Blood of the Gods

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Chapter 11

From the journal of Ellen Lambert:

Greece - For Love


I wanted her all the more because she was a difficult conquest, and it would be a harsh labor of love on my part to win her.

But I knew what I had to do in order to accomplish my goal; I had to prod her uncle and my infatuated lover, Thaddeus, into accepting my proposal. No easy task that. What the merchant lacked in physical appeal, he made up for in shrewd business acumen. I could never outwit him on his terms, but I could on mine.

We met as usual in my chambers. Candles in thick bronze holders provided a soft, pink glow against a backdrop of rose and mauve tulle drapes. I wore a filmy gown fastened just below my exposed breasts with a slim, gold girdle, my hair done up with silky tendrils and a wreath of pale lemon blossoms.

Thaddeus lay prone along the silk cushions of the settee while I brought him a tray of refreshments, a flagon of sweet fig wine, fat bunches of grapes, slices of goat cheese, pieces of roasted capon, and quarters of baklava, the delicate phyllo layers slathered in honey, spices and nuts.

As my client placed his head in my lap, I dangled the grapes over his mouth. It became a game for us, Thaddeus snatching a grape or two with his thick lips and tongue before I tugged the bunch away. For every grape he captured, I had to bend over and give him a kiss. Sometimes, he would pass a mashed grape from his mouth to mine as a token of his generous affection for me. He did the same with the pieces of juicy roast capon, the meat greasing our lips and chins, and sometimes running down our throats. When the juice trickled down the valley of my breasts, Thaddeus eagerly and hungrily turned around to lick up the remains, his oily hands cupping my breasts. As soon as he finished lapping up the juices, he smacked his lips and then brought them to suck each nipple like a greedy babe.

Before his suckle became painful and his hands pawed through my gown, I broke away from his grasp and went to fetch the warm bowl of water and soft towels that Tira had discreetly provided. After we cleansed away grape and bird, I took Thaddeus by the hand and led him to the bed, my smile and gaze tantalizing and sensuous.

“My angel,” he whispered as he drank in my pearl-white form softened around the edges by candlelight. “You are an angel of grace, a goddess of beauty, and a temptress of unspeakable desires.”

I laughed lightly as I coaxed him prone along the soft bedding. Knowing what tempestuous delights awaited him, his fleshy body trembled and his gray eyes grew wide and bulbous with excitement. Our victual foreplay had produced a blush on his round cheeks and now it darkened to a red-wine flush across both his face and the bald dome of his head.

Like most men his age, Thaddeus remained flaccid until I prodded and coaxed him to life, his small penis growing tumescent with my skillful strokes. To enhance the pleasure, I used a small strip of leather to ring the base of his cock and then tie it tight enough to keep the blood engorged in the shaft while keeping him from coming too soon. Thaddeus groaned with both the pleasure and the agony I induced. I also taunted him with my hands and mouth, my lips skimming down his mountainous belly and my fingers tickling the pendulous balls between his legs.

But the best was yet to come. I used silk cords to anchor his hands along the heavy brass pillars on either side of the bed. I did the same to his thick ankles at the foot of the bed, leaving him stretched out and vulnerable to my every whim. Next I lightly brushed his under arms, chest, and the inside of his thighs with a silk scarf.

In one fluid motion, I drew up my gown and tossed it aside, watching him watching me with unbridled lust in his eyes. As I straddled him, I thrust my breasts toward his mouth but not close enough for him to suckle a taste of my forbidden fruit. I played with him mercilessly, making him coo and howl with excitement and misery.

“Please no more!” Thaddeus begged as I brought him to the edge and left him there, unable to release and quench his need.

I gave him a sly smile. “Only if you grant me two wishes, my darling.”

“Anything! Anything!”

“Give me your niece, Penelope. You have no need of her. You took her in out of kindness and made her your responsibility. But now let me take the burden off of you, allow me to assume the responsibility of caring for her.”

Thaddeus’s thick lips puckered in a frown. “But...why Penelope? Surely you would not use a girl of her station as a servant.”

“Of course not. I want her as my partner, my lover.”

“Oh, my oath to Zeus!” He donned a startled look when he realized my intentions with his niece. But he quickly recovered and told me about the marital arrangement he made with Antipas the Merchant. “I already gave Penelope to Antipas. The bond is sealed.”

“So unseal it. Tell Antipas that Penelope has suddenly died of some fever. He would believe it, I’m sure.” As I spoke, I undid the leather string around his shaft and then slowly undulated my at the tip. As his arousal swelled once more, I shifted away and used the scarf again to tease him.

“Oh! Oh!” he brayed. “All right, yes, yes! You can have her! Just release me now!”

“What about her dowry? What did you promise to give Antipas?”

By now Thaddeus panted with frustration, his face puffed and beet red. “Oh, Oh! I planned to give him a fourth of my silver mine.” A wise and ambitious business man, Thaddeus owned a lucrative silver mine mined by slaves.

“Then you will give me his share. Calculate the percentage from your total take, and I will be satisfied with that.”

“You want my niece and my money! I have given you so much, Evadne! Why do you ask for the moon? Why do you now cut me out of your life and replace me with Penelope?”

“I haven’t cut you out of my life, Taddy darling. I only want to enhance my enjoyment so I can give you that much more enjoyment in return.” For emphasis, I eased him inside of me and began to gently ride him.

“See?” I cooed. “I only want to give you pleasure, the most I can give. And I give gladly and fully. Now can you possibly say that my wishes are too much to ask in return?”

“Ooh, nooo!” he blustered. “All right! I give you anything you want! Take Penelope, take the mine share! Just make me a happy man at last, please!”

“Thank you, my darling.” Bending forward, I gave him a long, luxurious kiss as I clenched him inside of me and increased the friction between us.

The sense of power I had over him felt incredible and heady. It was beyond sex, a new energy that surged through my entire being. I could do anything to this man, please him, hurt him, even kill him...and Thaddeus could do nothing to stop me. As he remained helpless, I became all-powerful.

I rode him with a fury now, rolling and thrusting as he arched into me. We moved in a jolting rhythm, up and down, up and down, until we both climaxed together. Thaddeus emitted a long, low howl of pleasure that began in his toes and radiated throughout his big, heaving body, while my release came as a fierce wordless cry, a cry of joy actually.

For I had Penelope now and hopefully for always.

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