaving, the girl rolled her eyes at Noelle.

“Good luck.”

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